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(This is an unclassified version of the original memorandum. A minor deletion was necessary to permit the production of this unclassified version.]


SUBJECT: Project (cryptonym)

It is appropriate for the Office of Security to develop private sources

among CIA employees. It is not appropriate for CIA to penetrate domestic

groups external to CIA, even for the purpose of locating threats to the

Agency. Notice of such threats should be reported to the appropriate

law enforcement bodies and CIA will cooperate with them in any action

required which does not involve direct CIA participation in covert

clandestine operations against U.S. citizens in the United States.


SUBJECT: Influencing Human Behavior .

Any experiment or use of drugs or other techniques for in

fluencing human behavior will be undertaken only with the Director's

specific approval and in no case on unwitting American citizens.


SUBJECT: Postal Service

The assistance provided the Office of the Chief Postal

Inspector by OTS seems appropriate, provided it is essentially

defensive in orientation and would not assist penetration of the



SUBJECT: OEL Speech-Processing Assistance

Speech-processing assistance by OEL should be limited to

assistance in the technique developed for speech processing and

should not involve the processing of the tapes themselves by CIA'

or with CLA participation.

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