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Abaca Production Act, administrative functions:

Director, Office of Defense Mobilization (EO 10553)

General Services Administration (EO 10539)
Academies, Military, Naval, Air Force, and Merchant Marine:

Instruction of certain persons from foreign countries (EO 10661)
U.S. Naval Academy; dismissal of midshipman, approval of Secretary of Defense

(EO 10621)
Accidents; life-saving medals for incidents involving railroads or motor vehicles

(EO 10765)
Administrative Committee of Federal Register; approval of regulations by Attorney

General and General Services Administrator (EO 10530)
Advanced Research Projects Agency; space activities, transfer of functions to Na-

tional Aeronautics and Space Administration (EO 10783)
Advisory Council on Employment of the Physically Handicapped; establishment

(EO 10640)
Advisory Council to the President's Committee on Fund-Raising Within the Federal

Service, establishment (EO 10728)
Agricultural commodities:

Commodity set-aside, administration (EO 10601)
Imports. See Imports; Trade agreements.

Surplus commodities, disposal (EO 10560, 10601, 10685, 10708, 10746)
Agricultural Surplus Disposal Committee, interagency; membership of International

Cooperation Administration (EO 10610)
Agricultural Trade Development and Assistance Act of 1954, administration (EO

10560, 10601, 10685, 10708, 10746, 10773)
Agriculture Department:

See also Commodity Credit Corporation.
Contracts in connection with national defense, authority and regulations (EO

Defense mobilization program, functions respecting (EO 10574)
Foreign agricultural activities, coordination procedures (EO 10601, 10624)
Foreign duty, allowances and benefits (EO 10624)
Acquired under Title III of Bankhead-Jones Farm Tenant Act, transfer:
To Agriculture Department; lands in use as tree and grass nurseries

(EO 10516)
To Army Department for use in connection with certain projects:

Garrison Dam and Reservoir Project, North Dakota (ĒO 10520)

Grenada Dam and Reservoir Project, Mississippi (EO 10526)
To Interior Department for administration under Taylor Grazing Act

(EO 10787)
Transfers subject to approval of Director of Budget Bureau:

Lands acquired in national defense program (EO 10530)

Transfers to other Federal, State or Territorial agencies (EO 10530)
In national forests. See main heading National forests.

Agriculture Department-Continued
National Arboretum, transfer of lands along Anacostia River to Department

for purposes of (EO 10530)
Set-aside of agricultural commodities, functions respecting (EO 10601)
Surplus agricultural commodities; use under Agricultural Trade Development

and Assistance Act of 1954 (EO 10560, 10601, 10685, 10708, 10746)
Watershed Protection and Flood Prevention Act, administration (EO 10584)
Air carriers, labor dispute investigations. See National Mediation Board.
Air Coordinating Committee:

Development and coordination of aviation policies and activities (EO 10655)

Membership (EO 10655, 10754, 10796)
Air Force Academy, United States; instruction of persons from American Republics

and Canada (EO 10661)
Air Force Department:
Acting Secretary of Air Force, order of succession, amendment of prior order

(EO 10669)
Air National Guard:
Civilian employees; withholding of compensation for purposes of State or

territorial employee retirement systems (EO 10679)
Of Arkansas; active service order authorized for purpose of removal of

obstruction of justice in Arkansas (EO 10730)
Transfer to Standby Reserve, discharge and transfer to retired status

(EO 10651)
Airspace formerly over Las Vegas Bombing and Gunnery Range, inclusion in

airspace reservation over Atomic Energy Commission Las Vegas Project

(EO 10775)
Boards of review, proceedings and decisions; approval by Secretary of Defense

(EO 10621)
Canal Zone:

Bases and reservations in which Department has interest (EO 10595)

Employment regulations, consultation on (EO 10794)
Citations for outstanding performance in action after December 7, 1941, issuance

by Secretary of Air Force (EO 10694)
Code of conduct for members of armed forces (EO 10631)
Contracts in connection with national defense, authority and regulations

(EO 10789)
Courts-Martial Manual:

Amendments (EO 10565, 10652)
Restoration of limitations on punishments for violation of certain Articles

