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drugs found in the possession of a nurse who is not a patient or at the time under the supervision of a practioner shall be forfeited to the Government.

MISCELLANEOUS PROVISIONS $ 65.111 Safeguarding of narcotics.

Narcotic drugs and preparations shall at all times be properly safeguarded and securely kept where they will be available for inspection by properly authorized officers, agents, and employees of the Canal Zone Government and the Panama Canal Company. § 65.112 Procedure in case of loss.

Where narcotics are lost by theft, through breakage of the container or other accident, or otherwise lost or destroyed, the person having responsibility thereof shall make a signed statement as to the kinds and quantities of narcotics lost or destroyed and the circumstances involved, and immediately forward the statement to the Health Director through appropriate channels. § 65.113 Inspections and audits.

The Comptroller shall make inspections and audits of records and take such other action as may be necessary to discover any violation of these regulations. Any violation shall be promptly reported to the Canal Zone police and the United States attorney for the Canal Zone.

67.3 Domestic mail.

Acceptance of funds. 67.5 International reply coupons 67.6 Posting notices. 67.7 Persons and organizations author

ized to receive mail. 67.8 Intermediaries prohibited. 67.9 Complaints and inquiries. 67.10 Confidential character of mail; priv

ileged matter; records; subpenas

and summonses. 67.11 Copies of records. 67.12 Applicability of Federal postal laws. 67.13 Adaptation of terms used in appli

cable Federal regulations and laws. 67.14 Amendments to applicable Federal

regulations and laws. Subpart B-Wrapping, Packing and Addressing

Mail Matter 67.31 Packages and envelopes. ADDRESSES AND OTHER MARKINGS; MAILING

LIST SERVICES 67.41 General information. 67.42 Arrangement of address. 67.43 Pledge to pay return or forwarding

postage, or both. 67.44 Form 3547 requested (notice of new

address). 67.45

Simplified address for general dis

tribution; preparation of pieces; postage; number of patrons; excess

pieces. 67.46 Mailing list services. Subpart C—Nonmailable Matter and Matter

Mailable Under Special Rules 67.71 Applicability of Federal postal regu

lations. 67.72 Gold or fold certificates. 67.73 Archaeological specimens. Subpart D-Mail Classification and Rates

FIRST CLASS 67.91 Domestic rates for first-class mail. 67.92 Classification. 67.93 Weight and size limits. 67.94 Payment of postage. 67.95 Insufficient prepayment of postage. 67.96 Customs requirements for domestic


SECOND CLASS 67.111 Rates for publications, generally. 67.112 Special rate publications. 67.113 Rates for classroom publications. 67.114 Transient rate. 67.115 Second-class rates to other countries. 67.116 Weight limits. 67.117 Payers of postage. 67.118 Qualifications for second-class privi

leges. 67.119 Application for second-class privi


[blocks in formation]

1 For laws governing the Canal Zone postal service generally, see 2 C.Z. Code $ $ 11311143, 76A Stat. 38-40. For application of laws of United States defining postal crimes, see 6 C.Z. Code $ 2001, 76A Stat. 481. Section 1131 of title 2 of the Canal Zone Code provides that the postal service of the Canal Zone shall be governed, except as otherwise provided by that Code, by the laws, rules, regulations, and conventions of the Postal Service of the United States which by their terms apply in the Canal Zone and by such additional laws, rules and regulations as the Governor determines to be applicable to conditions existing in the Canal Zone. Also, it authorizes the Governor to prescribe regulations necessary for the maintenance and operation of the Canal Zone postal service.


Sec. 67.120 What may be mailed at the second

class rates. 67.121 Controlled circulation publications.

THIRD-CLASS MATTER 67.131 Applicability of Federal postal regu

lations. 67.132 Customs requirements for domestic


FOURTH CLASS 67.141 Rates for fourth-class matter. 67.142 Classification. 67.143 Weight and size limits. 67.144 Payment of postage. 67.145 Written additions; enclosures; seal

ing. 67.146 Place of mailing. 67.147 Customs requirements for domestic

destinations. 67.148 Nonprofit organizations.

