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count as used laytime. In addition, move ment in roads shall not count as used laytime.

(b) If the vessel is tendered for loading on a date earlier than the firm agreed-upon arrival date, established in accordance with Provision No. C.8, and other vessels are loading or have already been scheduled for loading prior to the purchaser's vessel, the purchaser's vessel shall await its turn and vessel laytime shall not commence until the vessel moors alongside, or at 0600 hours local time on the firm agreed-upon date of arrival, whichever occurs first. If the vessel is tendered for loading later than 2400 hours on the firm agreed-upon date of arrival, DOE will use its best efforts to have the vessel loaded as soon as possible in its proper turn with other scheduled vessels, under the circumstances prevailing at the time. In such instances, vessel laytime shall commence when the vessel moors alongside.

(c) For all hours or any part thereof of vessel laytime which elapse in excess of the allowed vessel laytime for loading provided for above, demurrage shall be paid by DOE, for U.S.-flag vessels, at the lesser of the demurrage rate in the tanker voyage or charter party agreement, or the most recently available United States Freight Rate Average (USFRA) for a hypothetical tanker with a deadweight in long tons equal to the weight in long tons of the crude oil loaded, multiplied by the most recent edition of the American Tanker Rate Schedule rate for such hypothetical tanker. For foreign flag vessels, demurrage shall be as determined above, except that the London Tanker Brokers' Panel Average Freight Rate Assessment (AFRA) and most recent edition of the Worldwide Tanker Nominal Freight Scale shall be used as appropriate, if less than the charter party rate. For all foreign flag vessel loadings that commence during a particular calendar month, the applicable AFRA shall be the one that is determined on the basis of freight assessments for the period ended on the 15th day of the preceding month. The demurrage rate for barges will be the hourly rate contained in the charter of a chartered barge, or if it is not a chartered barge, at & rate determined by DOE as a fair rate under prevailing conditions. If demurrage is incurred because of breakdown of machinery or equipment of DOE or its contractors (other than the purchaser). the rate of demurrage shall be reduced to one-half the rate stipulated herein per running hour and pro rate of such reduced rate for part of an hour for demurrage So incurred. Demurrage payable by DOE, however, shall in no event exceed the actual demurrage expense incurred by the purchaser as the result of the delay.

(d) In the event the purchaser is using more than one vessel to load the quantity scheduled to be delivered during & single loading window, the terms of this provision

and the Government's liability for demurrage apply only to the first vessel presenting its Notice of Readiness in accordance with (a) above.

(e) The primary source document and official record for demurrage calculations is the SPRCODR (see Provision No. C.17). C.10 Purchaser liability for ercessive berth time

The Government reserves the right to direct a vessel loading SPR petroleum at a delivery point specified in the NS, to vacate its SPR berth, and absorb all costs associated with this movement, should such vessel, through its operational inability to receive oil at the average rates provided for in Provision No. C.8, cause the berth to be unavailable for an already scheduled follow-on vessel. Furthermore, should a breakdown of the vessel's propulsion system prevent its getting under way on its own power, the Government may cause the vessel to be removed from the berth with all costs to be borne by the purchaser.

C.11 Pipeline delivery procedures (a) No later than the last day of the month preceding the month of delivery, the purchaser shall furnish the SPR/PMO with the following information: (i) confirmation of the pipeline's acceptance of the amount of the petroleum proposed to be delivered in the delivery month; (ii) an estimated schedule (consistent with the terms of the contract) for delivery of the petroleum to the pipeline; and (iii) the name and telephone number of the pipeline point of contact with whom the SPR/PMO should coordinate the petroleum delivery.

(b) Once established, the pipeline delivery schedule can only be changed with DOE's prior written consent.

C.12 Title and risk of loss Unless otherwise provided in the NS, title to and risk of loss for SPR petroleum will pass to the purchaser at the delivery point as follows:

(a) For vessel shipment when the petroleum passes from the dock loading equipment connections to the vessel's permanent hose connection.

(b) For pipeline shipment-when the petroleum passes the permanent flange connecting the SPR's distribution terminal to the commercially-owned pipeline, except for shipments via the LOCAP and ARCO Terminals where title and risk of loss pass when the petroleum enters the LOCAP or ARCO Terminal meter bank.

(c) For in-transit shipments—when the petroleum passes the permanent flange of the discharging vessel manifold upon discharge into the purchaser's designated marine terminal facility or vessel.

