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Mr. JOHNSON. When a man sits down to bargain with whoever is your representative, or with yourself, do you really sit down and bargain-he wants so much, and you want to give him this, and that goes on—or do you say, “For the work you are doing, you are entitled to $250 a month"

Mr. GOLDIE. Most of those changes in the rates come voluntarily through the management. The man is notified that his work has been good, that he is entitled to more money, and he is given more money.

Mr. JOHNSON. That is all.

Mr. HARNESS. Speaking of the railway employees, they do not cperate under the Wagner Act, do they? Mr. GOLDIE. I cannot tell you that. Mr. HARNESS. They have their own act, the Railway Labor Act? Mr. GOLDIE. I believe they have; yes. Mr. HARNESS. That is all. The CHAIRMAN. Mr. Stewart?

Mr. STEWART. Do you notice any “slowdownness" in the increase of the hours from 40 to 48 a week?

Mr. GOLDIE. I have not noticed any, because we have been operating most of our departments for 48 hours, or a large percentage of them, for the last two years and a half.

Mr. STEWART. So, there has been no increase in slowdownness in production in your operations?

Mr. GOLDIE. No, sir. I may say that our operations are practically all on the incentive system.

The CHAIRMAN. I did not hear that.

Mr. GOLDIE. I say, practically all of our operations are on the incentive system.

Mr. STEWART. Do you pick out as foreman the men who present the best picture—the men who do the best job and who show the greatest ability and capacity to develop it?

Mr. GOLDIE. Yes.

Mr. STEWART. You do not draw your line of differentiation on the question whether a man came out of the union or was nonunion?

Mr. GOLDIE. Not at all.

Mr. STEWART. You just go back to the old American system of picking a good employee?

Mr. GOLDIE. Yes, sir.
Mr. STEWART. That is all.
The CHAIRMAN. Thank you very much, Mr. Goldie.



The CHAIRMAN. Mr. Carlton, please state your full name, your business connection, and tell us what you think about the legislation this committee has pending and is considering.

Mr. CARLTON. Mr. Chairman and gentlemen, my name is C. C. Carlton. I am vice president of the Motor Wheel Corporation, at Lansing, Mich. I wish to testify particularly relative to section 4 of this proposed bill, and I am testifying as president of the Automotive Manufacturers Association. I would like to submit a list of

the people represented by Mr. Goldie, who has just preceded me, and by myself, authorizing us to speak for their particular cause. The CHAIRMAN. You may do that.

(The list referred to was filed with the committee.) Authorization received from

Automotive Plants C. T. Fezzy, vice president, Ackerman-Blaesser-Fezzy, Inc., Detroit, Mich--

1 E. Graper, president, Acklin Stamping Co., Toledo, Ohio.

1 R. G. Gracey, general manager, Acme-Lees Division of the Serrick Corporation, Muncie, Ind--

1 Edmund Nolan, president, Advance Stamping Co., Detroit, Mich.--- 1 W. G. Howe, assistant secretary-treasurer, Aeroquip Corporation, Jackson, Mich.

1 Charles H. Ainsworth, president, Ainsworth Manufacturing Corporation, Detroit, Mich---

1 W. S. Saunders, president, American Forging & Socket Co., Pontiac, Mich

W. B. Gemmill, treasurer, American Stamping Co., Cleveland, Ohio.. 1
A. F. Senbert, president and general manager, American Swiss Co.,
Toledo, Ohio.---

R. G. Rule, president-treasurer, the A. P. Parts Corporation, Toledo,

1 S. J. Blum, vice president, Arvey Corporation, Detroit, Mich.

1 C. E. Hamilton, president, Automotive Gear Works, Inc., Richmond, Ind..

1 F. P. Zimmerli, Barnes-Gibson-Raymond Division, Associated Spring Corporation, Detroit, Michi-----

2 W. A. Rose, president and general manager, the Bassick Co., Bridgeport, Conn.

1 R. L. Morrison, vice president and general manager, Bendix-Westinghouse Automotive Air Brake Co., Elyria, Ohio--

1 G. R. Wilber, president, Blood Bros. Machine, Allegan, Mich.--

1 P. A. Markey, president, Bohn Aluminum & Brass Corporation, Detroit, Mich.

1 George W. Borg Corporation, Chicago, Ill_

1 H. O. Johnson, vice president, Bound Brook Oil-less Bearing Co., Bound Brook, N. J.

1 W. D. Robinson, vice president, Briggs Manufacturing Co., Detroit, Mich

7 Wendell W. Anderson, president, Bundy Tubing Co., Detroit, Mich.-- 1 Hugh H. C. Weed, vice president and general manager, Carter Carburetor Corporation, St. Louis, Mo.