AIRMAIL 67.161 Domestic destinations. 67.162 Customs requirements for domestic

destinations. 67.163 Foreign destinations. MAIL PRIVILEGES FOR MEMBERS OF ARMED

FORCES 67.171 Mail privileges for members of the

U.S. Armed Forces and friendly

nations in the Canal Zone. FEDERAL GOVERNMENT MAIL AND FREE MAIL 67.181 Franked matter. 67.182 Official mail (penalty matter). 67.183 Mail to Government departments. 67.184 Free mail.

Sec. 67.261 Description and use of meter stamps. 67.262 Application for permit. 67.263 Conditions.

PERMIT IMPRINTS 67.272 Application for permit; fees. 67.273 Form and content. 67.274 Applicability of Federal postal regu


PREPAYMENT AND REFUNDS 67.281 Postage payment. 67.282 Postage refunds. 67.291 Postage due mail. Subpart F-Philately and Special Cancellations

PHILATELY 67.311 Canal Zone Philatelic Agency. 67.312 Stamps available. 67.313 Order for stamps. 67.314 New stamp issues. 67.315 First-day covers. 67.316 Commemorative stamps. 67.317 Cancellations and plate number

blocks. 67.318 Plain slips of paper.

SPECIAL CANCELLATIONS 67.331 Description. 67.332 Use of special dies. 67.333 Applications for use. Subpart G-Collection and Delivery

POST-OFFICE BOXES 67.351 Purpose of boxes; disclosure of

names; definition. 67.352 Application and assignment of boxes. 67.353 Box rental rates. 67.354 Payment of box rent. 67.355 Official assignment. 67.356 Refunds. 67.357 Use of box. 67.358 Keys. 67.359 Restrictions on rental or use of boxes. 67.360 Reports of box rents collected.

MAIL DEPOSIT AND COLLECTION 67.371 Collection times. 67.372 Ordinary deposit of mail. 67.373 Recall of mail.

DELIVERY OF MAIL 67.381 Delivery to persons. 67.382 Delivery of addressee's mail to an

other. 67.383 Jointly addressed mail and mail ad

dressed to husbands and wives. 67.384 Delivery to officials or employees of

organizations. 67.385 Delivery to firms, corporations, as

sociations, hotels, institutions, and

other organizations. 67.386 Delivery to persons at firms, corpora

tions, hotels, institutions, and other organizations.

[blocks in formation]


Sec. 67.387 Delivery to passengers and crew

members of vessels. 67.388 Delivery of steamship envelopes. 67.389 Government checks and savings

bonds. 67.390 Delivery of mall in accordance with

court order.


Sec. 67.511 Applicability of Federal postal regu

lations. 67.512 Countries of Postal Union and Spain.


[blocks in formation]

67.521 Records to be kept.

COLLECT-ON-DELIVERY 67.531 COD service. 67.532 Disposition of COD parcels. 67.533 Exceptions.

SPECIAL DELIVERY 67.541 Canal Zone. 67.542 United States, and its possessions. 67.543 Foreign destinations.

SPECIAL HANDLING 67.551 Applicability of Federal postal regu

lations. 67.552 Canal Zone postage.

CERTIFIED MAIL 67.561 Applicability of Federal postal regu

lations. 67.562 Endorsement of mail. 67.563 Payment of fees and postage. 67.564 Where to be mailed. 67.565 Receipts. 67.566 Delivery at post offices, branches or

units. 67.567 Filing delivery receipts. 67.568 Undeliverable certified mail.

