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EXEMPTION—Continued Sec. 780.313 What employment in growing and harvesting is

sufficient. 780.314 “Growing" and "harvesting”.


REQUIREMENTS FOR EXEMPTION Sec. 780.203 What determines application of exemption. 780.204 General requirements. 780.205 Employment in agriculture. 780.206 Interpretation of term "agriculture". 780.207 "Primarily employed" in agriculture. 780.208 "During his workweek". 780.209 Workweek unit in applying the exemption. 780.210 Workweek exclusively in exempt work. 780.211 Workweek exclusively in agriculture. 780.212 Employment by a "farmer". 780.213 "By such farmer". 780.214 Definition of a farmer. 780.215 Raising of livestock. 780.216 Operations included in raising livestock. 780.217 Adjunct livestock auction operations. 780.218 “His own account"-"in conjunction with other

farmers". 780.219 Work "in connection with" livestock auction

operations. 780.220 Minimum wage for livestock auction work. .

780.315 Processing requirements of section 13(a) (21). 780.316 "Prior to the stemming process”. 780.317 “For use as cigar wrapper tobacco". 780.318 Exempt processing operations. 780.319 General scope of exempt operations. 780.320 Particular operations which may be exempt. 780.321 Other processing operations. 780.322 Nonprocessing employees.


780.323 Workweek is used in applying the exemption. 780.324 Exclusive engagement in exempt work. 780.325 Exempt and nonexempt work. 780.326 Work exempt under another section of the Act. Subpart E-Employment in Fruit and Vegetable Harvest

Transportation Exempted From Minimum Wage and Overtime Pay Requirements Under Section 13(a)(22)

EFFECT OF EXEMPTION 780.221 No minimum wage for agriculture in exempt

week. 780.222 No overtime wages in exempt week.


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780.800 Scope and significance of interpretative bulletin. 780.801 General explanatory statement.

REQUIREMENTS FOR EXEMPTION 780.802 Statutory requirements. 780.803 What determines the application of the exemp

tion. 780.804 General requirements. 780.805 Homeworker. 780.806 In or about a home. 780.807 Exemption is inapplicable if wreath-making is

not in or about a home. 780.808 Examples of places not considered homes. 780.809 Wreaths.

Subpart J–Employment Exempt From Overtime in Op

erations on Agricultural Commodities and in Seasonal Industries Under Sections 7(c) and 7(b)(3); Outside

Buyers of Certain Commodities Under Section 13(b)(5) 780.950 Meaning of term "canning". 780.951 First processing under section 7(c). 780.952 Shelling corn. 780.953 Compressing of cotton under section 7(c).

AUTHORITY : Sections 780.0 to 780.953 issued under secs. 1-19, 52 Stat. 1060, as amended; 75 Stat. 65; 29 U.S.C. 201-219.


SOURCE: Sections 780.0 to 780.9 appear at 26 F.R. 10380,
Nov. 3, 1961.
Section 780.0 Purpose of interpretative bulle-

tins in this part.
It is the purpose of the interpretative bulletins
in this part to provide an official statement of the
views of the Department of Labor with respect
to the application and meaning of the provisions
of the Fair Labor Standrads Act of 1938, as
amended, which exempt certain employees from
the minimum wage or overtime pay requirements,
or both, when employed in agriculture or in cer-
tain related activities or in certain operations with
respect to agricultural or horticultural commodi-
Section 780.1 General scope of the Act.

The Fair Labor Standards is a Federal statute of general application which establishes minimum wage, overtime pay, and child labor requirements that apply as provided in the Act. These requirements are applicable, except where exemptions are provided, to employees in those workweeks when they are engaged in interstate or foreign commerce or in the production of goods for such commerce

or are employed in enterprises so engaged within
the meaning of definitions set forth in the Act.
Employers having such employees are required to
comply with the Act's provisions in this regard
unless relieved therefrom by some exemption in
the Act, and with specified recordkeeping require-
ments contained in Part 516 of this chapter. The
law authorizes the Department of Labor to in-
vestigate for compliance and, in the event of viola-
tions, to supervise the payment of unpaid mini-
mum wages or unpaid overtime compensation
owing to any employee. The law also provides
for enforcement in the courts.
Section 789.2 Exemptions from Act's require-

The Act provides a number of specific exemp-
tions from the general requirements described in
section 780.1. Some are exemptions from the over-
time provisions only. Others are from the child
labor provisions only. Several are exemptions
from both the minimum wage and the overtime re-
quirements of the Act. Finally, there are some ex-
emptions from all three minimum wage, over-

1 Added subsequent to revision.

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