(EO 10628)
Defense mobilization program, functions (EO 10574)
Hazardous duty for members of Air Force and Reserves, incentive pay (EO 10618)
Minimum flight requirements for Reserves on active- and inactive-duty

training (EO 10681)
Thermal stress experiments (EO 10739)
Korea and adjacent waters designated as combat zone for purposes of income

tax exemption; termination (EO 10585)

Enlistments in Ready Reserve of Air Force Reserve (EO 10677)
Hazardous duty See Hazardous ity.
Medical, dental, and allied specialists, active duty order, appointment,

promotion, etc. (EO 10658, 10762)
Screening of Ready Reserve, and providing for transfer of members to and

from Standby Reserve (EO 10651)
Retirement of colonels of Regular Air Force, suspension of operation of certain

provisions of Officer Personnel Act of 1947 (EO 10515)
Space activities, transfer of functions to National Aeronautics and Space

Administration (EO 10783)
Subsistence allowances (EO 10605)
Travel time of members of uniformed service called to active duty in excess

of thirty days (EO 10649)
Uniform, wearing of, regulations to be rescribed by Secretary of Defense

(EO 10554)


Air National Guard. See Air Force Department.
Air pollution resulting from Federal activities, prevention (EO 10779)
Aircraft, contracts for (EO 10789)
Airport Act, Federal, conveyance of lands under; authority of heads of Government

agencies (EO 10536)
Airspace reservations; establishment over certain facilities:

Aleutian Islands; termination (EO 10768)
Atomic Energy Commission facilities:
Hanford Engineer works, Richland, Wash., change in boundaries

(EO 10751)

Las Vegas Project, Nevada (EO 10633, 10775)
Airways Modernization Board, transfer:

Functions of Director of Budget Bureau (EO 10731, 10797)

Transfer of functions to Administrator of Federal Aviation Agency (EO 10786)
Airspace reservation established over portion of Aleutian Islands, termination

(EO 10768)
Annual and Sick Leave Act of 1951 not applicable to Secretary of Territory

of Alaska (EO 10540)
Glacier Bay National Monument; exclusion of lands, and addition of portion

to Tongass National Forest (Proc. 3089)
Roads and trails; functions of Secretary of Interior, revocation (EO 10732)
Alaska Railroad, hospital service in connection with construction and operation

of; revocation of prior order (EO 10514)
Aleutian Islands, Alaska; airspace reservation over portion of, termination

(EO 10768)
Alexander Hamilton Bicentennial (Proc. 3155)
Alien property:
Bulgarian, Hungarian, and Rumanian property, vesting and liquidation of;

functions of Attorney General (EO 10644)
Deceased persons, certain, functions respecting under section 32(h) of Trading

with the Enemy Act (EO 10587)
Persons permitted to receive instruction at United States Military, Naval, Air

Force, and Merchant Marine Academies (EO 10661)
Selective Service regulations respecting (EO 10659)
Allowances. See Pay, allowances, etc.
Almonds, import fees (Proc. 3073, 3209)
Amazon Credit Bank, Belem, Brazil (formerly Banco de Borracha), capital stock

of; transfer of functions of RFC and Treasury Department to Export-Import

Bank of Washington (Reorganization Plan No. 2 of 1954)
American Education Week:

1955 (Proc. 3112)
1956 (Proc. 3154)
1957 (Proc. 3199)

1958 (Proc. 3263)
American Republics; persons permitted to receive instruction at United States

Military, Naval, Air Force, and Merchant Marine Academies (EO 10661)
American States, Organization of; privileged international organization (EO 10533)
Amortization of emergency facilities, under section 168 of Internal Revenue Code

of 1954 (EO 10574)
Annual leave. See Leave.
Antitrust and antimonopoly laws, investigation; inspection of tax returns (EO 10712)
Appointments of Government employees. See Civil service.
Apprentices in training for critical civilian skills; providing for transfer to Standby

Reserve (EO 10651)
Arboretum, National, transfer of lands for purposes of; authority of Director of

Budget Bureau (EO 10530)
Arkansas, obstruction of justice in:

Cease and desist order (Proc. 3204)

Providing assistance for removal of obstruction of justice (EO 10730)
Armed forces:
See also Air Force Department; Army Department; Defense Department; Ma-

rine Corps; Navy Department.
Citations for outstanding performance in action, issuance to military and naval
units including units of armed forces of co-belligerent nations (EO 10694)

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