[blocks in formation]

Subpart 1-Mails to Foreign countries 67.591 Surface mails. 67.592 Air service. 67.593 Mail sent via Department of State. 67.594 Special mail services. 67.595 Postage and fees. 67.596 Recall and change of address. 67.597 Certificates of mailing. 67.598 Nonpostal export regulations. Subpart -Importations by Mail and Delivery

of Parcels 67.621 Delivery of parcels; free of duty. 67.622 Payment of duty. 67.623 Duty forms to be filed. Subpart K-Certification for Payment of United

States Savings Bonds 67.651 What to certify. 67.652 Who may certify. 67.653 How to certify. Subpart -Canal Zone Money Order System

GENERAL PROVISIONS 67.671 Scope of this subpart. 67.672 Applicability of Federal postal laws

and regulations. 67.673 U.S. Post Office Department restric




67.491 Applicability of Federal postal regu

lations. 67.492 Perishables. 67.493 Fees. 67.494 Mailing. 67.495 Dispatch from post offices or

branches. 67.496 Handling at office of address. 67.497 Examination of mail by addressee. 67.498 Delivery rules. 67.499 Check of records.


Sec. 67.681 Defective or multilated blank forms, 67.682 Protection of funds and forms. 67.683 Care in handling money order forms. 67.684 Theft or loss of forms. ISSUANCE OF DOMESTIC, DOMESTIC-INTERNA

TIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL MONEY ORDERS 67.701 Domestic and domestic-international

money orders. 67.702 International money orders. 67.703 Spoiled or not issued money order

forms. 67.704 Errors and corrections. PAYMENT OF DOMESTIC AND DOMESTIC-INTER

NATIONAL MONEY ORDERS 67.721 Payment. 67.722 General procedures for payment of

money orders. 67.723 Payment of invalid Canal Zone and

United States money orders.

INQUIRIES 67.741 Who may receive information. 67.742 Inquiries regarding payment. APPLICATIONS FOR DUPLICATE MONEY ORDERS 67.761 Time limitations. 67.762 Acceptance of application for dupli

cate money order. 67.763 Certification and forwarding of

application for duplicate money

order. 67.764 Waiver of claim. 67.765 Issuance and payment of duplicate

money orders. 67.766 Money orders recovered after dupli

cate issued.

Sec. 67.838 General procedures for payment of

postal savings certificates. 67.839 Privacy of accounts. 67.840 Claims. 67.841 Disposal of paid postal savings cer

tificates. DUPLICATE POSTAL SAVINGS CERTIFICATES 67.861 Replacement of certificates. 67.862 Application for replacement. 67.863 Payment of duplicate certificate. 67.864 Disposition of recovered certificate.

AUTHORITY: The provisions of this part 67 issued by Governor under 2 C.Z.C. 1131-1143, 76A Stat. 38, 40, unless otherwise noted.

SOURCE: The provisions of this Part 67 appear at 31 F.R. 12254, Sept. 16, 1966, unless otherwise noted.

Subpart A-General Provisions § 67.1 Status; Director of Posts.

The Canal Zone Postal Service, a division of the Civil Affairs Bureau, Canal Zone Government, is headed by a Director of Posts, who is responsible for the efficient and economical operation of the Service, $ 67.2

Mail depositories. Post offices, branches, and units, mail compartments in Panama Railroad baggage cars, and street letter boxes are designated depositories for mail matter. The Director of Posts may designate other receptacles or devices as authorized depositories for mail matter. Depositories especially designated by the Director of Posts shall be marked as to indicate that fact together with a statement of penalty for tampering with the depository or any mail matter contained therein. § 67.3 Domestic mail.

Domestic mail means mail transmitted within, among, and between the Canal Zone; the United States, its territories and possessions; Army-Air Force (APO) and Navy (FPO) post offices; also mail for delivery to the United Nations, New York. (Consult 39 CFR for list of Territories and Possessions of the United States.) § 67.4 Acceptance of funds.

(a) Coin and currency. United States coin and currency and Panama coin may be accepted in the transaction of postal business.

Subpart M-Canal Zone Postal Savings System

GENERAL PROVISIONS 67.791 Purpose, and designation of deposi

tories. 67.792 Scope of this subpart. 67.793 Retroactive application. 67.794 Applicability of Federal postal laws

and regulations.

