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Dear Sir,

I received your second letter, which I communicated to a neighbouring gentleman, who immediatly wrote to a friend at Bawtreo, to make inquiry after St. Mary's Hospitall. I received an answer, but no satisfactory one. I alsoe at the same time wrote to Mr. Thoresby. He sent me word, that he hoped shortly to give me some satisfaction about it, through the mediation of a new Curate, that was come to Leedes and born at Bawtree. The inclosed I received yesterday, which I beleive wil, in a great measure, answer what you desire. I can not get the least information about the EarthHorns. If in this or any other respect I can be serviceable to you, freely command

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Your friend and servant

Ric: Richardson.

North Bierley
Feb. 8th. 1724.

For Dr. Richardson at North Bierley near

Honoured Sir,

Just now I receiv'd this Account from the Vicar concerning the Hosp. of St. Ma. Mag. near Bautre. That the Chappel, Hospital and


Alms House are all in good repair, that the annual pensions are 121.6 s. 8 d. The present Master of the Hospital is Mr. Benjamin Day, Vicar of Mattersey, who succeeded Dr. Samuel Crowbrow Arch-Deacon of Nottingham; whose Predecessor was John Lake, D.D. Vicar of Leedes, and afterwards Bishop of Chichester. This Reverend Prelat's Predecessor was one Walter Barnard, who enjoy'd it during the Usurpation of O. Cromwell, and preach'd a Lecture on the first Thursday in the Month, in stead of the Morning Prayers on Wednesdays and Fridays, which had before, and have since been duely used. His Predecessor was John Slack, mentioned in the Letter of Mr. Hearne, to whom „pray present my service, I not being able to write to him my self, who am his and

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Num. XIX. See the Glossary to this Work,

voc. bone.

Ex MS. Dugd.) in Muséo Ashmoliano) E 2.

sub finem.

A Transcript of a certain Narrative, written by the late Bp. of Ely (Dr. Matthew Wren) with his own


* Hand, of that remarkable Conference, which, after - hés Return from Spain with Prince Charles (Anno | 1623.) he had with Dr. Neale, then Bp. of Dur;

ham, Dr. Andrews Bp. of Winchester, and Dr. Laud Bp. of St. David's, touching the said Prince ; whereat something Prophetical was then said by that Reverend Bp. of Winchester.

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After our Return from Spain, My Lord of Winchester (among other great expressions of his Respects to me) made me promise to him, that, upon an occasions of my coming to London, (for I abode still at Cambridge) I would lodge with him. To which end, he caused three Rooms near the Garden to be fitted and reserved for me: And twice or thrice I had lodged there.

And at another time coming suddenly to London and late, I lodged at my Sister's in Friday-Street, and the next Day (being Friday) I went to Winchester-House to Dinner, and craved his Lordship's pardon, that I lodged not there; because that 'my businesse was to treat with some Countrey Gentlemen, wh Holburne, whom I should not meet with but in the Evening and Morning, when it would not be safe for me to pass the Bridge or the Thames: And so after Dinner I took my Leave of him, hoping to return for Cambridge on Munday.

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But on Saturnday going to do my Duty to My Lords of Durham and St. Davids, and telling them of my sudden Return, they would needs over-rule me, and made me promise them, tho' I had taken leave of My Lord of Winchester, yet to meet them next Day at White-Hall at My Lord's Chamber at Dinner : I did so, and there we sat after Dinner above an Hour. And then I shewing them, that on the morrow my Business would be dispatched, and I would be gone on Tuesday, I took leave again of them all. But on Munday morne by break of the Day (before they used to be Stirring in Friday-Street) there was a great knocking at the Door where I lay; And at last an Apprentice (who lay in the Shop) came up to my Bed-Side, and told me, there was a Messenger from Winchester-House to speak with me: The Businesse was to let me know, that My Lord, when he came from Court last Night, had given his Steward charge to order it so, that I might be spoken with, and be required as from him without faile, to dine with him on Munday; but to be at Winchester-House by Ten of the Clock, which I wondered the more at; his Lp. not using to come from his Study till near Twelve. My business would bardly permit this; yet because of his Lordship’s importunity, I got up presently, and into Hol


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burne I went, and there made such Dispatch, that soon after Ten of the Clock I took a Boat, and went to Winchester House, where I found the Steward at the Water-gate waiting to let me in the nearest way, who telling me, that my Lord had called twice to know if I were come; I asked where his Lordship was ? He answered, In his great Gallery, (a place where I knew his Lp. scarce came once in a Year.) And thither I going, the Door was lockt: but upon my lifting the Latch, My Lord of St. David's opened the Door, and letting me in, lock'd it again.

There I found none, but those three Lords, who causing me to sit down by them, My Lord of Durham began to me.

Doctor, Your “ Lord here will have it so, I that am the un“ fittest Person, must be the Speaker : But thus “it is : After

you left us Yesterday at WhiteHall, we entring into farther Discourse of " those things, which we foresee and conceive “will 'ere long come to pass, resolved again to speak to you before you went hence. . 6. We must know of


what your Thoughts are concerning your Master the Prince. You “have now been his Servant above two Years, ".and you were with him in Spain ; We know “he respects you well; and we know you are

no Fool, but can observe how things are like " to go. What things my Lord ?” (quoth I.) Vol. I.




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