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Senator MonroNEY. You didn't have anything such as cement in those days; did you? Mr. STEwART. No. It was not unusual in the beginning of our country to use the oyster shells. Senator MoWRoNEY. Do you have any questions, Senator Hayden’ Chairman HAYDEN. No, sir; I have no questions. Senator MonroNEY. Senator Proxmire? Senator PRoxMIRE. No questions. (The photographs selected follow :)

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FIGURE 3.—Open joint between dropped and cracked stones of architrave south of the 4th column from the north end of the west portico.


FIGURE 2. —View of architrave over columns of west portico looking south and showing dropped stones causing misalignment.


FIGURE 4.—Open joint between drops; stones and crack following blind dovetail hind.


FIGURE 5.—Dropped keystone and broken lintel, 2d window north of south end of Old House Wing, first floor level.

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