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being made in this regard. There are now in being 16 Navy study groups with the total membership at any given time of approximately 100 personnel, uniformed and civilian, conducting studies of the Naval Shore Establishment. The number of people engaged in these studies varies necessarily as special skills are required. The studies are of functional groups of facilities—for example, Navy fuel facilities that support the operating forces.

The studies currently underway are aircraft overhaul and repair, fleet air support, Marine Corps education and training, Marine Corps Reserve training, Military Sea Transportation Service, European Command structure, naval ammunition depots, weapons stations and magazines, naval bases, stations and fleet support activities, Naval Reserve training less air, Navy construction battalion centers, Navy fuel activities, Navy Government-owned and operated plants, inventory control points, major stock points, public works centers, research and development facilities, and reporting system bases and installations, Navy.

Approximately 50 functional groups of facilities have been identified and will be studied over the next 18 months to 2 years. It is necessary to phase these studies over that period of time due to personnel limitations and in order to schedule the studies on a logical basis because of their interrelationships.

Recommendations for closure or consolidation of activities may or may not result from these studies. At this stage of progress no recommendations for closure or consolidation of naval activities having items in the 1966 military construction bill have been made. Senator INOUYE. I thank you for your statement, sir.

Shall we proceed! Admiral Hull. Yes, sir.

NAVAL STATION, ROTA, SPAIN The next project is at the Naval Station, Rota, Spain. It consists of nine unclassified items at the estimated cost of $5,861,000. The mission of this station is to provide support to patrol, reconnaissance, and transport squadrons, and to accommodate aircraft from carriers operating in this area. Many units now at Rota have moved from Port Lyaubey. Also supported by this station is a Polaris submarine squadron and a tender.

The first two items are repetitive, aircraft parking apron and telephone system.

Senator INOUYE. I would like to make a comment at this point and receive your views on the telephone system. It would appear that if we approve this item, you will have a telephone for just about every person permanently assigned there. Is that observation correct?

Admiral Hull. The actual base loading reaches very nearly 7,500 by the end of fiscal year 1966, and we are asking for a total of 2,200 circuits.

Admiral CORRADI. I think the explanation lies in the fact that the personnel permanently assigned to the Naval Station, Rota, are there to support other units that are based at the same location and the number of telephones is related more to the activities of these other organizations that are based at Rota than to the staffing or manning level of the supporting naval station.

For example, the various fleet aircraft squadrons there, the submarine division that is based there, the fuel depot, the communications station, and so forth.

Senator INOUYE. What about family housing?
Admiral CORRADI. This exchange also services the family housing.
Senator INOUYE. Each family would have a telephone?

Admiral CORRADI. Each occupant of public quarters may have a phone. He does not have to have one, but he may.

Senator INOUYE. Do you feel that this is necessary?
Admiral CORRADI. Yes, sir.

Admiral Hull. Yes, sir; and this, of course, does add a certain duplication in that many people will have a phone at home and also at the office.

Senator INOUYE. Can you inform the committee as to the tenure that you have in this area, what sort of arrangements do you have?

Admiral HULL. The renewal of our base rights agreement was negotiated last year, sir, and is now effective for another 5 years. .

Senator INOUYE. How many years will that run?

Admiral CORRADI. The base rights, the country-to-country agreement comes up for review every 5 years. It may be continued at the option of either party.

Senator INOUYE. Please proceed, sir.
Admiral Hull. Air Cargo Terminal, $184,000.

The third item is for construction of an Air Cargo Terminal building at the estimated cost of $184,000. This building will be used for Naval Oversea Air Cargo Terminal operations which were relocated from Port Lyautey and which are now conducted in temporary facilities. The terminal freight loads have increased and are becoming more important due to the requirement to support the Polaris submarine squadron and tender at the Rota replenishment site. This item will provide a 20,736-square-foot building and an open storage area to be used in storing and processing air cargo.

Senator INOUYE. Admiral, before we proceed any further, will the Navy furnish for the committee's use the building cost index for every area involved in your program?

Admiral Hull. Yes, sir.

Senator INOUYE. I think this will assist the committee in assessing costs. It is rather difficult without the building cost data before us.

Admiral CORRADI. With the Chairman's permission, I can give the reporter a copy of the tabulation of all these building costs and insert it in the record right now.

Senator INOUYE. Fine, sir.
(The document referred to follows:)


The cost indexes shown below represent approximate geographical adjustment factors which are applicable to costs of the fiscal year 1966 military construction program.

These cost indexes are applicable to the construction of repetitive-type facilities, such as barracks, messhalls, BOQ's, administration buildings, fire stations, and warehouses, which make maximum use of local skills, materials, methods, and equipment. For more complex construction, such as communications facilities, powerplants, laboratories and similar more technical facilities, these indexes should be increased approximately.