C.13 Acceptance of crude oil (a) When practical, the NS shall update the SPR crude oil stream characteristics shown in Exhibit D, SPR Crude Oil Stream Characteristics. However, the purchaser shall accept the crude oil delivered regardless of characteristics. Except as provided below, DOE assumes no responsibility for deviations in quality.

(b) In the event that the crude oil stream delivered both has a total sulfur content (by weight) in excess of 3.5 percent if Bryan Mound Maya, 2.0 percent if any other sour crude oil stream, or 0.50 percent if a sweet crude oil stream, and, in addition, has an API gravity less than 20°API if Bryan Mound Maya, 26°API if any other sour crude oil stream, or 32° API if a sweet crude oil stream, the purchaser shall accept the crude oil delivered and either pay the contract price adjusted in accordance with Provision No. C.14, or request negotiation of the contract price. Unless the purchaser submits a written request for negotiation of the contract price to the Contracting Officer within 10 days from the date of delivery, the purchaser shall be deemed to have accepted the adjustment of the price in accordance with Provision No. C.14. Should the purchaser request a negotiation of the price and the parties be unable to agree as to that price, the dispute shall be settled in accordance with Provision No. C.34.

ance with API Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards, Chapter 8.1, Manual Sampling of Petroleum and Petroleum Products (ASTM D4057), latest edition, or from the composite sample collected by an automatic inline sampler whose performance has been verified in accordance with the sampling system proving system outlined in the API Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards, Chapter 8.2, Automatic Sampling of Petroleum and Petroleum Products (ASTM D4177), latest edition. Preference will be given to samples collected by means of an automatic inline sampler when such a system is available and operational. Tests to be performed by DOE or its authorized contractor are:

(1) Sediment and Water

Primary methods: API Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards, Chapter 10.1, Determination of Sediment in Crude Oils and Fuel Oils by the Extraction Method (ASTM D473) (IP53), latest edition; and API Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards, Chapter 10.2, Determination of Water in Crude Oil by Distillation (ASTM D4006) (IP358), latest edition.

Alternate methods: API Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards, Chapter 10.3, Determination of Water and Sediment in Crude Oil by the Centrifuge Method (Laboratory Procedure) (ASTM D4007) (IP 359), latest edition; or API Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards, Chapter 10.4, Standard Methods of Test for Water-and Sediment in Crude Oils, (API Pub. 2542) (ASTM D96), latest edition.

(2) Sulfur

Primary method: ASTM D1552, Sulfur in Petroleum Products (High) Temperature Method), latest edition.

Alternate methods: ASTM D2622, Sulfur in Petroleum Products (X-ray Spectographic Method), latest edition; or ASTM D4294, Sulfur in Petroleum Products by Non-Dispersive X-ray Fluorescence Spectrometry, latest edition.

(3) API Gravity API Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards, Chapter 9.1, Hydrometer Test Method for Density, Relative Density (Specific Gravity), or API Gravity of Crude Petroleum and Liquid Petroleum Products (ASTM D1298), lat est edition; or API Gravity of Crude Petroleum and Petroleum Products (Hydrometer Method) (ASTM D287), latest edition.

To the maximum extent practicable, the primary methods will be used for determination of SPR crude oil quality characteristics. However, because of conditions prevailing at the time of delivery, it may be necessary to use alternate methods of test for one or more of the quality characteristics. The primary methods are binding in any dispute over quality characteristics of SPR crude oil.

(b) The purchaser may arrange for additional services to witness and verify testing simultaneously with the Government Quality Assurance Representatives. Such services, however, will be for the account of the purchaser. Any disputes will be settled in ac

C.14 Price adjustments for quality differentials

for crude oil (a) The NS will specify quality price adjustments applicable to the crude oil streams offered for sale. Unless otherwise specified by the NS, price adjustments will be made solely for variations between the API gravity of the crude oil delivered and the API gravity of the crude oil stream contracted for as published in the NS. Price adjustments for SPR crude oil streams are expected to be similar to one or more commercial crude oil differential postings for equivalent quality crude oil.

(b) Price adjustments will be applied only to the amount of variation by which the API of the crude oil delivered differs by more than plus or minus five-tenths of one degree API (+/- 0.5°API) from the API gravity of the crude oil stream contracted for as published in the NS. The contract price per barrel shall be increased by that amount if the API gravity of the crude oil delivered exceeds the published API gravity by more than 0.5°API and decreased by that amount if the crude oil delivered falls below the published API gravity by more than 0.5°API.

