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he was hailed as the first Communist President of the United States, and I am going to read into the record here a letter from a very eminent man whose name is Carveth Wells, author of Kapoot. He is a fellow of the Royal Geographical Society and the American Geographical Society, and has addressed both societies, as well as the National Geographical Society in Washington. He was leader of the Massee expedition to the Ruwenzori Range in Central Africa, out of which trip grew his book, In Coldest Africa. He is a member of the Explorers' Club, Circumnavigators' Club, and the Adventurers' Club of New York and Chicago. This letter is addressed to Mr. E. N. Sanctuary, 156 Fifth Avenue, New York City, dated March 9, 1935 :

"DEAR MR. SANCTUARY: I have only just returned from Bermuda, hence the delay in replying to your letter of March 1.

"At the time of my visit to Russia the Presidential campaign was in full swing over here.

"In many places in Russia I saw large cartoons of Mr. Hoover entitled The Fat Head in the White House,' and beside them very flattering portraits of Mr. Roosevelt entitled 'The Next Communist President of the United States.'

"At that time the names of Bullitt and Tugwell were unknown to me, so that I was puzzled when young Communist guides would ask me when Comrade Tug. well was going to have Russia recognized, and that Comrade Bullitt was going to be the first Ambassador.

"Future events showed that the young Communists of Russia knew more about American politics than I did. "Very sincerely yours,

"CABVETH WELLS." I am offering the following program to win the war now and for peace now, for to effect a peace now would mean to win the war now, as without a world peace the war is lost to all nations. If it continues long, no nation at war will win this war.

My program, which is a democratic one, is not destructive but constructive, and my criticism is constructive criticism. I am a Democrat, but I am not a New Dealer.

I think the real issue before this committee should be not this terrible bill at all, but the most dynamic question of how to win this war. I think that is what the Military Affairs Committee wishes to find out and do. While I am not a military expert, still I think I can qualify from some peculiar circumstances of fate and by my experience to offer a program with which, by the help of God, we can win this war.

I think it is time we looked after our own dear people, especially as to the food supplies. We have 1,000,000 unemployed still on the dole, whose children, in addition to this number, are underfed, underclothed, and underhoused.

I believe the incentive system will win the war in the American way. I suggest, instead of additional expense to the taxpayers represented in the bonus system, such as Mr. Nelson suggested paying to employees on war contracts, a split-profit system of incentive which would cut to half the war profits now raked in by the employers and give both labor and industry a just and fair profit.

I think that the so-called world food parley, where I notice reporters are to be banned, is probably the world peace conference, and they intend to settle by getting all our food, and that, unbeknownst to Congress and the people, these world planners or geopolitics are about to settle the war in their own way for communism.

All the conscription acts should be repealed and the Swiss military system should be immediately made a law, simultaneously repealing the original conscription act, and thereby releasing for return to their odd jobs of all men who are now sufficiently trained as reserves, subject to recall at any time they are needed. This would make room for the new recruits in all Army camps, and after training these men more men could be trained and kept on call as reserves. When these men are released from camps they should be given complete uniforms, equipment, and guns to take home on call.

I think we should institute a Nation-wide parole system to free all our hundreds of thousands of convicts to work or to fight. They should be free to make a choice and to do so voluntarily in any line of war service. Prisoners in all prisons with good records ought to be freed for war work. Everyone of these men and women should be, according to their ability, provided with a job, preferably where they ask to go. All aliens in concentration camps or political prisoners should be farmed out under guards.

Air power is playing a decisive part in this war. We must allocate all our planes to our own forces. We must grow guayule for rubber-mine tin in Arizona.

We must get bases in Siberia to bomb Japan, before they bomb us. Let us stop all lend-lease to Russia until they give to us those needed bases. The palace of the Japanese Emperor was spared under orders of President Roosevelt. The Russians have a pact with Japan. We cannot get bases in Siberia to bomb Japan.

We must get a military and naval war council to expertly map our war strategy--not civilians, as now! The idea of political appointees from civilian ranks to position of command over the lives and destinies of the great American people as Secretary of War and Secretary of the Navy, without experience, merit, or examination for fitness is an outrage against the lives and liberties of our people.

Recall all our troops from all foreign points.