Conterminous United States




[blocks in formation]


.95 1.00 1,20 1.10 1.00 1.05 1.15 1.10 1. od 1.20 1.60 1. od 1.10 1.05 1. id 1. o

95 1.15 1.16

.90 1.10 1. 20 1.05 1.10 1.10 1.05 1.10 1.10 1. og 1. od 1.05 1.00

Cape Kennedy Key West.

Georgia Idaho.--Illinois....

Mountain Home Air Force Base.


Scott Air Force Base (Bellville).
St. Louis area.--
Bakalar Air Force Base (Columbus).
Bunker Hill Air Force Base (Peru).

Kansas City.

Iowa.. Kansas. Kentucky Louisiana. Maine...... Maryland..

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Lake Charles

Northern area.

Fort Ritchie.
Indian Head.
Patuxent River ATC.


1.08 1.15 1.2 1. Od 1.06 1.06 1.10 1,10 1.09 1.10 1.09 1.1. 1.25 1.60 1.10 1.20 1.10 1.1.

Boston.. Hanscom Air Force Base (Bedford. Martha's Vineyard.... Nantucket. Northern area.


Northern area.

Minnesota.. Mississippi.... Missouri..



Richards-Gebaur Air Force Base.
Fort Leonard Wood.----
Glasgow Air Force Base (Nashua)--
Malmstrom Air Force Base (Great Falls).
Offutt Air Force Base (Omaha).
Indian Springs.-
Nellis Air Force Base (Las Vegas).
Stead Air Force Base (Reno).-

Nebraska... Nevada...

New Hampshire. New Jersey -----New Mexico...-New York...

Newark area.
Cannon Air Force Base...
Griffiss Air Force Base (Rome).
New York City and western Long Island..
West Point..

1.06 1.10 1.10 1.10 1.2 1.11 1.00 1.09 1.00 1.05 1.05 1.10 1.10 1.10 1.15 1.00 1.09 1.10 1. 13 1.15 1.25 1. 16 1.26 .90 .95 1. 10 1.27 1.25

North Carolina... North Dakota..

Northeast area.

Grand Forks. Minot...

[blocks in formation]

Locations outside conterminous United States
Location :
Alaska :

Aleutian Islands_-

3.0 Adak--

3.0 Attu.

3.0 Cold Bay

3.0 Dutch Harbor

2.5 Shemya.

3. 1 Anchorage

1.7 Barter Island, north coastal area_

3.6 Coastal area, north of Aleutians_

3.5 Eielson Air Force Base_

1.9 Elmendorf Air Force Base---

1.7 Fairbanks--

1.9 Fort Greely (big delta)

2. 2 Inland area, north of Aleutians.

4.0 Juneau

1.8 Kenai Peninsula.

2.1 Kodiak.

2.5 Kotzebue.

2. 4 Naknek

2.1 Nome_

2, 3 Northway, highway area.

2. 3 Point Barrow

4. 3 Remote interior areas: Fort Yukon --

2.6 Fort Wainwright (Ladd)

1.9 Whittier--

1.9 Canal Zone--

Oahu :
Honolulu area.

Other areas.-

Coastal areas.

Mountainous areas.

1.6 Other islands_

1.6 Johnston Islands..

2,0 Line Islands : Palmyra.

2.0 Mariana Islands : Guam---

1.8 Saipan and Tinian.

2.0 Marshall Islands : Bikini, Eniwetok, Kwajalein, and Majuro-

2.4 Midway Island...

2.2 Puerto Rico : Ramey Air Force Base

1. 2 San Juan.-

1. 2 Samoa.

2. 2 Wake Island.

2. 2

Locations outside conterminous United States--Continued

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Admiralty Islands.-
Ascension Island..
Australia :

South coastal areas.

North coastal areas.
Bahama Islands :


Other islands-
British Guinana_
British Honduras..
British West Indies :


Barbardos and Trinidad.
Canada :
Newfoundland :

Harmon Air Force Base_

Inland areas.
North inland areas.

South inland areas.
Carolina Islands : Truk.
Christmas Islands.
Costa Rica ---
Cuba : Guantanamo Bay.
El Salvador---.
Ethiopia : Eritrea.
Formosa (Taiwan)
French Guiana.
Germany, West-
Greece -
Greenland :

Ice cap--
Sondrestrom Air Force Base_

Iceland -
India : Bombay-
Iran : Tehran__
Italy ---

Korea : Seoul.
Liberia -
Libya : Tripoli.-
Mexico : Mexico City.
Netherlands : Amsterdam-
New Zealand.
Pakistan : West Karachi--
Philippine Islands : Manila.
Ryukyu Islands : Okinawa,
Saudi Arabia : Dhahran.
Surinam (Netherlands Guinana)
Turkey --

1. 8 1. 3 2. 2 1.4

9 2.0 1. 6 2. O 1.1 1.5 2. 2 1. 3 1.0 1.3 1, 3 1. 5 1, 0 .9

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