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The State Library


Gaps in a series indicate that the numbers omitted are replaced by later editions or are for
other reasons out of print. Bracketed prices indicate numbers nearly out of print.

ANNUAL REPORT 1819-date. All in print to 1892, in paper; 1893-date,

No reports published for 1820-23, 1842.

Director's report 1899 (108p.) 1900 (216p.) 1901 (84p.) 1902 (88p.)
1903 (182р.) 1904 (122p.) Statistical report 1905 (48p.) Director's
report 1906 (52p.)

1907 (46p.)

BULLETINS 1891-date. To advance subscribers 50c a year, excluding

Legislation. Annual subscription $1 payable in advance.

LI-7, 9-11, 13, 15, 18, 21, 24, 28, 32, 36 Index of legislation 1890-
date. 50c each, except nos. 1 (1890) and 11 (1899) which are out
of print.

These are minutely classed annual indexes of new laws passed by all the
states. As a decision of a state supreme court or of the United States Su-
preme Court declaring a statute unconstitutional is in effect equivalent to its
repeal by the Legislature, a digest of such decisions is included. The votes
on constitutional amendments and constitutional conventions are also given,
and important provisions of new constitutions summarized.

L16, 19, 22, 25, 29, 33 Review of legislation 1901-date.
25c each except no. 29 (1905) which is out of print.

L17, 20, 23, 27, 31, 35 Digest of governors messages 1902-date.
25c each.

Contains a topical digest of messages of governors of all states and of re-
lated topics in the President's message.

L26 Index of New York governors messages 1777-1901. 25c.


State finance statistics 1890 and 1895. 58p. IOC.

L12 Trend of legislation in the United States. 40p. May 1900. 5c.
L14 Taxation of corporations in New York, Massachusetts, Pennsyl-
vania and New Jersey. 198p. May 1901. 25c.

L30 Legislative reference lists 1906. 44p.

Contains lists on life insurance, direct nominations, employment of blind
and inheritance.

L34 A summary of the compulsory attendance and child labor laws
of the states and territories of the United States. 114p. July 1907.
Library School. Ls2, II Register 1887-96 (50p. 5c) 1887-1901
(80p. 15c)

Ls3, 6, 8, 10, 14, 17, 18, 23, 24, 25 Annual report 1898 (28p. il.)
1899 (30p.) 1900 (36p.) 1901 (28p.) 1902 (30p.) 1903 (30p.)
1904 (24p.) 1905 (32p.) 1906 (24p.) 1907 (26p.)

Ls5 Selected subject bibliographies. 50p. Nov. 1899. [25]
Ls7 Selected national bibliographies. 34p. May 1900. [25]
Ls12 Lecture outlines and problems 1. 66p. Oct. 1902. 15c.
LS13 English cataloguing rules. 50p. Nov. 1902. 10.
LS15 Handbook of New York State Library School, including sum-
mer course and library handwriting. 68p. il. Oct. 1903. 15c.
LS16 Material for course in reference study. 116p. Oct. 1903. 20c.
LS19 Indexing. 72p. May 1905. 15c.

Ls20 Lecture outlines and problems 2. 104p. June 1905. 15c.
Ls21 United States government documents. 8op. Mar. 1906. 15c.
Ls22 Library building plans. 6op. Oct. 1906. 25c.
Ls26 Selected national bibliographies. 42p. Dec. 1908.
Dec. 1908. IOC.

Bibliography. Mostly original bibliographies presented by Library
School students as a condition of graduation.

Volume 1, cloth $1.50, lacking no. 5; unbound $1.25, lacking nos. 5, 15-17
Bb Guide to the study of J. A. M. Whistler. 16p. May 1895. 25.
Bb2-4 Colonial New England; Travel in North America; History
of the 17th century. 8op. July 1897. 15c.

Bb6-8 Japan; Venice; Out-of-door books. 64p. Feb. 1898. 10c.
Bb9-11 Netherlands; Renaissance art; History of latter half of 15th
century. 128p. Apr. 1898. 15c.

Bb12 Best books of 1897. 28p. [25]

Bb13 Fairy tales for children. 30p. June 1898. [25]

Bb14 Index to subject bibliographies in library bulletins to Dec. 31,
1897. 62р. IOC.

Bb18 Best books of 1898. 28p. 5c.

Bb19 College libraries in the United States. 52p. Dec. 1899. IOC.
Bb20 House decoration and furnishing. 20p. Dec. 1899. 5.

Volume 2, cloth $1.50; unbound $1.25

Bb21 Best books of 1899. 28p. 5c.

Bb22 Domestic economy. 144p. Jan. 1901. 15c.

Bb23 Connecticut local history. 114p. Dec. 1900. 15c.
Bb24 New York colonial history. 274p. Feb. 1901. 35c.
Bb25 China and the Far East. 122p. Mar. 1901.


Bb26-27 Fröbel and the kindergarten; Reading list for children's
librarians. 92p. May 1901. 15c. Bb27 separately 5c.

Bb28 Maine local history.

148p. June 1901. 20c.

Bb29 Best books of 1900. 32p. IOC.

Bb30 Class list of a $500 library recommended for schools. Ed. 3.
82p. July 1901. 15c.

Volume 3, cloth $1.25; unbound $1

Bb31 Monopolies and trusts in America. 38p. Oct. 1901. 10c.
Bb32 Biography for young people. 6op. Nov. 1901. 15c.
Bb33 French government serials. 72p. Jan. 1902. 15c.
Bb34 Best books of 1901. 30p. IOC.

Bb35 Best books of 1902.

Bb36 Cataloguers reference books. 186p. Nov. 1903. 256.

Bb37 Best books of 1903.

36p. 1oc.

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Bb38 Ethics. 36p. Apr. 1995.
Bb39 Best books of 1904.
Bb40 Best books of 1905. 44p.

Volume 4, 50c to advance subscribers
Bb41 Florence. 44p. Sept. 1906. 10.
Bb42 Scotland. 36p. Apr. 1907. 10c.
Bb43 Best books of 1906. 48p. Iоc.
Bb44 Best books of 1907. 56p. Ioc.


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