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First, with a protestation, that hee did as verely beleeve the Pope to bee Antichrist, as any Article of his faith. Where with I was satisfied and silenced touchinge that pointe.

For the Nunnery, he said, the names of Nụnnes was odious, but the truth (from whence that untrue report might arise) was two of his · Neeces, and lived one with thother. 32. yeares virgins, and soe resolved to continue, as hee hoped they woulde, the better to give themselves to fastinge and praier, but had made no


For their Cannonicall howres, hee saide, they usuallie praied. 6. tymes a daie, (as I remember,) twice a daie publiquelie in the Chappell, and. '4. tymes more privatelie in their howse; in the Chappell after the Order of the booke of Common-praier, in their house perticular praiers for a private Family. I saide, if they spent soe much tyme in prayinge, they would leave little for preachinge, or for their weekelie callings. - For the one I vouched the text, Hee that turneth awaye his eare from hearinge the Lawe, his praier is abominable. For the other, sive dayes shalt thou Labour &c.

To the one hee answeared, that a Neighbour Minister, of another Parish, came on Sunday morninge, and preached in their Chappell, and

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some tymes they went to his Parish; To the
other, that their callinge was to serve God,
which he tooke to bee the best.

I replyed, that for men in health, and of
active and able bodies, and parts, it were a
temptinge of God, to quitt our Callings, and
whollie betake our selves to fastinge, praier,
and a Contemplatinge lyfe, which by some is
thought to bee noe better, then a specious
kind of Idlenes, not to terme it, as St. Augu-
stine termes Morrall vertues without Christ,
splendida peccata. Hee rejoyned, that they
found diverse perplexities, distractions, and al-
most utter ruine in their callings, but if others
knewe, what comfort and content God had mi-.
nistred unto them, since their sequestration,
and with incredible improvement to their live-
lihood, it might incourage others to the like

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I said, that such an' Invitation might bee of dangerous Consequence, and that yf any, which were in good a Cause before, shoulde thereby fall into povertie, fewe afterwards woulde followe the example.

For their night watchinge, : at their risinge at. 4: of the Clocke in the morninge, which (I said ) was much for one of. 80, yeares, and for Children ; To the one hee saide, it was

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not much, sithence they alwaięs went to bedd at. 7. of the Clocke in the eveninge. For the other hee confest, there was every night two (Alternatim) continued in their devotions, that * went to bedd untill the rest arose.

For the Crosses, he made mee the usuall Answeare, that they were not ashamed of that badge of Christian profession, which the pro. pugners of the faith bare in their banners, and which wee in our Church disciplyne reteyne to this daie.

For their Chappell, that it was powe neere Chappell tyme, ffor eleaven is the howre in the forepoone) and that I might (if I pleased) accompany them thịther, and søe satisfie my selfe best of what I had beard concerning that.

Which offer I willinglie enterteyned. Meane tyme, I told them, that I perceived all was pot true, that I had heard of the place. For I coulde see noe such inscription on the frontespeece of the howse, conteyninge an Invitation of such as were willinge to learne of them, or woulde teach them better, which was some incouragement to mee to come (as ope desirous to learnę, not to teach) and might bee some excuse of my Audacity, if they will be pleased soe to accept it.

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But hee (barringe mee from further Complements) said, the ground of that Report hunge over my head, wee sittinge by the Chymney. On the Chymney peece was a Manuscript Tableture, which after I had read, I craved leave to begg a Coppie thereof, soe that they woulde not take mee for to bold a begger, which hee forthwith tooke downe, and commaunded to bee presentlie transcribed, and given mee. I offered the writer money for his deserved paines, which was refused, and they conjured mee not to offer it the second tyme, and there upon made it his suite to mee, not to offer any thinge to any of that house at my partinge, or otherwise.

The words of the protestation are as followeth :

1. H. S.

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Hee that, by reproofe of? Hee that, by a cheare. our Errors, or Remon. full participation of that strance of that which is which is good, confirmes perfect, seekes to make us us in the same, is welbetter, is welcome as an come as a Christian frend. Angell of God; And

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Hee that any waie goeth? And 'hee that faults us in about to divert or disturbe , absence for that which Vol. I.



us in that which is, and is' in presence hee made ought to bee, amongst a shewe to approve of; Christians, is a burthen shal, by a double guilt of whilst hee staies, and shall flattery and slaunder, viobeare his Judgment what late the bands of frendsoever hee bee.

shipp and Christianitye.

Mary Farrer Widdowe, and motherof this Fa

milie, aged about. 80. yeares, that bidds a dewe to all feares, and hopes of this worlde, and desires to serve God.

To the matter of this Declaration, beinge in such generall termes, I said, I thought it without Exception, but praied leave to except against a Circumstance, namely the Inscription, beinge the proper Character of the Jesuites in every booke and exhibite of theirs. Hee said, it was that Auspicious name, worthy to bee the Alpha and Omega of all our doinges, and wee are commaunded to write such thinges on the posts of our houses, and upon our gates.

I toulde him, I was farr from exceptinge against that sacred and savinge name of Jesus, onlie I coulde have wished it written at length, or anie other waies, to have differed from that the Papists onlie use, and noe Protestants, and that the text hee mentioned was in the oulde

i Dele.


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