CONTROL OF BLANK CERTIFICATES 67.811 Defective or mutilated blank cer

tificates. 67.812 Protection of funds and certificates. 67.813 Care in handling certificates. 67.814 Theft or loss of certificates.


67.831 Eligibility for certificates. 67.832 Applications for opening accounts. 67.833 Issuance of certificates. 67.834 Disposition of component parts. 67.835 Care and protection of records. 67.836 Interest. 67.837 Payment of postal savings certifi




(b) Checks. (1) Cashing of checks is prohibited except as provided in subparagraph (3) of this paragraph.

(2) Checks made payable to the Panama Canal Company may be accepted at the discretion of postal employees for the amount of the transaction of postal business only.

(3) U.S. Government checks (issued by the Panama Canal Company or other U.S. Government agencies for salaries, allotments, pensions, refunds, travel, etc.) may be cashed for first endorsers only, in transactions involving the purchase of Postal Money Orders or issuance of Postal Savings Certificates, to the extent that funds are available beyond the operating needs of the unit.

(4) No checks (other than U.S. Government checks in subparagraph (3) of this paragraph) may be accepted for the purchase of Postal Money Orders.

(5) Only certified checks and bank drafts (in addition to subparagraph (3) of this paragraph) may be accepted for issuance of Postal Savings Certificates.

(6) Exceptions to this section may be authorized by special instructions of the Civil Affairs Director with the approval of the Comptroller.

(c) Endorsement and deposit. All checks accepted shall be properly endorsed immediately and promptly deposited or included in the next remittance to the postmaster. (31 F.R. 12254, Sept. 16, 1966, as amended at 31 F.R. 14552, Nov. 15, 1966) 8 67.5 International reply coupons.

International reply coupons of the Universal Postal Union, which are printed in blue ink and bear the caption "Coupon-Response International" issued in the United States and foreign countries are exchangeable for Canal Zone postage stamps at the following rates:

(a) For international reply coupons issued in the United States or Panama at the domestic postage rate for 1 ounce first-class mail.

(b) For international reply coupons issued in all other countries at the international surface postage rate for 1 ounce first-class letter mail. (36 F.R. 12977, July 10, 1971) § 67.6 Posting notices.

(a) Advertisements, circulars, placards, handbills, cards, or notices relating to a private business, and pictures, cartoons, or other documents of a politi

cal character, or concerning an election, or designed to influence an election in favor of a candidate, may not be placed upon the walls or elsewhere for public exhibition within areas used for postal activities, or in the lobbies of post offices, or on any portion of the post office premises.

(b) Except as provided by paragraph (c) of this section, bulletin boards in lobbies may be used only for the display of required notices of the Postal Service notices of other Federal agencies.

(c) For the convenience of the public, postmasters may post, without discrimination as to party or sect, notices of public assemblies, judicial sales, and other like announcements, printed or written, on bulletin boards on a space available basis. Notices may not be posted on walls, screens, windows, etc., but shall be confined to bulletin boards. The postmaster or his delegate shall pass on all notices before posting and shall otherwise govern the use of boards. 8 67.7 Persons and organizations

thorized to receive mail. The following persons and organizations are entitled to receive mail through facilities of the Canal Zone Postal Service:

(a) Bureaus, divisions, branches, and offices of the Panama Canal Company and Canal Zone Government; units, organizations, and offices of the United States governmental departments and agencies located on the Isthmus of Panama.

(b) All persons residing in the Canal Zone.

(c) United States citizens residing in the Republic of Panama who are officers or employees in the regular service or employ of the Panama Canal Company, the Canal Zone Government or other agencies of the United States Government, and their dependents when accompanying the principal.

(d) Members of the armed forces of the United States on active duty, and their dependents when accompanying the principal. This paragraph does not apply to members of reserve forces on temporary active duty, residing in the Republic of Panama.

(e) Retired personnel of the United States Government, including, but not restricted to, such personnel of the Panama Canal Company, Canal Zone Government, armed forces of the United

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