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• Part H-Selected Issues of Liability:

Government Property and Catastrophic

Accidents • Part 1-Patents, Technical Data, and

Copyrights • Part J_Other Statutory Considerations. Part G analyzes existing systems for resolving disputes in connection with the award and performance of contracts. Recommendations are made to achieve the fair resolution of these disputes. This part also covers the applicability and administration of Public Law 85-804, which concerns extraordinary contractual authorities, and contractor debarment procedures.

Part H includes a consideration of two selected areas of important concerns: liability for

loss of or damage to Government property; and possible effects of catastrophic accidents arising from Government programs.

In Part I, the Commission's extensive reviews of the specialized areas of patent, technical data, and copyright policies are summarized. Improvements are recommended in each area with regard to both the relations between the Government and its contractors and the rights of third parties.

Part J discusses other statutory problems identified in our review of procurement-related statutes. In addition to recommending consolidation and simplification of the statutory framework, it makes recommendations with respect to the Truth in Negotiations and Renegotiation acts and identifies statutes which are obsolete.

While each Commissioner does not necessarily agree with every aspect of this report, the Commission as a whole is in agreement with the general thrust of the discussion and recommendations, except where noted.


Part G-Legal and Administrative


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