Norman B. Champ, president, Champ Spring Co., St. Louis, Mo----- 1
R. A. Stranahan, president, Champion Spark Plug Co., Toledo, Ohio.- 2
Stuart C. McCombs, vice president, Chicago Rawhide Manufacturing
Co., Detroit, Mi !

2 E. A. Clark, vice president, Dudd Wheel Co., Detroit, Mich--

1 A. S. Bonner, president, Clark Equipment Co., Buchanan, Mich---- 4 Cleveland Gasket & Manufacturing Co., Cleveland, Ohio--

1 Cleveland Steel Products Corporation, Cleveland, Ohio..

1 Clorer Foundry Co., Muskegon, Mich-

1 Leo Mayer, president, Cole-Hersee Co., South Boston, Mass_

R. E. Klages, president, Columbus Auto Parts Co., Columbus, Ohio---- 1
A. R. Cooper, president, Cooper Manufacturing Co., Marshalltown,

L. M. Crosby, general manager, Dail Steel Products Co., Lansing,

1 W. N. Davis, president, Davis Stamping Co., Detroit, Mich_

1 George Walther, president and general manager, Dayton Steel Foundry Co., Dayton, Ohio.--

1 Defiance Manufacturing Co., Defiance, Ohio.-

1 H. A. Lightner, president, DeLuxe Products Corporation, La Port, Ind. 1 L. G. Hooker, president, Detroit Aluminum & Brass Corporation, Detroit, Mich--


Authorization received from

Automotive Plants S. T. Seitz, Detroit Auto Piston Co., Detroit, Mich.

j L. H. Diehl, president, Detroit Gasket & Manufacturing Co., Detroit, Mich-

1 H. L. Pierson, president, Detroit Harvester Co., Detroit, Mich..

1 V. F. Dewey, president, Detroit Steel Products Co., Detroit, Mich.

1 Detroit Wax Paper Co., Detroit, Mich.

1 C. S. Ash, president, Differential Wheel Corporation, Detroit, Mich--- 1 J. L. Dole, president, The Dole Valve Co., Chicago, Ill.. H. A. Douglas Manufacturing Co., Bronson, Mich. J. O. Eaton, chairman of the board, Eaton Manufacturing Co., Cleveland, Orio----

12 J. E. Echlin, president, Echlin Manufacturing Co., New Haven, Conn.- 1 Royce G. Martin, president, Electric Auto Lite Co., Toledo, Ohio--- 7 Ensign Carburetor Co., Ltd., Los Angeles, Calif.

1 Evie Malleable Iron Co., Erie, Pa.--

1 J. C. Ertel III, partner, Ertel Machine Co., Indianapolis, Ind

1 Ralph Evinrude, president, Evinrude Motors, Milwaukee, Wis_

2 G. C. Steffey, vice president, Faber-Schneider Radiator Co., Chicago, Ill

1 Falls Spring & Wire Co., Detroit, Mich_-

2 T. C. Fedders, president, Fedders Manufacturing Co., Buffalo, N. Y--- 1 H. G. Muzzy, president, Federal-Mogul Corporation. Detroit, Mich

5 W. C. Devereaux, president, Ferro Stamping & Manufacturing Co., Detroit, Mich..

1 W. A. Baker, president, Firestone Steel Products Co., Akron, Ohio--- 2 H. E. Montague, president, Formed Tubes, Inc., Sturgis, Mich

1 S. A. Fulton, president, The Fulton Co., Milwaukee, Wis_.--.

1 John H. Briggs, president, Gabriel Co., Cleveland, Ohio.

1 J. P. Moran, president, Gemmer Manufacturing Co., Detroit, Mich.

1 E. T. Foote, vice president, Globe-Union, Inc., Milwaukee, Wis..

1 The G & O Manufacturing Co., New Haven, Conn--

1 Fred Climer, assistant to president, Goodyear Tire & Rubber Co., Akron, Ohio

1 Gray Co., Inc., Minneapolis, Minn.

1 John W. Mulford, Gray Marine Motor Co., Detroit, Mich.

1 H. H. Fante, vice president, Great Lakes Spring Corporation, Chicago, Ill.-

1 F. J. VanLaanen, president, Green Bay Drop Forge Co., Green Bay, Wis

1 G. A. Powers, treasurer, Hall Manufacturing Co., Toledo, Ohio--- 1 Hangliter Manufacturing Co., Pasadena, Calif...

1 C. B. Hayes, president, Hayes Industries, Inc., Jackson, Mich----- 1 0. L. Herron, president, Herron-Zimmers Moulding Co., Detroit, Mich-- 1 H. C. Montgomery, president Hobbs Battery Co., San Francisco, Calif.. 1 John W. Hobbs, president John W. Hobbs Corporation, Springfield, Ill-

1 Earl Holley, president and treasurer, Holley Carburetor Co., Detroit, Mich

2 H. C. Kepner, vice president, Hoof Products Co., Chicago, Ill.

1 Charles Getler, president, Houdaille-Hershey Corporation, D’troit, Mich

7 H. C. McNeil, president, Illinois Iron & Bolt Co., Carpentersville, Ill-- 1 F. A. Vollbrecht, president and general manager, Industrial Wire Cloth Products Corporation, Wayne, Mich.

