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[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]
[blocks in formation]

I am a-fraid we shall not be read-y. How long is it since you saw him? O! a long time a-go. They have come a-shore. Let us a-wake him. He a-woke at the first call. Stay a-while till I am read-y. Can you see the bal-loon ? It is my be-lief that he won't come. The bell-man is cry-ing some-thing. Do not put that ber-ry in-to your mouth. The stars twin-kle. Her wa-ges are due.

Let the horse can-ter. The cat-tle are graz-ing. Your eye is blood-shot. A clus-ter of fil-berts. He has bro-ken the win-dow. Sit more close-ly. The cob-webs hang from the ceil-ing. He is but a bun-gler. How clum-sy you are. This ale is bit-ter. I could do it blind-fold. Get be-low him. They are a-sleep. Swim a-cross the riv-er. He is a-ged. Don't be a block-head. Chris-ten the child. Un-latch the door. You stand on tip-toe.

Fas-ten my brace-let. Buc-kle the strap. The blad-der has burst. The act-ors are come. They a-muse me. Be slow to an-ger. An-swer the door.

Your broth-er has left.

The blos-som is white. Be care-ful to do it. They have gone a-broad. Don't crum-ple the dress. Your daugh-ter is come. It daz-zles my eyes. You fright-en the child. Their food is whole-some. You wea-ry us. Don't be sul-ky.

Hob-ble a-long. She is a gip-sy. It glad-dens the heart. He is grum-bling. She is hand-some. Hap-pen what may. I hard-ly be-lieve it. You are too has-ty. But-ton your coat. Will you go far-ther? He fur-ther said. False-hood is mean. The fid-dler is here. The fir-ing has ceased. The leaf-less grove. Is it like-ly? The mas-ter is come. It is taste-less. A good teach-er.

I of-ten do it. Where is the pad-lock? Mad-am is gone. Look at your cop-y. A mar-ket was once held there. The hus-band and wife. The peb-bly shore. This is the sab-bath. The sail-or has left. The rob-ber is caught. We sel-dom go there. A smo-ky house. How sweet-ly she sings. The sto-ry is told. A stran-ger has come. How tick-lish you


The weather is fine. Your wri-ting will do.

Are you wil-ling to go? This path is zig-zag. Go through the turn-stile. The turn-pike gate. You are sun-burnt. A wool-len dress. My flannel gown. A use-ful les-son. A thor-ny path. A thank-less task. He is a young-ster. A starlight night. The star-ry hea-vens. A wed-ding dress. A week-ly ac-count. Youth-ful tal-ent.


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