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in the Clerk's Office of tbe District Court of the District of Massachusetts.



The Land Snails Of New England. By E. S. Morse. Wi'h

a Plate and Illustrations, pp. 5, !)5, 150. 180, 313, 411, 541, (i06, 6G6

The Volcano Of Ktlauea, Hawaiian- Islands, Ln 18C4-5. By

W. T. Brighara. With a Plate 16

The Fossil Reptiles Of New Jersey. By Prof. E. D. Cope, 23

Tnp. American Silk Worm. By L. Trouvclot. With Illustra-
tions ami tieo Plates, 30, 85, 145

Winter Notes Of An Ornithologist. By J. A. Allen, . . 38

The Moss-animals, Or Fresh Water Polyzoa. By Alpheus

Hyatt. With three Plates, 57, 131, 180

The Fertilization Of Flowering Plants. By J. T. Rothrock, C4

Insects And Their Allies. By A. S. Packard, jr., M.D. lllus-

trd'iil 73

Some Errors Regarding The Habits Of Our Birds. By Dr.

T. M. Brewer 113

Tn« Food Of The Sea-urchin. By J. W. Dawson, LL.D. II-

lustrntid 124

The Royal Families Of Plants. By C. M. Tracy, . . 125, 470

The Tarantula Killers Of Texas. By G. Lluccouin. M. D.

Illustrate 137

The Birds Of Spring. By J. A. Allen 141

The Recent Bird Tracks Of The Basin Of Minas. By C.

Fred. Hartt. A. M 169, 234

The Habits Of The Gorilla. By W. Winwood Rcade. . .177

Parasitic Plants. By G. D. Phippen. Illustrated, . . .188

Oyster Culture. By F. W. Fellowes, 19C

The Scorpion Of Texas. By G. Llncccnra, M. D. Illustrated, 203

A Note From The Far North. By J. T. Rothrock, . . . 203

The Sea-horse And Its Young. By Rev. S. Lockwood. Illus-

trated, 225

Something About Jelly-fishes. By Edward S. Morse. With

a Plate 241

Agency Of Insects In Fertilizing Plants. By W. J. Beal, 254

Ice-marks And Ancient Glaciers In The White Mountains.

By A. S. Packard, jr., M. D., 2C0

The Quadrupeds Of Arizona. By Dr. Elliott Cones, U.S.A., 281,

351, 393, 531

Tire Cockroach And Its Enemy. By G. A. Perkins, M. D., . 293


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