C.15 Determination of quality of petroleum (a) The quality of the crude oil delivered to the purchaser will be determined from samples taken from the delivery tanks in accord

onciliation invoicing for the sale of petroleum as well as for any associated services that may be provided.

cordance with Provision No. C.34. Should the purchaser opt not to provide such additional services, then the Government findings will be binding on the purchaser.

C.16 Determination of quantity of petroleum (a) The quantity of crude oil delivered to the purchaser will be determined from opening and closing tank gauges with adjustment for opening and closing free water and sediment and water as determined from shore tank samples where an inline sampler is not available, or delivery meter reports. All vol umetric measurements made when the crude oil is at a temperature other than 60°F will be converted to Net Standard Volume in barrels at 60°F, using the API Manual of Petroleum Measurement Standards, Chapter 11.1, Volume 1, Volume Correction Factors (ASTM D1250) (IP 200); Table 5A-Generalized Crude Oils, Correction of Observed API Gravity to API Gravity at 60°F; Table 6A-Generalized Crude Oils, Correction of Volume to 60°F Against API Gravity at 60°F, latest edition, and by deducting the tanks' free water, and the entrained sediment and water as determined by the testing of composite all levels samples taken from the delivery tanks; or by deducting the sediment and water as determined by testing a composite sample collected by a certified in-line sampler.

(b) The quantity determination shall be made and certified by the DOE contractor responsible for loading operations, and wit nessed by the Government Quality Assurance Representative at the delivery point. The purchaser shall have the right to have representatives present at the gauging/metering, sampling, and testing. Should the purchaser arrange for additional inspection services, such services will be for the account of the purchaser. Any disputes shall be settled in accordance with Provision No. C.34. Should the purchaser not arrange for additional services, then DOE's findings shall be binding on the purchaser.

C.17 Delivery documentation The quantity and quality determination shall be documented on the SPR/PMO Crude Oil Delivery Report (SPRCODR). SPRPMOF-6110.2-14 (see Exhibit J for copy of this form). The SPRCODR will be signed by the purchaser's agent to acknowledge receipt of the quantity and quality of crude oil indicated. In addition, for vessel deliveries, the time statement on the SPRCODR will be signed by the vessel's Master when loading is complete. Copies of the completed SPRCODR, with applicable supporting documentation (1.e., metering or tank gauging tickets and appropriate calculation work sheets), will be furnished to the purchaser and/or the purchaser's authorized representa. tive after completion of delivery. They will serve as the basis for invoicing and/or rec

C.18 Contract amounts for crude oil The contract quantities and dollar value stated in the NA are estimates. The per barrel unit price is subject to adjustment due to variation in the API gravity from the published characteristics. In addition, due to conditions of loading and shipping, the quantity actually delivered may vary by +/- 10 percent for each DLI. However, a purchaser is not required to engage additional vessels if sufficient vessels to take delivery of at least 90 percent of the contract quantity have been engaged.

C.19 Payment (a) Payment for oil delivered shall be due no later than 10 days after the date of delivery.

(b) Payment shall be made by the payment and performance guarantee which must be either:

(1) A letter of credit conforming without exception to requirements of Provision No. C.20, and Exhibit H, Payment and Performance Guarantee - Letter of Credit and equal to 100 percent of the contract amount; or

(2) An advance payment by cash wire deposit, made in accordance with the wire transfer instructions in Provision No. C.24 and equal to 110 percent of the contract amount.

(c) The purchaser must furnish an acceptable payment and performance guarantee before DOE will execute the NA. The Contracting Officer will inform the ASO by telephone that the guarantee is due within a period which may be as short as 5 business days. The Contracting Officer may, at his discretion, send a confirming telegram of the notification, but the timeliness of receipt for the guarantee is determined by the date of the telephone call.

(d) All wire deposit and letter of credit costs will be borne by the purchaser.

(e) The Contracting Officer (who may act through the SPR/PMO Planning and Financial Management Division) may draw against this payment and performance guarantee at any time after the first delivery for any monies due under the contract for petroleum delivered and at any time for any other monies owing to DOE under the contract, no matter how the debt arose.

