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and shed. Spare them. A big crab. In the grot.

[blocks in formation]

Shut the door. Will you give me a book? I love to read. It is noon. This is my hat. Do not go out. You tire me. Sit in your seat. Say your task. Then you may play. May I go now? Yes, here is your cap. Do not lose

Who will play with me? All the rest have left. I will take a walk. Now, let me dine. Come and sit down. I love pie, do not you? Yes; take this tart. Will you have some meat? Yes, and some peas.

Eat salt with

Now for a game at play.

your meat.


birds could haste sheep boards count heard

spell bough creak hedge still bright crumb horse strike build dress knock night child fault light noise chirp flown learn place choose flows leave

praise clock field luck comes ground match youth


I can read and spell. Could you learn a verse? Here is my book. Set me a task. Strive to learn. Sit still in your place. The birds chirp. Give them some crumbs. They heard a noise. They have all town to the hedge.

Have you learnt your verse? Youth is the time to learn. Now I will try. Will you hear me? Well done! The bough bends. The board creaks. They build a house. · Dress the child. That is the place. Count the clock. Praise is due to her. Who comes here?

time. The ground is dry. The stream flows on. Strike the ball. You will lose the game. You have bad luck. It is your fault. I must leave the field. Knock at the door. The moon is bright. The night is cold. Light a match. Make haste. Now to bed.

Choose your

[blocks in formation]

bad hap pat

pat get war jog cad lapsat

let was fop dad map raw

met his hop had

bit lop

nap saw net

lad pap

had pet fit mad rap bay wet hit pad sap day

day dew kit sad bed

mop dot got hot

gay few lit

gag fed hag led

fed hay
hay hew pit

hew pit jot led lay mew wit lot lag wed may new cob not nag beg nay bid fob



dock weep

rag leg pay did hob rot wag ben ray kid mob sot ban den say lid rob bow

fen way rid sob hod nod wig ball less rod bill call mess lock broil sod fill tall some rock hoist cub rim wall them crow joint tub him bass whom grow noise dug din lass which must boast hug gin lash what drug toast jug kin sash where milk moat mug pin fast been vest boat rug tin last have face point tug win past race sum dip vast fade nose quart rum lip hark made heal book bun nip lark wade heap boot dụn rip mark cage lead doom pun sip farm page leaf hook

eyes voice

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