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miles in a single day. The camel is fur-nish-ed with an ad-di-tion-al stomach, which serves as a res-er-voir, to hold a greater quan-ti-ty of water than is needful for a present supply.

In the e-ven-ing, when they arrive at some verdant spot, they are per-mit-ted to feed at lib-er-ty, and will then eat as

uch in one hour, as will supply them for twenty-four hours. They are par-ti-cu-lar-ly fond of the thistle, the nettle, the cassia, and other prickly ve-ge-ta-bles; and even prefer these to the most lux-u-riant pas-tur-age. The patience and docil-i-ty of the camel are very re-mark-a-ble. At the slightest signal it bends its knees, and lies upon its belly, suffering itself to be loaded in this po-si-tion; at a-no-ther sign, it rises with its load, and the driver being séated upon its back, en cou-rag-es it to proceed.


OF this an-i-mal there are three dif-fer-ent kinds, the brown bear of the Alps, the black bear of North A-mer-i-ca, and the great Greenland, or white bear. They have all the same hab-i-tudes, and are all e-qual-ly car-niv-o-rous, treach-e-rous, and cruel.

The brown bear is a savage and sol-i-ta-ry an-i-mal, frequent-ly choosing for his abode some horrid chasm, or the hollow of some e-nor-mous tree, in the most se-ques-ter-ed part of the forest.

There it retires alone, and passes some months of the winter without pro-vi-sions, or without ever stirring abroad, seeming to subsist upon the ex-u-ber-ance of its former flesh, and only feeling the calls of ap-pe-tite when the fat it had ac-quir-ed in summer begins to be wasted away.

In Can-a-da, where the black bears are very common, and where their dens are made in trees that are hollow toward the top, they are taken by setting fire to their retreats, which are often above thirty feet from the ground.

The white bear grows to above three times the size of its more southern kindred, and remains un-dis-pu-ted master of the icy mountains in Greenland and Spitz-ber-gen. It subsists prin-ci-pal-ly upon fish, seals, and dead whales.




em i nent ly ex cel len cy ex o ra ble ex qui site ly

Feb ru a ry

Ab so lute ly ac ces sa ry ac cu ra cy ac cu rate ly ac ri mo ny ac tu al ly ad di to ry ad e quate ly ad mi ra ble ad mi ral ty

cas u ist

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Bar ba rous ly beau ti ful ly ben e fit ed boun ti ful ness bril li an cy Cap i tal ly

cat er pil lar
cel i ba cy
cen su ra ble
cir cu la ted
cog ni za ble
com men ta ry
com mis sa ry
con quer a ble
con sti tu ted
con tro ver sy
con tu ma cy
co pi ous ly

po Dan ger ous ly des pi ca ble dif fi cul ty dil i gent ly dis

drom e da ry
du ra ble ness
Ef fi ca cy
el e gant ly
el i gi ble

fig u ra tive fluc tu a ting for mi da ble frau du lent ly friv o lous ly Gen er al ly gen er ous ly gil li flow er go vern a ble Hab er dash er hab i ta ble hon our a ble hos pit a ble hu mour ous ly In no cen cy

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ral ly

al ter a tive a mi a ble am i ca ble am o rous ly an i ma ted an nu al ly an swer a ble an te cham ber

in ti ma cy in tri ca cy in ven to ry Jan u a ry

ta ble

an ti mo ny an ti qua ry

ap o plex y ap o plec tic ap pli ca ble

ju di ca ture jus ti fi ed Lap i da ry lit er a ture lo gi cally

ar bi tra ry

lu mi na ry

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i tude de fen si ble de fin i tive de form i ty de ject ed ly de lib er ate de light ful ly de liv er ance de moc ra cy de mon stra ble

e jac u late e lu ci date em pov er ish en am el ler e nu me rate e pis co pal e pit o me

Ha bit u ate hi la ri ty hu man i ty hu mil i ty Il lit e rate il lus tri ous im men si ty im mu ta ble im ped i ment im per

ti nent

er ro ne ous

e van gel ist e vap o rate

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