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ENVIRONMENTAL PROTECTION, P.L. 91-190: All projects in the Army National Guard FY 1983 Military Construction Program have been addressed for potential significant environmental impact in accordance with section 102(2)(c) of the National Environmental Policy Act, and it has been determined that the proposed projects will not have a significant impact on the environment nor are they highly controversial.

PLOODPLAINS AND WETLANDS: Projects have been evaluated for conformance with Executive Orders 11988 and 11990, and none are sited in floodplains or wetlands except for the Barracks project (page 1-91) at Camp Perry, Ohio.

CONSIDERATION OF ALTERNATE FACILITIES: All existing facilities have been considered for potential use to fill these requirements, and no suitable space is available.

NATIONAL HISTORIC PRESERVATION ACT OF 1966: Real estate on which facilities are to be constructed do not appear in the National Register of Historic Places.

RESERVE MANPOWER POTENTIAL: The reserve manpower potential to meet and maintain authorized strengths of all Guard/Reserve flying/nonflying units in the areas in which these facilities are to be located has been reviewed in accordance with the procedures described in subsection IV.A, of DOD Directive 1200.1. In coordination with the other Military Services, it has been determined that the number of Guard/Reserve flying/nonflying units presently located in these areas and allocated for future activation is not and will not be larger than can be maintained at authorized strength, by all reasonable expectations. This determination is based on the number of persons living in the areas who are qualified for membership in those Guard/Reserve units.

FALLOUT PROTECTION: In accordance with Section 610 of Public Law 89-568, as amended, and DOD Directive 3020.35, military construction facilities in this program have been designed to afford maximum fallout protection. Pallout shelters have been excluded only for the following reasons: (1) Adeguate protection areas are available to fulfill a station's requirements; or (2) The presence of personnel during period of fallout radiation would impair facility operations; or (3) Economic limitations necessitated either deferral or accomplishment by some other means.

POLLUTION ABATEMENT: The design of proposed military construction projects inciudes, where appropriate, the provision of facilities for air and water pollution control in accordance with Executive Order No. 11752 and DOD Directive 5100.50. Military construction projects proposed primarily for abatement of existing pollution problems at Army National Guard installations have been reviewed for air and water pollution abatement by the Environmental Protection Agency. Each project is designed to correct an existing pollution problem in accordance with specific requirements. DESIGN POR ACCESSIBILITY OF PHYSICALLY HANDICAPPED PERSONNEL: accordance with Public Law 90-480, provisions for physically handicapped personnel will be provided for, where appropriate, in the design of facilities included in this program. VENDING FACILITIES FOR THE BLIND: Projects have been evaluated for the provision of vending facilities to be operated by blind persons in compliance with DOD Directive 1125.3, and satisfactory sites for the operation of vending facilities will be provided where required by that directive.


ENERGY CONSERVATION: Any proposed projects specifically for energy conservation at Army National Guard installations have been developed, reviewed, and selected for early economic payoff and maximum reduction of energy consumption. Projects include improvement to existing facilities and utilities systems to upgrade design, eliminate waste, and install energy-saving devices. Criteria for all new facility construction in the Army National Guard Military Construction Program requires that the design, materials, and operational facilities provide for maximum reduction of energy consumption. COASTAL ZONE PLAN: In accordance with the provisions of Section 102(2)(c) of the National Environmental Policy Act of 1969, the proposed projects have been reviewed and are in compliance with the State's Coastal Zone Plan.

ENDANGERED SPECIES ACT: Proposed projects are in consonance with Section 7 of the Endangered Species Act (P.L. 93-205(87) Stat. 884 as amended).

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Army National Guard
Military Construction Program - FY 1983

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