1 International Manufacturing Co., Boston, Mass

1 The Iron City Spring Co., Pittsburgh, Pa.

1 C. S. Jacobs, vice president, F. L. Jacobs Co., Detro Mich..

4 L. A. Jarvis, president, W. B. Jarvis Co., Grand Rapids, Mich.

1 E. L. Vail, president and general manager, Jaeger Watch Co., New York, N. Y.

1 0. A. Lenna, president and general manager, Jamestown Metal Equip ment Co., Jamestown, N. Y--

1 P. J. Flaherty, president, Johnson Bronze Co., New Castle, Pa..

1 Jubilee Manufacturing Co., Omaha, Nebr...

1 L. R. Downie, treasurer, Kelsey-Hayes Wheel Co., Detroit, Mich

3 John Airey, president, King-Seeley Corporation, Ann Arbor, Mich.

1 A. C. Klopping Stamping Co., Toledo, Ohio--


Authorization received from

Automotive Plants Leece-Neville Co., Cleveland, Ohio--

1 James F. Strnad, president, Lempco Products, Inc., Bedford, Ohio----- 1 Leonard Spark Plug Co., Inc., Newark, N. J-

1 A. C. McCord, president, McCord Radiator & Manufacturing Co., Detroit, Mich---

3 W. K. Norris, president, McQuay-Norris Manufacturing Co., St. Louis, Mo

3 The Machined Parts Corporation, Detroit, Mich.

1 Manufacturers Steel Supply Co., Detroit, Mich-

1 H. J. Lange, president, Marquette Manufacturing Co., Inc., Minneapolis, Minn----

1 Gordon M. Mather, president, Maiher Spring Co., Toledo, Ohio

1 Means Stamping Co., Saginaw, Mich.

1 J. H. Toner, vice president, Metal Mouldings Corporation, Detroit, Mich-

1 C. A. Woodhouse, president, Michigan Bumper Corporation, Grand Rapids, Mich.-

1 J. B. Keys, personnel director, Michigan Leather Products Co., Detroit, Mich

1 E. J. Kulas, president, Midland Steel Products Co., Cleveland, Ohio.--- 2 A. F. Thompson, vice president and treasurer, Modline Manufacturing Co., Racine, Wis--

2 E. L. Davis, president, Monmouth Products Co., Cleveland, Ohio.

1 S. J. Menzel, president, Motors Metal Manufacturing Co., Duroit, Mich

1 A. Seedorff, president and general manager, Motor State Products Co., Ypsilanti, Mich..

1 R. M. Tree, vice president, Mueller Brass Co., Port Huron, Mich.

1 George E. Whitiock, president, Mullins Manufacturing Corporation, Salem, Ohio---

2 T. E. JcFall, president, Muskegon Piston Ring Co., Sparta, Mich-

2 J. R. Millar, president, National Automotive Fibres, Inc., Detroit, Mich- 3 L. A. Johnson, president, National Motor Bearing Co., Redwood City, Calif.

1 H. P. Ladds, president, National Screw & Manufacturing Co., Cleveland, Ohio.

1 National Stamping Co., Detroit, Mich--

1 A. A. Henninger, president, New Process Gar 1 orporation, Syracuse, N. Y..

1 C. A. Loveland, president, Northern Engraving & Manufacturing Co., LaCrosse, Wis.-

1 F. S. Denneen, secretary-treasurer, Ohio Crankshaft Co., Cleveland, Ohio---

1 Dan P. Shaw, secretary-manager, Ohio Piston Co., Cleveland, Ohio---- 1 O & S Bearing Co., Detroit, Mich--

1 S. C. Hale, gener :) manager, Parker-Wolverine Co., Detroit, Mich---- 3 Lothair Teetor, president, the Perfect Circle Co., Hagerstown, Ind_.

