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General CURTIN. So it is a real problem. Senator CANNoN. What is the strength at Aviano now? Colonel FENLoN. Sir, the strength right now is 1,337. The programed strength is 1,625. Of course this is a change in the type of aircraft which would increase the number of rotational personnel, and of course to some degree the base support personnel. Senator CANNoN. You may proceed to page 99. Colonel FENLoN. Sir, that is the sixth item, a repetitive item to add 6,000 square feet to the existing dependent elementary school and provide needed classroom space for some 195 pupils. Senator CANNoN. How many students do you have per class there now? Colonel STURGEON. Sir, it varies according to the grade. At the last count we had 465 total students there. Grade 2 was 82; 85 on up to the ninth grade, where we have 14 students. Senator CANNoN. You have how many? Major STURGEoN. Fourteen in the ninth grade. Senator CANNoN. Are those classes of 80 in 1 classroom? Major STURGEoN. No, sir; that would not be in one classroom. Senator CANNoN. How many classrooms? Major STURGEoN. I do not have that, sir. I would say that it would probably be two to three classrooms. Senator CANNoN. Supply for the record what your classroom load is on these, because where you do not have much of an increase in the number of personnel, I wonder about why you have to have so much more school facilities, whether you are attempting—I know families are getting larger, but whether or not you may be attempting, for example, to cut down from 30 students in a class to 25 to meet something of that sort. Major STURGEoN. Yes, sir. Senator INoUYE. Can you also add in the report what the pupilteacher ratio is in your Air Force school system overseas? Major STURGEoN. I believe so; yes, sir. (The report referred to follows:) There is a total of 16 classrooms at Aviano Airbase. Three of these classrooms are located in an airmen's dormitory which is required for airmen billeting. In addition the school library and laboratory have been converted to classroom space, thus denying students the fuse of these facilities. The present school was constructed to accommodate 250 students; however, current enrollment is 456 students. The student–teacher ratio utilized in programing new or additional classrooms is 25 to 1.

Senator CANNoN. Page 100. Colonel FENLON. The seventh item is a repetitive item for a 10,500square-foot supervised service club, airmen's service club, required for all military personnel and dependents on the base. Senator CANNoN. Is there presently an existing service club? General CURTIN. Yes, sir. There is presently existing and located in the housing area a 4,800-foot facility. It is really too small, and it is proposed that since it is in the housing area it would ultimately be used as a club for the teenagers in the community. Senator CANNoN. All right. Colonel FENLoN. The last item is a repetitive item to provide additional electrical power to the flight line area to effectively service the programed new aircraft. Senator CANNoN. Go on to the next item, page 102.


Colonel FENLoN. Page 102, sir, is RAF Bentwater Station located 15 miles northeast of Ipswich, England.

The mission of this base is a tactical fighter wing.

The first item is classified. We can take care of it later in volume 5.

The last item requested in this program is a repetitive item for a 500-seat base theater to replace an inadequate, substandard facility.

General CURTIN. The present theater is in a quonset hut and will be demolished, Mr. Chairman.


Senator CANNON. All right, aircraft weapons calibration, you can *g that. olonel FENLON. All right, sir.


The next base is on page 107, Camp New Amsterdam, Sousterberg, Netherlands. The planned mission here is a fighter interceptor squadron. The program requested at this site is a repetitive item for a 150-seat base chapel required for religious activities of personnel assigned. Senator CANNON. Is this a new unit or is it an addition? Colonel FENLoN. This is a new chapel, sir. Senator CANNON. Next one


Colonel FENLoN. The next page is 109, Chateauroux Air Station located 3 miles east of Chateauroux, France. The mission is listed on page 109, volume 4. The first item requested in this program is for strengthening of 192,500 square yards of primary instrument runway pavement needed to accommodate the change from C-118 to C-135 aircraft for a new mission. The second item, for strengthening of taxiway involving 38,000 square yards of pavement, this is also required to support the new mission as well as MATS C-141 cargo aircraft utilizing this base. The third item for a 10,200-square-yard warmup holding pad is needed for the operational support of the aircraft of this installation. This is a repetitive item. The fourth item provides 1,155 feet of blast deflectors. These are needed in conjunction with the parking of jet aircraft being assigned to this station. The fifth item is a repetitive item for installation of 3,000 feet of approach lights constructed with the new U.S. Air Force criteria. he sixth item is a repetitive item. It is alteration work in the interior of officers’ quarters to provide a ready crew facility for the new mission assigned to this base. Senator CANNoN. When you say a new mission, are you talking about the increased MATS mission there, or what? Colonel FENLoN. It is a classified mission, sir. We discussed something on it the other day.

(Whereupon, the committee again proceeded in executive session.) * after executive session, the committee resumed in open S0SS1OI). Senator CANNoN. The next item is storage. Perhaps you can wait and go into that when we go into the classified items on this. Colonel FENLoN. Yes, sir. The seventh item is not classified. It is 500 barrels of demineralized water storage needed for the jet aircraft. The last item is classified. We can cover it this afternoon as we go through that volume. Senator CANNON. If that change of mission is not put in there, you will not need that last item? Colonel FENLoN. No, sir. This is not connected with that mission, this last item. This is a different reason. Senator CANNoN. We will go into that in the classified portion? Colonel FENLoN. Yes, sir. Senator CANNoN. All right; 118.


Colonel FENLoN. On page 118 is Cigli Air Force Base, located 2 miles northwest of Byuyk, Turkey. The base supports a rotational tactical fighter squadron.

