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Mr. CHEATHAM. There is a printed manual and the regulations are quite extensive. What I mean about the experience, nobody on the police force is able to train policemen how to operate that. That would take someone from the Architect’s technical force to train them.


Senator MoMRONEY. Let's get together. I think that is no problem. I think we should be able to feel that the people of the United States and the Senate can feel confident that these buildings which represent $50 or $75 million and a great deal more in sentiment are properly safeguarded by not only the man in the plumbing shop who might be very able but also by competent police watchmen. Mr. CHEATHAM. We agree heartily with you. Senator MoMRONEY. The Appropriations Committee will write Mr. Duke, instructing him that we will have one on each building for the long period that these buildings are closed each night and with proper instructions from the Architect's people and proper instructions from the Metropolitan Police on how to police, how to conduct their policeguard duty. While one is in the guardroom, they should be moving at times within the building to see if there is anything going on as there are in almost all hotels and office buildings that I know anything about. Mr. CHEATHAM. We have men in the guardroom to answer the phones all the time. ... I was speaking of the nonpatronage type in answer to your question. Senator MoWRONEY. I am speaking of nonpatronage, too. This is the kind of job where you have to have people who are going to be on it and make a career out of it. Mr. CHEATHAM. We appreciate your constant endeavors to help us improve the police force. Senator MoWRoNEY. It takes continued career service at least for your hard cadre of service for protection of Capitol Hill. Mr. CHEATHAM. With 82 percent of the police force turning over each year, they don’t gain much experience.


Senator PROxMIRE. May I ask Mr. Roof or Mr. Caraway if you will provide for the committee, if the chairman wants to put it in the record, some up-to-date analysis of the study you made some 3 or 4 years ago comparing the House and Senate?

Mr. Roof. Yes, sir.

Senator PROxMIRE. That is the House and Senate Office Buildings.

Mr. Roof. Yes, sir. We will bring that up to date.

(The analysis requested follows:)

Comparison of Costs of maintenance, repair, and operation of the 2 Senate office off. with the 3 House office buildings, based on fiscal year 1966 budget 68tt?/10/tes

Gross square footage:

3 House office buildings (excluding garage space) --________ 2, 647, 000 2 Senate office buildings (excluding garage space).------------ 1, 290,000 Total square footage--- --- 3,937, 000

This is a ratio of 33 percent for Senate office buildings and 67 percent for House office buildings or a 1-to-2 ratio.

Total budget figures: House office buildings--------------------------- $4,090,000 Less garage operating costs 260,000 $3,860, 000 Senate office buildings-------------------------- 2,468, 700 Less garage operating costs 24, 000 2, 444, 700 Applying the 1-to-2 ratio mentioned above, the following computation results: Senate office buildings–––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– 2, 444, 700 House office buildings (% X$3,860,000)---------------------- 1, 930, 000 Basic difference to be accounted for (Senate in excess of House).------------------------------------------------ 514,700 Explanation of major differences: Furniture: The Senate figure carries provision for new furniture, carpets, file cases, etc., when required and the repair and maintenance of such items. The budget for these items on the House side is carried in the budget of the Clerk of the House (not the Architect of the Capitol)------------- +160,000 Laundry : Senate figure includes all laundry services; House figure only laundry of hand towels------------------------ +7, 700 Subway systems: Senate has, in effect, 2 subways to maintain and operate; House only 1 (from Capitol to Rayburn Building) Senate costs - ---------------- $87,053 House costs -- ---------------------- 49,444 - - +37, 609 Restroom attendants: Senate carries 8 statutory female attendants in charge of ladies’ restrooms; House carries 5 such jobs paid from wage board schedule. Senate costs––––––––––––––––– ----------------- $40,040 House costs----------------------------------- 21,055 +18, 985 Barbers: Senate carries 6 jobs at administrative rate of $2,258 per man, as supplement to income collected by barbers; House carries 8 jobs paid under wage board schedule. Senate costs---------------------------------- $13,548 House costs–––––––––––––––––– +---------------- *38, 168 —24, 620

Overtime: Senate overtime and holiday costs have historically run slightly higher than similar costs in the House. We believe this is due essentially to the Senate's more frequent evening sessions. At the present time, the Senate budget estimate for Overtime and holiday is running about 3.23 percent in excess of the rate in the House office buildings. Applied to the basic salaries involved, this accounts for a differential of ------------------------------------------- +41, 000

See footnotes at end of table.

Comparison of costs of maintenance, repair, and operation of the 2 Senate office buildings with the 3 House office buildings, based on fiscal year 1966 budget estimates —Continued

Explanation of major differences—Continued
Personnel in general: Total number of positions for the Senate

office buildings is budgeted as 373. If there are deleted those
positions already accounted for in this analysis, such as
cabinetmakers, finishers, upholsterers, etc., required in the
Senate and not in the House office building budget, we delete
43 positions, leaving a total of 330 for the Senate office
The House office buildings total number of positions budg-
eted is 679. If there are deleted those positions already ac-
counted for in this analysis as being different from Senate
requirements (the large garage attendant force, more
barbers, etc.), 63 positions are deleted, leaving a total of 616
for the House office buildings.