Immediately move on Canada, Mexico, Central America, and all of South America. Mobilize their people and consolidate and use their men and resources for a grand drive on the Japs.

Run all Axis agents out of the Western Hemisphere.

Repeal the lend-lease law and also the Bloom bill to extend lend-lease. Under this the British get all our goods and give only a hand-out to our troops.

Let us take over the remnants of Great Britain in this hemisphere since she can't take care of herself. I think that any nation that we have to feed and defend we ought to annex in justice to our people, collect their taxes, and control their lives, and they ought to fight for us, for our own joint protection, especially in the Western Hemisphere.

This bill makes the American people slaves for Mexico and all the world. Imagine our importing Mexican labor to take the place of our boys and get the jobs of our boys while they are dying to save Mexico and while we are slaves. Let's take over Mexico and conscript those greasers to do their own dying in Africa.

I have heard on good authority that the Japs and Nazis are buying up all adjacent lands wherever we are building roads through Central and South America.

We should not make slaves of our own people while Mexicans and all of Latin America goes free to live off of us while we die to protect them. We should seize all of these parasites and all their lands at once and mobilize them to fight for us. We need their quinine, rubber, tin. With these resources we can win.

We can win the war by stopping it now. I demand that this war be stopped, now, before it is too late.

A call for volunteers is all that is necessary to get workers for war jobs. The Gallup poll says there are millions of women ready and willing to volunteer for war service wherever they are personally invited to do so, but no call as yet has been issued. There is no possible reason or need for this slave bill. We have a great American system under which millions of our men, women, and children are gladly, willingly, and freely serving this Nation throughout the entire length and breadth of this land, and that is the only way to win any wars.

Every mother, father, and child in every home is a partner in the war efforta willing partner, too. That is the American way.

All Americans want to win the war, and I think that if the administration and Congress would have more consideration for the American citizen, especially the laboring man and woman, and less than none for foreigners, we would be in a much better position to win the war. In fact, I believe in consideration to the point of pampering the American worker. It will produce the best results. You can lead a horse to water but you cannot make him drink-with bills of this character, but you can get marvelous results out of people through cooperation. Molasses catches more flies than vinegar.

This bill strikes at the American home by drafting women. Throughout all history it is women who have given the costliest hostages to war. Now, women were never drafted before this war. American women stand today beside their men to offer their lives in defense of the Nation that has given them birth. We challenge this bill. We intend to dedicate our lives and our fortunes to keep this country free of all foreign influences and foes. We stand united against all efforts, such as are incorporated in this bill, to destroy the freedom of the people guaranteed by the Constitution of the United States of America from within as well as from without. While our men are fighting on foreign soil, we women are fighting here to save America.

This bill also seeks to destroy one of the principal reasons why America has become so great, which is on account of the love of mothers and fathers, and

the home life of this Nation, and also the emancipation of our women in business, on account of the opening up of a new era, a world of liberty to women as well as men, which has been one of the chief elements of success for our people. The era of independence for women in the last 50 years has been a great one.

We women know that you cannot win the four freedoms abroad by destroying them at home. You cannot strengthen the weak by weakening the strong. You cannot help small men by tearing down big men. You cannot help the poor by destroying the rich. You cannot build character and courage by taking away a man's or a woman's initiative and independence. Individual enterprise, initiative, and enthusiasm are the incentives that have made America great.

I am opposed to lend-leasing out materials and food. I am also utterly opposed to the President's policies of sending our men out as expendables on 65 different fronts all over the world on suicide brigades, but since he has already done this and it has already cost us thousands of our boys, dying for England and Canada, then I insist that if we are to defend the Monroe Doctrine in Dakar, Casablanca, Morocco, Tunisia, and Algiers in Africa because it is close to South America so as to keep the Axis out of Brazil and other parts of South America, that we should annex the whole of this Western Hemisphere, from the North Pole to the South Pole.

I listened to Secretary of the Navy Knox boastingly and arrogantly telling about the way we are equipping Brazil and giving them warships and planes and equipping and building airfields in South America at the hearings on the Bloom bill, and that some of those South American people are pleased to be condescendingly volunteering to learn aviation at our expense. It made my Yankee blood boil to realize that they are not being conscripted for any overseas duty, neither are they volunteering for any overseas fighting in Africa, which is nearer to them than it is to us.