C.20 Payment and performance letters of credit

- general requirements (a) Each letter of credit must conform without exception to the standard letter of credit provided as Exhibit H.

(b) DOE does not require information concerning the issuing bank's agreement with its customer. Any language in the letter of

credit in addition to that specified in Exhibit C.22 Billing and payment - with purchaser's H shall make the letter of credit unaccept

advance payment able and shall be cause for rejection of the

(a) If the offeror elects to pay in advance, offer.

delivery documentation will be provided to (C) As set forth in Exhibit H, the letter of

the purchaser after each delivery. After the credit provides for payment to DOE by wire

last delivery under the contract, a reconcilitransfer of funds over FEDWIRE. If a letter ation billing will be made. If money is due of credit is from a single depository institu

from the purchaser to DOE, an invoice will tion, including a branch or an agency of a be issued to the purchaser (see paragraph (b) foreign bank, (hereinafter referred to as below). If money is due the purchaser, a "bank") that bank must maintain an ac- Treasury check will be issued in accordance count with any Federal Reserve Bank or with the Treasury Fiscal Requirements ManBranch (Fed) and be a participant in the ual. Fed's FEDWIRE funds transfer system. If the (b) In accordance with the delivery doculetter of credit is issued by a syndicate of mentation and the contract, the Contracting banks, only the institution acting as agent Officer shall determine the amount of any for the syndicate and responsible for honor- reconciliation invoice and transmit it to the ing the drafts drawn under the letter of cred- purchaser by express mail, mail or telex. A it must maintain a Fed account and be a par- purchaser is deemed to have received mailed ticipant in FEDWIRE.

invoices on the second day after their dis(d) DOE reserves the right to request evi patch and telex and express mail invoices on dence that the bank official signing the let the day after dispatch. Reconciliation inter of credit is authorized to do so, such as a voices must be paid in accordance with Proconfirming telex, telephone call, or letter vision No. C.24 10 business days after the purfrom another bank official, or other appro chaser is deemed to have received them. priate evidence as determined by the Con

C.23 Replacement of funds in the payment and tracting Officer.

performance guarantee C.21 Billing and payment - with purchaser's

(a) Payment and performance guarantees letter of credit

must be maintained in full force and effect (a) After delivery of the SPR petroleum

to the Contracting Officer's satisfaction at and completion of the delivery documenta

the following minimum levels until final tion, the Contracting Officer shall prepare an

payment under the contract: invoice in accordance with the contract and

(1) Letter of credit at 100 percent of the

contract price of the petroleum remaining to the delivery documentation.

be paid for; and (b) Upon completion of the invoice, the

(2) Advance payment at 110 percent of the SPR/PMO Planning and Financial Manage

contract price of the petroleum remaining to ment Division shall prepare a drast request

be delivered. ing a wire transfer of funds in accordance

(b) If the Contracting Officer draws against with the letter of credit and transmit that

the letter of credit, or makes charges against message to the bank issuing the letter of

the advance payment, for monies owed DOE credit by express mail or telex, or via the

for oil delivered, for liquidated damages or FEDWIRE system. On the date specified in

for other funds due DOE, the purchaser shall the draft, nominally 10 days after completion

be notified within 24 hours by express mail, of the delivery of petroleum, the bank shall

mall or telex of the fact of such withdrawal use the wire transfer procedures specified in

or charge and the amount thereof. Purchaser the letter of credit to transfer the invoiced

is deemed to have received a mailed notice funds to the account of the U.S. Treasury. If

on the second business day after its dispatch the draft is not transmitted within 10 days of

and a telex or express mail notice the next completion of delivery of the petroleum, the

business day after its dispatch. due date shall be the next business day after

(C) In the event that a draw against the receipt of the draft.

payment and performance guarantee causes (c) The SPR/PMO shall provide copies of its amount to fall below the levels specified the invoices to the purchaser and the bank

in (a) above, the purchaser shall, within 5 by mail.

business days after it is deemed to have re(d) In the event that the bank refuses to ceived notification in (b) above, replenish honor the draft against the letter of credit, the payment and performance guarantee to the purchaser shall be responsible for paying those levels. Such replenish ment shall be any interest due (see Provision No. C.25) from made either by the wire transfer of funds in the due date specified in the draft.

accordance with Provision No. C.24, or by the (e) Within 30 calendar days after final pay. provision of a new letter of credit or amendment under the contract, the Contracting Of- ment of the old letter of credit. If such reficer shall authorize the cancellation of the plenishment is not made within 5 business letter of credit and shall return it to the pur- days, the Contracting Officer may, on the chaser.

