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NOTE: Nomenclature changes to Chapter XX appear at 42 FR 37547, July 22, 1977.

Part 3282

Page Mobile home procedural and enforcement regulations..

1078 Mobile Home Consumer Manual requirements ....... 1131 Real Estate Settlement Procedures Act.


3283 3500

[blocks in formation]


SOURCE: 41 FR 19852, May 13, 1976, unless 3282.364 Inspection responsibilities and co otherwise noted.

ordination. 3282.365 Forwarding monitoring fee. 3282.366 Notification and correction cam

Subpart A-General paign responsibilities.

§ 3282.1 Scope and purpose. Subpart |--Consumer Complaint Handling and (a) The National Mobile Home ConRemedial Actions

struction and Safety Standards Act of 3282.401 Purpose and scope.

1974 (Title VI of Pub. L. 93-383, 88 3282.402 General principles.

Stat. 700, 42 U.S.C. 5401, et seq.) (here3282.403 Consumer complaint and informa inafter referred to as the Act), retion referral.

quires the Secretary of the Depart3282.404 Notification pursuant to manufac- ment of Housing and Urban Developturer's determination.

ment to establish Federal mobile 3282.405 SSA responsibilities. 3282.406 Required manufacturer correc

home construction and safety star.d

ards and to issue regulations to carry tion. 3282.407 Notification and correction pursu

out the purpose oz the Act. The standant to administrative determination. ards pror ulgated pursuant to the Act 3282.408 Reimbursement for prior correc appear at Part 280 of Chapter II of tion by owner.

this title, and apply to all mobile 3282.409 Manufacturer's plan for notifica homes manufactured for sale to purtion and correction.

chasers in the United States on or 3282.410 Contents of notice.

after the effective date of the stand3282.411 Time for implementation.

ards (June 15, 1976). A mobile home is 3282.412 Completion of remedial actions and report.

manufactured on or after June 15, 3282.413 Replacement or repurchase of

1976, if it enters the first stage of promobile home from purchaser.

duction on or after that date. 3282.414 Mobile homes in the hands of (b) The Secretary is also authorized dealers and distributors.

by the Act to conduct inspections and 3282.415 Notices, bulletins and other com investigations necessary to enforce the munications.

standards, to determine that a mobile 3282.416 Supervision of notification and

home fails to comply with an applicacorrection actions.

ble standard or contains a defect or an Subpart t-Monitoring of Primary Inspection

imminent safety hazard, and to direct Agencies

the manufacturer to furnish notifica

tion thereof, and in some cases, to 3282.451 General.

remedy the defect or imminent safety 3282.452 Participation in monitoring.

hazard. The purpose of this part is to 3282.453 Frequency and extent of monitor

prescribe procedures for the impleing. 3282.454 Monitoring inspection fee.

mentation of these responsibilities of

the Secretary under the Act through Subpart K-Departmental Oversight the use of private and State inspection

organizations and cooperation with 3282.501 General.

State mobile home agencies. It is the 3282.502 Departmental implementation. 3282.503 Determination and hearings.

policy of the Department to involve

State agencies in the enforcement of Subpart 1 - Manufacturer, IPIA and SAA the Federal mobile home standards to Reports

the maximum extent possible consist

ent with the capabilities of such agen3282.551 Scope and purpose.

cies and the public interest. 3282.552 Manufacturers reports for joint monitoring fees.

§ 3282.2 Program implementation authori. 3282.553 IPIA reports.

ty. 3282.554 SAA reports.

(a) The Secretary has delegated to AUTHORITY: Sec. 625 of the National Mobile Home Construction and Safety

the Assistant Secretary for NeighborStandards Act of 1974, Title vi of Pub. L. hoods, Voluntary Associations and 93-383, 42 U.S.C. 5401, sec. 7(d) of the De Consumer Protection all of the aupartment of HUD Act, 42 U.S.C. 3535(d). thority to exercise the responsibilities


of the Secretary under the Act except the power to sue and be sued.

(b) The Secretary has further authorized the Assistant Secretary to redelegate any of the delegated authority to employees of the Department.

8 3282.3 Establishment of office.

There is established, as a unit subordinate to the Assistant Secretary for Neighborhoods, Voluntary Associations and Consumer Protection, the Office of Mobile Home Standards.

8 3282.4 Director.

The Office of Mobile Home Standards is headed by the Director, who shall be named by the Assistant Secretary for Neighborhoods, Voluntary Associations and Consumer Protection.

home) which, when attached to the basic mobile home unit, increases the area, either living or storage, of the mobile home.

(c) “Alteration" means the replacement, addition, and modification, or removal of any equipment or installa. tion after sale by a manufacturer to a dealer or distributor but prior to sale by a dealer to a purchaser which may affect the construction, fire safety, oCcupancy, plumbing, heat-producing or electrical system. It includes any modi. fication made in the mobile home which may affect the compliance of the home with the standards, but it does not include the repair or replacement of a component or appliance requiring plug-in to an electrical receptacle where the replaced item is of the same configuration and rating as the one being replaced. It also does not include the addition of an appliance requiring "plug-in" to an electrical receptacle, which appliance was not provided with the mobile home by the manufacturer, if the rating of the appliance does not exceed the rating of the receptacle to which it is connect

§ 3282.5 Principal divisions.

The following Divisions have been established within the Office of Mobile Home Standards:

(a) Standards Coordination and Liaison Division.

(b) Enforcement and State Liaison Division.

(c) Investigation and Data Collection Division.


$ 3282.6 Separability of provisions.

If any clause, sentence, paragraph, section or other portion of Part 3282 shall, for any reason, be adjudged by any court of competent jurisdiction to be invalid, such judgment shall not affect, impair, or invalidate the remainder thereof, but shall be confined by its operation to the clause, sentence, paragraph, or part thereof directly involved in the controversy in which such judgment shall have been rendered.

(d) “Certification label" see "label".

(e) “Certification Report” means the report prepared by an IPIA (see definition z) for each mobile home manufacturing plant under $ 282.203 in which the IPIA provides a complete description of the initial comprehensive inspection of the plant, an evaluation of the quality assurance program under the approved quality assurance manual, and the identity of the DAPIA (see definition 2) which approved the designs and quality assurance manual used in the plant. Where appropriate under $ 3282.362(b)(5), the certification report may be made by a DAPIA.

(f) “Component” means any part, material or appliance which is built in as an integral part of the mobile home during the manufacturing process.

(g) “Cost Information" means information submitted by a manufacturer under section 607 of the Act with respect to alleged cost increases resulting from action by the Secretary, in such form as to permit the public and the Secretary to make an informed

8 3282.7 Definitions.

The definitions in this subpart are those common to all subparts of the regulations.

(a) “Act” means the National Mobile Home Construction and Safety Standards Act of 1974, Title VI of the Housing and Community Development Act of 1974 (42 U.S.C. 5401 et seq.)

(b) "Add-on" means any structure (except a structure designed or produced as an integral part of a mobile

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