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You and I. I and you. He and we. To him and her. He and she. To her and him. To you and me. The dog and cat. Woe is me.

Who are you? The man and boy. Are you he? The wit of man. It is she. Who is she? Are not you he? No, not I. At the inn. A tin box.

A man. The boy. A cow. An end. An old rat. He is out. In the gig. All of you. Add it up. And so on. Ask of us. The bad boy. My big box. It is not all.

Do not cry. He cut me. Day by day. Do it now. My eye is dim. Dip it in. Eat it up. Dry the cap. It is fun. Let it fly. It is the end. You are gay.

[blocks in formation]

The sun is hot. Fan me now. The air is dry. Tie the bag. A peg top. I see my son. Saw you him? Why do you vex her? Try the bow. You are shy, Nod to me. Pop it off. It is my hat. The pie is for me.

The lad and you are wet. You won the pen.

The mud cot. Pin my cap. Sew it now. Eat the

sop. Do not mow it yet. Nay, you are hot too. Say you so ? Yea, do not rob.

Rub it out. Lap him up. He is ill. Beg of him not to do it. He is old and wan.

Dry the mat. The pen and ink are by you. Add

up the sum. Go, and you may see it.


bab babe her here rat rate ban bane hid hide rid ride bar bare hop hope rip ripe bid bide lad lade rob robe bin bine mad made rod rode bit bite man mane rot rote





mar mare sin sine

mat mate sir sire cap cape mop mope sit site dam dame nap nape tap tape dot dote nod node tar tare fan fane

tin tine





van vane

fat fate not note top tope fin fine

tub tube fir fire

pan pane tun tune for fore

par pare gap gape pat pate wan wane hat hate pin pine win wine

It is a bar. He is bare. She was bit. Do not bite. A tin can. It is my cane. Go in the car. You do not care. It is my cap. The red cape for me. It is a fir. Go not to the fire.

[ocr errors]

It is my hat. O, do not hate! A red pan. The dry pane. It is a top. Why do you tope? The lad is hid. Who can hide it? Do not tap it. It is my tape. I do win. It is red wine.

Some of the Easy Words at Page 18 may now be occasionally



bled drag plot stem blot

flap shed swam bred frog shod swim crab glut


that crib grim span

them clod grot spot

trod clog knit stab what club knot stag writ The frog swam.

A stag bled. What a blot! He is shod. That is a clod. Shut the snap. Knit and knot. It is a club. The crib

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