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ports the German Protestants-His charaéter, and that of

P. 357
Louis XIV.-Prince of Condé--Mazarine-Atchievements of

Louis-The confederacy of the European princes against
him-His character.

p. 364 C H A P. LXXI. Louis XV.-Duke of Orleans, regent-Law's Mississippi scheme

- Stanislaus--Elector of Saxony- Battle of Dettengen-
Louis espouses the cause of the Pretendere-Damien attempts
to assassinate the king-Shocking punishment inflicted upon
him-Peace of Aix la-Chapelle, and of Paris—Parliaments
and princes of the blood banilhed_Death of Louis. p. 367.

Louis XVI.-M. Neckar-Calonne-- Affembly of the notables

M. de Brienne-Mirabeau-The parliament is banished, and
recalled after a month's exile-The duke of Orleans is ba-
nished. The national aiembly--The battille-.The royal
fugitives apprehended - Maffacres--National convention-
France declared to be a Republic.

p. 372. C HA , LXXIII. On French literature.

P. 385.

Manners of the ancient Germans-Subdued hy the Romans,

Franks, and Charlemagne-The Imperial dignity becomes
elective.--Conrad--. Otho-Henry IV.--Contentions between
the emperors and popes---Guelphs and Gibbelines--- Progress
of governinent in Germany---- Punishinent of Jornandi---
Pragmatic fanétion,

Albert II. His reign is the epoch of Austrian grandeur-Art

of printing invented-Charles V.--Luther-Reformation of
religion-Resignation and retirement of Charles V.-His cha-

P. 392.
Peace of Weftphalia ---Prince Eugene-Peace of Utrecht - Queen

of Hungary-Atchievements of the king of Pruffia, and of
generals Brown and Dauu-Joseph II.-Leopold Joseph
Literature and fine arts.


ENGLAND. Qrigin of the names, Albion and Britain-The Romans conquer Britain and introduce the luxuries of Italy Inroads



p. 488.

of the Scots and Pies-Saxon heptarchy--Introduction of Christianity--Laws of the Saxons-Egbert-Invafion of the Danes-- Alfred His valour, learning, and amiable character Singular law of Athelstan--- Danegelt, or first land-tax-Battle of Hastings-Arts, manners and customs of the Anglo Saxons. Danes and Britons,

p. 40" CHAP. LXXVIII. William the Conqueror-Doomsday-books--Origin of the wars

between England and France -- Murder of Becket - Henry II. submits to be fcourged by Monks-Church plate melted down to pay Richard's ransom.

P. 415 + H A P. LXX1X. John lays his crown and regalia at the foot of the pope's legare -Magna Charta granted-John's treatment of a Jew - Coronation dinner of Edward 1.- Cruel death of Edward II.Institution of the Order of the Garter by Edward III. Henry V.-Battle of Agincourt-Origin of the House of Tudor.

P. 418. CHAP. LXXX.

CHA I Houses of York and Lancaster --The two roses - Edward IV.

William Caxton-Advantages of printing-Richard III.Causes his nephews to be murdered

p. 423 CHAP. LXX'I. Henry VII.-.Yeomen appointed---Star Chamber--Perkin

Warbeck-Henry VII. writes against Luther-Wolsey-Henry shakes off the autbority of the fee of Rome, and declares himself head of the national church.

C H 1 P. LXXXII. Edward VI.-Bridewell and St. Thomas's hospital built

Mary marries Philip II. and perfecutes the Protestants--Calais is taken-Elizabeth eftabithes the Protestant religion, and defeats the Spanish Armada - Illex-Story of the ringElizabeth's death and chara&ter.

P. 431. CHAP. LXXXIII. Janes 1.-Gunpowder Treason--Carr, earl of Somerset-Vil

liers, duke of Buckingham-Sir Walter Raleigh-Death and character of James-Charles I.-Execution of Strafford and Laud-Decisive battle of Nateby-Exerution of Charles. p.

436. CHAP. LXXXIV. Commonwealih-Oliver Cromwel - Richard Cromwel--Re

storation of Charles II.-General Monk -Sale of Dunkirk ---Pestilence and Fire in London.-- James II --- Revolution--Abdication of James.

P 439. 4

P. 426.

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Of the Antediluvian World. Longevity, Religion, Policy

and Literature of the Antediluvians.

N authentic account of the creation of the world, and of


facred records. There we are informed by Moses, the most ancient of all historians, that after the earth, by the immediate operation of the supreme Being, was gradually fitted, in the space of six days, for the habitation of man, Adam and Eve, the progenitors of the human race, were then created, and placed by their divine Maker, in a garden or paradise, situated in the Land of Eden.

This great event of the formation of the world, before which there was neither matter nor form of any thing, is placed according to the best chronologers, in the year before Christ 4004; and in 710th year of what is called the Julian period, which hath been adopted by some chronologers and historians, but is of little real service. The sacred records have fully determined the question, that the world was not eternal, and also ascertained the time of its creation with great precision. VOL. I. В



Of the Antediluvian World. Our first parents had two sons, whose names were Cain and Abel. When they were grown up, they betook themselves to different employments. The former became a husbandman, and the latter a shepherd. Their tempers were as different as their occupations. Cain was wicked and avaricious," whilit Abel was just and virtuous.

It was usual in the infancy of the world to present oblations to the supreme Being, the giver of every good gift, and, when the brothers brought their offerings, the sacrifice of Abel, on account of his piety and goodness, was more acceptable to God, than the offering of Cain. In what vifible manner he declared his acceptance, is not expressed by Moses; but it is the general opinion, that it was by fire or lightning from heaven, which consumed the sacrifice, as there are many examples in scripture of such a manifestation of favour *.

The preference shewn to the facrifice of Abel excited the envy of his brother, which he could not help discovering on all occasions. At length his malice and resentment became so violent, that, one day, when they were together in the field, he rose up against his brother and killed him. This was the first act of violence committed in the world. Many actions of the same nature have proceeded from a similar principles A spirit of emulation, when not duly managed, and made a. spur to virtue, often takes an unhappy turn, and degenerates into vice.

The descendants of Seth, who was born to Adam after the murder of Abel, proved virtuous, those of Cain vicious.

Enoch, the fifth in descent from Seth, about a thousand years after the creation of the world, was a person of finguiar piety; and, as a reward for his exemplary behaviour, in so corrupt an age, was taken up into heaven, without tasting death. His son Methuselah died a natural death, after he had lived 969 years.

Before the translation of Enoch, Adam departed this life in the 930th year of his age; having, according to tradition, a little before his death, ordered his son Seth, and other branches of his family, to have no intercourse with the posterity of the murderer Cain.

The posterity of Seth, according to Josephus lived separate from the rest of the descendants of Adam, removing

* Universal History.


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