Senate office buildings------------------------- 330
House office buildings-------------------------- 616
On the 1-to-2 ratio, the Senate total positions would be
34 of 616, or 308, as opposed to 330, a difference of 22 posi-
tions. Averaged at $6,000 a year (including overtime), this
differential amounts to-----------
We believe that this difference is due essentially to (1)
the fact that the Rayburn Building is new, only recently
occupied, not requiring the amount of upkeep proportion-
ately as the Senate office buildings, and (2) the effect of the
furniture item on the whole staff of the Senate office

Items other than personnel: Similarly because of the newness

of the Rayburn Building, requests for supplies, materials, and
equipment are not as high, proportionately, as for the older
Senate buildings. Total budget for all items, other than per-
sonnel for the Senate office buildings is $215,200. By deleting
items of furniture, etc., not comparable to the House and al-
ready accounted for in this analysis, this total is reduced to a
base of $144,200.
The total such figure for the House office buildings is
$194,400. By deleting items not comparable to the Senate
and already accounted for in this analysis, this total is
reduced to a base of $185,600.


Senate office buildings-------------------- $144, 200 House office buildings--------------------- 185, 600 On the 1-to-2 ratio, the Senate total would equal #4 of the House total of $185,600, or $92,800, as opposed to $144,200, a difference of ------------------------------

Total major differences, Senate over House office

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1. As indicated in the heading, this analysis is based on the fiscal year 1966 budget requests. 2 The House office buildings barbers are being transferred to the Doorkeeper of the House effective July 1, 1965.

NoTE.—The House figures include funds for 48 elevator operators and starters not allowed by House, but left in this analysis for comparative purposes.

Comparative payrolls, 3 House Office Buildings and 2 Senate Office Buildings,

June 1965 3 House Office Buildings 2 Senate Office Buildings Position Num- Grade Base pay ||Num- Grade Base pay ber ber Superintendent----------------------- 1 | Unclassified---| $19,916 1 | Unclassified---| $18,234 Assistant Superintendent------------- 1 || GS-12--------- 10,960 ------|----------------|---------Po------------------------------- 1 GS-12--------- 10,605 1 || GS-12--------- 11,670 0------------------------------- 1 || GS-11--------- 9,240 1 || GS-11--------- 9,830 Nurse (emergency room)-------------- 1 1 S– 1 1 2 Recreation leader, sports-------------- 1 Head physical therapist.--------------|-----Physical therapist.--------------------|-----Physiotherapy aid-------------------- 1 Laborers------------------------------ 4 Purchasing agent--------------------- 1 Service officer------------------------- 1 1 1 1 3 Assistant service officer--------------- 3 1 1 - - - 1 Head, Supply division----------------|-----Service assistant---------------------- 1 2 1 Storekeeper--------------------------- 1 Assistant clerk (storekeeper)- - 1 Clerk--------------------------------- 1 1 1 1 Messenger----------------------------- 2 Electrician foreman------------------- 1 1 Assistant electrician foreman---------- 1 1 Electrician leader--------------------- 1 Electrician.---------------------------- 4 6 § Electrician helper--------------------- 1 | W-5,----------- 5,554 6 || W-5,----------- 5, 283 General foreman---------------------- 1 | W-15---------- 8, 174 Assistant general foreman------------- 1 | W-14---------- 7, 842 Elevator mechanic foreman----------- 1 || W-14---------- 8, 237 1 7, 509 1 7, 176 1 6,864 2 6,864 5 6, 531 1 6,594 5. 6, 282 1 6,032 1 7,883 1 7, 218 1 6,864 1 6,594 Painters------------------------------ 2 | W-9----------- 6, 282 Painter's helper----------------------- 2 | W-5,----------- 5, 283 Mason foreman-----------------------|------|----------------|---------Head sheet metal worker-------------|------|----------------|---------Sheet metal Worker leader------------ 1 || W-12---------- 7, 530 -------------------------------- 1 || W-12---------- 7, 176 Sheet metal worker------------------- 1 | W-10---------- , 531 1 || W-10__________ 6, 531 Sheet metal helper-------------------- 1 | W-5----------- 5, 283 Mason-------------------------------- 1 || W-11---------- 7, 218 Mason's helper-----------------------|------|----------------|---------General foreman---------------------- 1 | W-17---------- 8,819

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Comparative payrolls, 3 House Office Buildings and 2 Senate Office Buildings, June 1965—Continued

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Num- Grade Base pay ||Num- Grade Base pay
ber ber

Assistant general foreman------------- 1
Mechanical maintenance foreman-----|------
Air-conditioning foreman------------- 1

Do------------------------------- 2
Assistant air-conditioning foreman---- 1

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