4 R. W. Burgess, vice president, Peninsular Metal Products Corporation, Detroit, Mich--

1 T. Edward Nelson, vice president and general manager, Pontiac Appliance Co., Inc., Pontiac, Mich-

1 Ralph R. Layte, president, Purolator Products, Inc., Newark, N. J..

1 H. Ramel, vice president, Ramsey Accessories Manufacturing Corporation, St. Louis, Mo.---

1 E. W. Feldt, vice president and general manager, Raymond Manufacturing Co., Corry, Pa--

1 R. E. Manley, president, Remco Products Corporation, York, Pa------ 1 T. R. Navin, president, Republic Gear Co., Detroit, Mich-

1 Charles W. Thomas, president, Revere Copper & Brass, Inc., Detroit, Mich.

1 C. G. Munn, president, Reynolds Spring Co., Jackson, Mich.

1 A. M. Anderson, president, Rockford Metal Speciality Co., Rockford, Ill.

1 A. W. Rosen & Co., New York, N. Y.

1 H. C. Rowland, president, William & Harvey Rowland, Inc., Philadelphia, Pa

1 Authorization received from

Automotive Plante St. Louis Spring Co., St. Louis, Mo.--.

1 Schartow Iron Products Co., Racine, Wis..

1 Schlegel Manufacturing Co., Rochester, N. Y.

1 Neil A. Moore, vice president, Sealed Power Corporation, Muskegon, Mich---

2 H. Shakespeare, president, Shakespeare Products Co., Kalamazoo, Mich

1 W. B. Chase, president, Shatterproof Glass Corporation, Detroit, Mich

1 J. A. McKeown, secretary, Sheller Manufacturing Corporation, Portland, Ind.-

1 J. P. Potter, president, Shuler Axle Co., Louisville, Ky----E. A. Harrington, president, Shurhit Products Co., Waukegan, Ill.. W. Sanford, Skinner Purifiers, Inc., Detroit, Mich.

2 C. M. Smillie & Co., Detroit, Mich---

1 C. J. Soss, president, Soss Manufacturing Co., Detroit, Mich-

1 C. C. Spence, president and general manager, Spencer Manufacturing Co., Spencer, Ohio -

1 Spring Perch Co., Buffalo, N. Y.

1 E. J. Carter, president, Standard Automotive Parts Co., Muskegon, Mich..

1 Robert C. Enos, president, Standard Steel Spring Co., Coraopolis, Pa-- 3 Stanley Spring Works, Inc., Harrisburg, Pa---

1 J. S. Knowlson, president, Stewart-Warner Corporation, Chicago, I.

2 Superior Carbon Products Co., Inc., Cleveland, Ohio--

2 D. M. Teer, president, Teer, Wickwire & Co., Jackson, Mich_ F. C. Crawford, president, Thompson Products, Inc., Cleveland, Ohio.H. C. Tillotson, president, Tillotson Manufacturing Co., Toledo, Ohio--- 1 Timken-Detroit Axle Co., Detroit, Mich---

2 N. J. Buren, president, Tsungani Piston Co., Tacoma, Wash.

1 H. T. Moore, president, Tuthill Spring Co., Chicago, Ill..

1 John T. Beatty, president, United Specialties Co., Chicago, Ill.

2 George C. Lees, president, United States Axle Co., Pottstown, Pa.. Lawrence Field, vice president and general manager, United States Graphite Co., Saginaw, Mich---

1 V. E. Nelson, president, Universal Oil-Seal Co., Pontiac, Mich.

1 The Vellumoid Co., Worcester, Mass_

2 H. H. Garner, president, Vortex Manufacturing Co., Claremont, Calif

1 J. A. Allan, president, Walker Manufacturing Co., Racine, Wis--

2 A. L. Johnson, vice president and general manager, Warner Machine Products, Inc., Muncie, Ind_-

1 B. W. Knapp, president, Warren Gear Manufacturing, Co., Warren, Pa-- 1 White Machine Works, Eau Claire, Wis.

1 F. W. Wilkening, president, Wilkening Manufacturing Co., Philadelphia, Pa--

1 0. W. Brown, vice president, Wisconsin Machinery & Manufacturing Co., Milwaukee, Wis_

1 H. J. Woodall, president, Woodall Industries, Inc., Detroit, Mich.--- 1 York Corrugating Co., York, Pa---.

1 F. M. Young, president, Young Radiator Co., Racine, Wis..

1 C. M. Young, vice president, L. A. Young Spring & Wire Corporation, Detroit, Mich---

3 D. 0. Thomas, vice president, Bendix Aviation Corporation, South Bend, Ind.

6 G. A. Shallberg, general counsel and vice president, Borg-Warner Corporation, Chicago, Ill--

14 C. M. Burgess, president, Burgess-Norton Manufacturing Co., Geneva, Ill.

1 James L. Myers, executive vice president, Cleveland Graphite Bronze Co., Cleveland, Ohio.--

1 W. M. Chapman, secretary, Douglas & Lomason Co., Detroit, Mich.

1 J. Seton Gray, president, Fuller Manufacturing Co., Kalamazoo, Mich. 1 General Motors Corporation, Detroit, Mich.-

12 G. G. Hein, president, Hein-Werner Motor Parts Corporation, Waukesha, Wis



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