The first item is a repetitive item in the program for 11,020 square feet for aircraft engine inspection and repair shop. This, of course, is related to the change to F-4C aircraft.

The second item is a repetitive item providing an addition to an existing automotive maintenance shop.

The third item is a repetitive item for a refueling vehicle shop required for the maintenance functions on 25 refueling vehicles.

The last item is for a 2,640-squre-foot correction here. I said F-4C. This conversion is to 105's.

Senator CANNON. 105’s?

Colonel FENLON. Rather than the F-4C's.

The last item is for a precision measurement equipment laboratory, PMEL laboratory, to provide proper environmental control to support the newly assigned aircraft from the standpoint of precision equipment analysis.

Senator CANNoN. Are the 105's already in here now? F Colonel FENLON. No, sir; they are not. We are still rotating


Senator CANNoN. When are they programed to go in?

Colonel FENLoN. In the fourth quarter of 1966, I have here, sir, about a year from now.

Senator CANNoN. All right, you can skip the next one. That will come under the classified items.


Colonel FENLON. The same thing is true at the next.

On page 127, is Hahn Air Force Base in Germany, the first item is a repetitive item for an aircraft weapons calibration shelter to support the aircraft that we are converting to here at Hahn. In this case it is the F-4's.

The second item is a repetitive item, additional space for the aircraft engine inspection and repair facility needed to support the new tactical fighter weapons system. The last item is a new test cell, complete with sound suppressor controls for ground testing of jet aircraft engines on an around-theclock basis. Community relations also stresses the need for immediate reduction in intolerable noise levels developed on this base. Senator CANNoN. All right.


Colonel FENLON. The next base, sir, is on page 131, Holtum radio relay located in Germany. The mission here is the site of a radio relay activity of the Air Force Communications System and a communications squadron.

The program requested for this installation amounts to $98,000 and provides for a fixed radio relay facility to replace a van-mounted communication relay service.


Senator CANNoN. Incirlik? Colonel FENLoN. Located 2 miles northwest of Incirlik, Turkey. The missions for this base are covered on page 133 of volume 4. The first item is a repetitive item for an aircraft engine inspection and repair facility to provide covered facilities for support of the new type aircraft at this base. Senator CANNoN. The F-4's go in here? General CURTIN. Yes, sir, F-4C's. Colonel FENLoN. The second item is a repetitive item for a 200-man airman dormitory required to reduce the troop housing deficiency. The third item is a repetitive item for an addition to the como space. This will satisfy the total requirement when completed. The last item is a repetitive item for an 8,000-square-foot officers' open mess. Senator CANNoN. How many personnel do you have there now? General CURTIN. About 2,300 now, and it goes up about 100 to 2,400 at the end position, Mr. Chairman. Senator CANNoN. And you need that addition to the commissary? Colonel Wood. Senator, we have needed this addition to the commissary for the last 5 years that I know of, and we just have not been able to get it. It has been in previous years’ programs. It is not based on this buildup. It is a deficiency that has existed for many years. And as you might know, in Turkey there is no way that our people can be supported off the economy in this isolated location. The only food items that the families over there can get must come from the commissary. Senator CANNoN. All right. General CURTIN. There are actually 520 families on base, Mr. Chairman. There are actually over 1,100 in the area. Senator CANNON. All right, 138.


Colonel FENLoN. The next base is on page 138. This is the Kindsbach communications facility located 2 miles east of Landstuhl, Germany. The planned mission is for a communications annex and the program request amounts to $540,000, and involves alterations and additions to the existing joint air command air combat operations communications center and the command post. This structure will house a central display board for the tactical air commands both for the day-to-day operation as well as emergency air operations activities. This is the remote command post for 17th Air Force. Senator CANNoN. Is this the one down in the mountains? Colonel FENLoN. Yes, sir. Senator CANNoN. This was denied last year? Colonel FENLoN. Yes, sir. Senator CANNoN. Is your requirement any greater this year than it was last year? Colonel FENLoN. Yes, sir. We have had additional computer and communications equipment that we have had to install in the facility which of course has knocked us out of required space for operation. What we are proposing here of course are above ground facilities to take care of those people that are required there from a maintenance standpoint, and in some cases programing people for the computers. Senator CANNON. All right.


Colonel FENLoN. The next base, on page 140, is RAF Lakenheath located 1 mile south southeast of Lakenheath, England. The mission is a tactical fighter wing. The first item provides 38,097 square feet of base ammo storage required to ineet mission requirements. Temporary leasing granted by the United Kingdom Munitions Licensing Panel will shortly lapse, and the existing buildings must be replaced by new structures requested in this program to meet the criteria required. The second item is for a new 800-man capacity airman dining hall to replace an existing substandard World War II nissen hut. It is required to partially meet the messing deficiency on the base. The third item is a repetitive item for a 48-man officers’ quarters. The fourth item is a repetitive item. This is enlarging the dependent elementary school involving 39,083 square feet, needed to meet the increased enrollment, and when completed will permit removal of the existing deteriorated World War II missen huts that are wholly inadequate and scheduled for removal upon completion of this project. Senator CANNoN. What is the buildup in personnel? Colonel FENLoN. Actually, the base goes from a current strength of 2,862 to 3,656 at the end of the programing period. Senator CANNoN. What is the reason for that buildup? Colonel FENLON. The conversion, sir, from F-100's to F-4D's. Senator CANNON. There is no new information than just the change of aircraft? Colonel FENLoN. Just the conversion of the aircraft, sir. Some hundred officers, 600 airmen personnel increase. Senator CANNoN. The officers' quarters was denied last year; was it not?

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