We ought to fortify all our cities. We should immediately take over Martinique and all those islands off both our coasts as well as all islands in the Western Hemisphere, and we should immediately make haste to fortify and strengthen all points in the Western Hemisphere, for utilizing the entire output of our industries and farms, instead of giving away all our defense materials and manpower to Africa, London, and Moscow, and certainly we ought to give prior rights on war materials and food to our American troops. There are too many internationally minded Rhodes schlors and world-government agents in Congress selling us out. I think it is the duty of Congress to look after the interests of America first, last, and all the time. After all, who is paying your salaries? Uncle Sam or Bloody Joe Stalin? And since you are the representatives of the American people (all except those like Mr. James W. Wadsworth, Representative, who is a world-government agent), why should you make or even offer laws, that would make pawns and labor slaves of our people and put a whip in the hands of Moscow and London and their agents here so that they can lay it on the backs of 65,000,000 citizens of the United States of America? And let me inform the Senate that Mr. Wadsworth of New York is a world-government agent and a member of the World Federation. Not long ago, Governor Broughton of North Carolina demanded that the Navy take over the Coast Guard now under Henry Morgenthau, as over 600 United States ships had been sunk not 10 miles off our Atlantic Coast-under the command of Communists. Mr. Nelson, chief of the War Production Board, warns the Nation's fate hinges on shipbuilding, and yet President Roosevelt allows 600 of our ships to be sunk off our shores!

There is no need, for conscription of labor. It is clear to everyone who knows the situation, and very clear to our enemies, that our critical weakness is no longer in the production of war materials but in ships and other means of transportation, including vehicles that run on rubber. All shipping ought to be put under the Navy, both production and transportation, for even if we had the means of transportation, what do we find? We find divided authority here. We have Army transports and Navy transports, and our marine shipping all under separate orders, and none coordinated or even cooperating.

The economic security of the whole Western Hemisphere depends upon the building up of trade with South America. We should take it over lock, stock, and barrel! Now! Collect their taxes and conscript and mobilize their manpower. An unratified treaty with 16 South American republics destroys all trade and

labor barriers and cheats our farmers. Mr. Wallace is down there now negotiating. What for?

Let's get tough! We have got to move on a basis of force now we are at war. No pussyfoot Atlantic Charter stuff can win this war-only a big stick !-and 500,000,000 people behind it. How ridiculous to destroy our own 130,000,000 people saving all of those greasers !

Premier Curtin, of Australia, demands and gets our greatest American general out of the Philippines (which we will most likely lose without him there) and he goes to Australia to save Australia, but the American people cannot get him back to Hawaii or our coast! Recently he sent his two generals to plead for only a week's out put of planes! General MacArthur can't get our planes to win with because under lend-lease foreigners have prior rights and although the American people are striving for production, none of our output can be allocated to save our flag! Up to a few days ago Australia had no voice in the United Nations' war councils, but she had a voice in our war councils that reaches in and grabs our man, and Russia and England get all our planes! Why did not they take a British general? It is time to stop lend-lease to foreigners!

In the Pacific War Council the military and naval strategy are in the hands of amateurs and aliens. Not an American military or naval command is represented there. The President and Mr. Hopkins are the only American representatives mapping the strategy in the Pacific.

Although our men are dying in the Philippines and General MacArthur is pleading for arms, President Roosevelt gives arms to Russia as a No. 1 priority. This is not American national defense but Russian national defense! That must be stopped.

What is Archbishop Spellman and Bishop Leonard up to as couriers for President Roosevelt? What is Mr. Wallace up to in South America at this time? Let us keep an eye on these world travelers.

Get rid of Herbert Lehman's relief committee. There is one thing we must do and that is to see to it that our own troops and people are fed first before any other nation is fed. Get the Russian Communist Joseph Weiner out. He is in charge of Civilian Supply. Get a congressional body to protect the interests of our troops and our civilians in stores of food and other necessary materials, including the tools and machinery to produce them. Repeal Lend-Lease!

We should look after America only. The Japs may move on Hawaii next instead of Australia. Los Angeles, San Francisco, New York, and Washington might be bombed too! We should be ready. We ought to give all our bombers and planes to our own forces, and for the defense of our shores.