6th business day, without prior notice to the

purchaser withhold deliveries under the contract and/or terminate the contract in whole or in part for default under Provision No. C.27.

C.24 Method of payments - general (a) Notwithstanding any other contract provision, DOE may invoice the purchaser at any time for payment of monies due under the contract. These would include but not be limited to, interest, liquidated damages, amounts owing for any services provided for under the contract, and the difference between the contract price and price received on the resale of undelivered petroleum as de fined in Provision No. C.27. If the invoice is for delinquent payments, interest shall accrue from the date of the delinquency and not from the invoice's deemed date of roceipt by purchaser.

(b) All amounts payable by the purchaser in excess of $1,000.00 shall be paid by wire transfer as a deposit to the account of the U.S. Treasury through FEDWIRE. Information which must be included on each wire transfer is specified in Exhibit I, Instruction Guide for Funds Transfer.

(c) Payments in amounts less than $1,000.00 shall be by check made out to “U.8. Depart ment of Energy."Such payments will be sent with documentation to identify the payer and purpose of the payment to: U.8. Depart ment of Energy, Strategic Petroleum Re serve Project Management Omice, Crude Oil Sales, Planning and Financial Management Division, Mail Stop PR-652, 900 Commerce Road East, New Orleans, Louisiana 70123.

(d) DOE may designate another place, different timing, or another method of payment after reasonable written notice to the purchaser.

(e) No payment due DOE hereunder shall be subject to reduction or set-off for any claim of any kind against the United States arising independently of the contract.

(1) B & purchaser disagrees with the amounts invoiced by DOE, the purchaser immediately shall pay the amount invoiced, and notify the Contracting Officer of the basis for its disagreement. The Contracting Officer will receive and act upon any such objection asserted at any time prior to final payment under this contract. Failure to agree to any adjustment shall be a dispute, and purchaser shall file a claim promptly in accordance with Provision No. C.34.

the Current Value of Funds rate as established by the Department of the Treasury in accordance with the Debt Collection Act of 1982 and published periodically in Bulletins to the Treasury Fiscal Requirements Manual and in the FEDERAL REGISTER. C.26 Government options if payment is not

received (a) If any amount owed to DOE is not paid within the time deadlines specified by the applicable provisions, the Contracting Officer may, at his discretion, take the following actions either simultaneously or in any sequence he deems appropriate, with or without prior notice to the purchaser:

(1) Invoice the purchaser for the amount on which payment is delinquent or provide written notice that payment is delinquent;

(2) Draw against the letter of credit for all amounts due and delinquent;

(3) Apply any advance payment received against the amount due and delinquent;

(4) Withhold all or any part of future deliveries under the contract; and/or

(5) Terminate the contract, in whole or in part, for purchaser default, in accordance with Provision No. C.27.

(b) Any disputes will be settled by the Contracting Officer in accordance with Provision No. C.34.

C.27 Termination (a) Immediate termination.

(1) The Contracting Officer may terminate this contract in whole or in part, without 11ability of DOE, by written notice to the purchaser effective upon its being deposited in the U.S. Postal System addressed to the purchaser as provided in Provision No. C.33 in the event that the purchaser either notifies the Contracting Officer that it will not be able to accept, or fails to accept, any delivery line item in accordance with the terms of the contract. Such notice shall invite the purchaser to submit information to the Contracting Officer as to the reasons for the failure to accept the delivery line item in accordance with the terms of the contract.

(2) Within 10 business days after the issuance of the notice of termination, the Contracting Officer may determine that such termination was a termination for default under subparagraph (b)(1)(11) of this provision. In the absence of information which persuades the Contracting Officer that the purchaser's failure to accept the delivery line item was excusable, the fact of such failure may be the basis for the Contracting Officer determining the purchaser to be in default, without first determining under subparagraphs (b)(2) and (b)(3) whether such failure was excusable under the terms of the contract. The Contracting Officer shall promptly give the purchaser written notice of such determination.


C.25 Interest Amounts due and payable by the purchaser or its bank which are not paid in accordance with the provisions governing such payments shall bear interest from the date due until the date payment is received by the Government.

Interest shall be computed on a daily basis. The interest rate shall be in accordance with

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