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The Department of State to the United States legation in Paris.





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1870. 18 Mr. Fish to Mr. July 16 Protection of North Germans in France....

Hoffman. 19 | Mr. Fish to Mr. July 16 As to North German steamers between BreWashburne.

men and Hamburg and New York, 20 .do July 19 Instructions to take North Germans in

France under his protection, if France

consents. 21 Mr. Davis to Mr. July 25 Protection of subjects of Saxony, Hesse, &c.

Washburne. 22

Aug. 14 Prussian credit for removal of Germans... 23

Aug. 16 Expulsion of Germans from Paris-approval

of Mr. Washburne's course. Continue to
do what he can to mitigate severity of

order of expulsion.

Aug. 16 Approving course as to subjects of Saxony

and Hesse. 25

Aug. 17 Correction of telegram of previous day .... 26

Aug. 30 Mr. Bancroft will be instructed to ask to

have American property in France re

spected by German forces. 27

Sept. 6 To recognize provisional government if a

de facto government. 28 do

Sept. 6 Same subject 29 .do

Sept. 6 To tender the congratulations of the Presi

dent and people of the United States on

the establishment of a republic. 30

Sept. 7 Conversation with Mr. Berthemy on the

state of public opinion in the United

States. 31

Sept. 8 His course in protecting Gerinans approved

by North German legation here. Explana

tion of mistake in telegram of August 16. 32 Mr. Fish to Mr. Sept. 9 Not the policy or interest of United States Washburne.

to act jointly with European powers in
European questions. Mr. Bancroft in-
structed to ascertain whether Germany

desires good offices of the United States. 33 ... .do

Sept. 13 Satisfaction of the government of North

Germany with Mr. Washburne's course in

regard to the subjects of North Germany. 34

Sept. 15 Approval of his course as to North Ger

mans. 35 .do

Sept. 27 Approval of his course 36

Sept. 27

Same subject







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The United States legation in Paris to the Department of State.


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1870. 42, Mr. Hoffman to July 15 Protection of Prussian subjects .

Mr. Fish. 43

July 18

Same subject..

July 18 North German steamers. Protection of

North German subjects in France. Nen

trality of Belgium. 45 Mr.Washburne to July 19 Declaration of war. Prussian archives in Mr. Fish,

United States protection. Saxony asks

saine. 46 .....

July 21 Refusal to exempt North German steamers

from capture. 47 ...

July 22 Same subject. Inclosures: 1. Mr. Hoffman

to the Duc de Gramont, July 17, 1870.
2. Duc de Gramont to Mr. Hoffman, July

21, 1870.
48 ...

July 22 Protection of North German archives. North

Germans leaving France, correspondence
as to. Inclosures: A. Mr.Washburne to the
Duc de Gramont, July 21, 1870. B. Mr.
Hoffman to the Duc de Gramont, July 17,
1870. C. Duc de Gramont to Mr. Hoff-

man, July 18, 1870.

July 24 Protection of North Germans and Saxons.

Hesse Grand-Ducal and Saxe-Coburg

Gotha ask same. 50

July 26 Same subject. Inclosures: 1. Baron do

Lüttichau to Mr. Washburne, July 20,1870.
2. Mr. Washburne to Duc de Gramont,
July 20, 1870. 3. Mr. Desprez to Mr.

Washburne, July 21, 1870. 51 ...... do

July 26 | Same subject. Inclosures : 1. Count d'Eu

zenberg to Mr. Washburne, July 23, 1870.
2. Mr. Washburne to the Duc de Gramont,
July 23, 1870. 3. Duc de Gramont to Mr.

Washburne, July 25, 1870. 52

July 29

Further correspondence as to departure of

North Germans from France. Inclosures :
1. Duc de Gramont to Mr. Washburne,
July 23, 1870. 2. Mr. Washburne to the

Duc de Gramont, July 25, 1870. 53

July 29 United States consuls in France to assume

the care of North German consulates. In
closure: Circular from the legation July

28, 1870. 54

July 29 General news. The secret treaty. Inclos

ures: 1. Decree making the Empress regent. 2. Extracts from the Journal Officiel.

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1870. 55 Mr. Washburne to July 29 Subjects of Bavaria, Wiirtemberg,and Baden Mr. Fish.

under Swiss protection. 56 .do

Aug. 5 The secret treaty. Inclosure: Circular

dispatch of the Duc de Gramont, August

3, 1870. 57 .do

Aug. General. Effect of the news of the battles

of Worth and Wissembourg on Paris.
Aug. 11 Subjects of North Germany desire certifi-

cates of protection. Inclosures: 1. Mr.
Washburne to the Duc de Gramont, July
30, 1870. 2. Duc de Gramont to Mr.

Washburne, August 5, 1870. 59

Aug. 12 | Expulsion of North Germans from France.

Many too poor to leave without aid-ask

ing for a credit to aid such. 60 .do

Aug. 12 Protection of North German subjects. Con

certed action of Mr. Washburne with the

Swiss and Russian ministers. 61 .do

Aug. 12 The new ministry. Inclosure of names 62

Aug. 15 Condition of North Germans in Paris. Re

ceipt of credit of 50,000 thalers. Mode of

disposing of it. 63 .do

Aug. 16 The detention of the persons of North

Germans in France. Inclosures: 1. The
Duc de Gramont to Mr. Washburne, Au-
gust 3, 1870. 2. Mr. Washburne to the

Duc de Gramont, August 9, 1870. 64

Aug. 19 Blockade of the North German coast. In

closure: Official notice August 17, 1870. 65 do

Aug. 22 Protection of North Germans; their expul

sion from France. Narrative of steps
taken by Mr. Washburne. Inclosures :
1. Debate in the Corps Législatif August
12, 1870. 2. Mr. Washburne to the Prince

de la Tour d'Auvergne, August 17, 1870. 66

Ang. 26 German complaints of violations of flags of

truce. Inclosures : 1. Mr. Washburne to
the Prince de la Tour d'Auvergne, August
23, 1870, transmitting a copy of a dis-
patch from Mr. Motley dated July 22,
1870. 2. Prince de la Tour d'Auvergne

to Mr. Washburne, August 23, 1870.

Aug. 26 Americans leaving Paris. Germans press

ing upon the legation in consequence of
General Trochu's proclamation. Inclo-
sure: Copy of that proclamation August

24, 1870.

Aug. 29 Excitement of Germans. Legation crowded.

Mr. Washburne acting in concert with
Bavarian minister. Their interview with
Mr. Chevereau. Mr. Washburne's inter-
view with the Prince de la Tour d'Au-

Inclosure: General Trochu's

proclamation, August 28, 1870. 69 do

Aug. 31

Blockade. Inclosing notice from the Jour

nal Officiel of August 30, 1870.
Sept. 2 Franc-tireurs not considered soldiers. Vio-

lations of flags of truce. Inclosures : Mr. Washburne to Prince de la Tour d'Auvergne. Two notes transmitting dispatches from Count Bismarck to Count Bernstorff, received through Mr. Motley.








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