Anthony Eden should be ordered to get out of our country. Let's swamp the White House with demands for this and for the resignation of Mr. Roosevelt. All the British ought to be made to get out of here, and all Communists should be deported.

Senator AUSTIN. The next meeting will be Thursday at 10 o'clock, when we expect Admiral Land will testify.

Mrs. WATERS. May I offer the rest of my testimony, or can I be permitted to present it again?

Senator AUSTIN. If you wish the committee will file that file of yours, so that it will be accessible to the committee, but I do not think the committee should be called upon to print it all.

Mrs. WATERS. I would like to ask your permission for one thing. Senator Holt has presented to the Senate during the conscription fight evidence upon which I base the fact that Gen. John F. O'Ryan was one of the original conspirators with Mr. Grenville Clark in the original Conscription Act. I would like to offer that record here. It is part of the Senate Congressional Record of August 1940.

I also want to show you that technocracy and communism go under many names.
They are one and the same. Technocracy proposes the identical thing that this
bill proposes, and technocracy proposes total conscription and total mobilization.
It is communism.

May I offer that record that was in the Senate?
Senator AUSTIN. You can file it with the committee.
Mrs. WATERS. Thank you very much.

(The pamphlet called Technocracy, series A, No. 22, was filed with the committee.)

(Whereupon, at 11 a. m., the committee recessed to 10 a. m., Thursday, April 15, 1943.)




Whereas Japan has proven herself an unspeakable beast in her latest atrocity; and

Whereas it is plain that America must fight for her very life against Japan; and

Whereas American men and materials are being lost and wasted in defense of the British Empire, which materials could be used to purpose by MacArthur in defense of American interests against our enemy, Japan; and

Whereas our substance is going to Russia, who has proven herself the friend of Japan to the detriment of our war effort, and to the wanton destruction of American fighters; and

Whereas our brave fighters at Bataan, abandoned by their own country, were forced by hunger to surrender to Japan, and our officials have done little to avenge them or the hauling down of our flag; and

Whereas 1 year has passed since the brilliant exploit of these, our sons, treacherously executed by Japan, and in that year no hand has been raised to rescue them, yet their fate was known to the State Department on October 19, 1942, and withheld from the American people until Apriï 22, 1943; and

Whereas our officials have issued ultimatums and threats to Japan thereby goading her to her evil course, but have done little to back up their braggadocio or implement our men to defense against these attacks; and

Whereas these boys and those at Bataan cannot be avenged by the killing of Japanese civilians, who glory in dying for their son of heaven; or by idle boasts by a Senator of “reducing Tokyo to ashes.". Revenge must be on a higher plane of saving this Republic for which our boys died; and

Whereas the Americans are thoroughly aroused to the gravity of the Pacific situation, they are increasingly apprehensive of the feeble and ineffective methods of our leaders who are apathetic to our danger, and, seemingly, unaware that we stand alone in the Pacific; therefore,

Resolved, That “We, the Mothers, Mobilize for America,” assembled in meeting this day, April 22, 1943, do petition our representatives in Congress to use their constitutional powers, and call to account the men responsible for the conduct of this war, both elected and appointed officials, for their apparently treasonable conduct of the war, and their failure to protect us against our enemy, Japan,



Philadelphia, Pa., April 8, 1943. Congressman ANDREW MAY, House Military Affairs Committee,

The Capitol, Washington, D. C.:


At a meeting held in the Bellevue Stratford Hotel on April 8, 1943:

We, Mothers of Pennsylvania, assembled at Philadelphia, Pa., hereby resolve that it be the sense of this meeting to protest bill S. 666 in its entirety.

We urgently request you so see to it that the further prosecution of the war be left in the hands of Congress who will cooperate to the fullest extent with the President of the United States: Be it further

Resolved, That important proposals, as those contained in bill S. 666, such as "conscription of women" can only mean complete slavery for our people. Erery mother wants her boy to find his home as he left it—the one and only place where he will find complete love and comfort when he returns from the battlefield, perhaps blind, or with missing limbs, or an affected mind.

We who love America and desire to perpetuate our free institutions must oppose this bill with all our strength : Therefore, be it Resolved, That each and every Senator and Congressman in the Capitol in

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