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1020. Loan of obsolete Springfield rifles.

1021. Status of army officers in aviation service, etc.

1022. To permit homestead entry on Fort Niobrara reservation lands.

1023. 4th International Congress on School Hygiene.

1024. Amendment of section 90 of laws relating to judiciary.

1025. Conference report on river and harbor appropriation bill, 1913.

1027. Deed of conveyance to real estate in District of Columbia.

1029. Administration of Supervising Architect's Office.,

1030. To establish fish hatching and culture stations.

1031. To promote efficiency in Government service.

1032. Patents to entrymen for homesteads upon reclamation projects.

1036. Conference rp. on bill relative to inherited estates in Five Civilized Tribes.

1037. Transfer of Fort Thomas, Ky., to Navy Department.

1038. Subway under post-office in New York City.

1039. Post-office building at Dublin, Ga.

1040. Public building at Denver, Colo.

1041. Lease of land in Fort Keogh military reservation, Mont.

1042. Canal between Lake Erie and Ohio River.

1043. Register and enrollment of foreign vessels.

1044. Dam across Coosa River, Ala.

1045. Dams across Clinch River in Grainger, Claiborne, and Hancock counties, Tenn.

1046. Bridge across Penobscot River, Me.

1047. Dams across Current River in Ripley, Carter, and Shannon counties, Mo.

1048. Bridge across Kingston Lake at Conway, S. C.

1049. Bridge across Missouri River near Omaha, Nebr.

1050. Dams across various navigable waters in United States.

1051. To investigate Patent Office.

1052. Conference report on bill relative to coal-mining operations in Wyoming.

1055. Site for George Washington memorial building in District of Columbia.

1056. Sale of certain lots in Hot Springs, Ark.

1057. Withdrawals of public lands containing nitrates, etc.

1058. Exterminating army worm.

1059. Conference report on bill for dam across White River near Cotter, Ark.

1060. Conference report on bill for additional aids to navigation.

1061. Conference report on naval appropriation bill, 1913.

1062. General deficiency appropriation bill, 1912 and prior years.

1063. Expenses in impeachment trial of Robert W. Archbald.

1065. Conference report on pension appropriation bill, 1913.

1069. Public building at Richford, Vt.

1072. Conference rp. on bill for right of way across Vancouver reservation.

1073. Acquisition of embassies and consulates in certain countries.

1089. Pay of officers in Navy.

1090. Uniform charges for copies of records of Department of Interior.

1091. Entry under bond of exhibits of arts, sciences, and industries.

• 1092. Duties on wool and manufactures of wool.

1093. Special excise tax on corporations extended to individuals.

1111. Memorial tablet to Pennsylvania soldiers in Capitol.

1114. Dam across White River, Mo.

1115. Dam across Coosa River, Ala.

1116. Reconsideration of sentences of dismissal of certain West Point cadets.

1117. Militia pay bill. 2 pts.

1118. Foreign purchase of American-grown tobacco.

1119. Replication of House of Representatives to answer of Judge Archbald.


1120. Standard barrel for dry commodities.

1122. Conference report on Military Academy appropriation bill, 1913.

1123. Further extension of appropriations to middle of August, 1912.

1126. Examination of certain officers of Army.

1128. Right of way across Port Discovery Bay reservation, Wash.

1129. Messages of interstate telegraph and telephone companies.

1130. Conference report on bill for reduction of duties on wool.

1131. Libraries, United States courts, northern district of Ohio.

1132. Conference report on legislative, executive, and judicial appropriation bill.

1138. Misbranding of drugs.

1139. Useless papers in Department of Commerce and Labor.

1140. Legislative assembly for Alaska.

1141. To amend hours-of-service act for railroad employees.

1147. New Jersey and New York Joint Harbor Line Commission.

1150. Conference report on Agriculture Department appropriation bill, 1913.

1154. Transportation for certain American citizens in Mexico.

1155. Agricultural entries on oil and gas lands in Utah.

1156. To amend act to bridge Mississippi River at Memphis, Tenn.

1157. Service pension act.

1158. To establish mining experiment station at Helena, Mont.

1159. Bridge across Mississippi River at Sartell, Minn.

1160. To establish life-saving stations at Libby Island, etc.

1161. Revision of patent laws. 2 pts.

1162. Bridge across Caño de Martin Peña, Porto Rico.

1163. Bridge across Clearwater River at Lewiston, Idaho.

1164. To amend act creating Auditor of Railroad Accounts.

1165. Bridge across Hudson River at New York City.

1166. Bridge across Hudson River between New York City and New Jersey.

1167. Bridge across Mississippi River, Aitkin County, Minn.

1169. To incorporate National Society of Women of Civil War.

1170. Grant of land for cemetery near Fort Bidwell, Cal.

1183. Railroad across certain lands in Comanche County, Okla.

1184. Extension of limits of port of entry of New Orleans, La.

1185. Conference report on Indian appropriation bill, 1913.

1186. Conference report on bill for operation of Panama Canal.

1187. Repealing certain provisions of Indian appropriation act of June 30, 1907.

1188. Time of holding district court in New Hampshire.

1189. To provide Labor day pay for per diem employees of Government.

1190. Coal-mining leases in Oklahoma.

1191. Right of way through Fort Shafter military reservation, Hawaii.

1193. To regulate operation of vehicles of Metropolitan Coach Company.

1194. Bridge across Little Calumet River at Chicago, Ill.

1197. Conference report on bill for operation of Panama Canal.

1198. Reservation of land in town sites in certain Indian reservations.

1199. Relief of Indians occupying railroad lands in Arizona and New Mexico.

1200. Partial report on economy and efficiency in Treasury Department.

1201. Legislative, executive, and judicial appropriation bill, 1913.

1204. Unallotted tribal lands of Choctaw and Chickasaw nations.

1205. Loan of tents to Confederate Veterans' reunion.

1207. Expenditures in Department of Agriculture connected with Florida Everglades.

1212. Conference report on bill to create legislative assembly in Alaska.

1215. Report on assessment and taxation of real estate in District of Columbia.

1216. Conference report on bill relative to fur seals and sea otter.



JULY 1, 1912.-Committed to the Committee of the Whole House on the state of the

Union and ordered to be printed.

Mr. CARTER, from the Committee on Indian Affairs, submitted the



[To accompany H. R. 25507.]

The Committee on Indian Affairs, to whom was referred the bill (H. R. 25507) to authorize certain changes in homestead allotments of the Choctaw and Chickasaw Indians in Oklahoma, having had the same under consideration, reports the bill without amendment and recommends that it do pass.

This bill is similar to Senate bill No. 7073, introduced by Senator Gore, with the exception of section 2, which has been favorably recommended by the Secretary of the Interior, as is evidenced by the following letter of the Secretary:


Washington, June 10, 1912. Hon. ROBERT J. GAMBLE,

Chairman Committee on Indian Affairs, United States Senate. SIR: By reference of June 8, 1912, I am in receipt of an advance copy of a bill proposed to be introduced by Senator Gore, S. 7073, entitled "A bill authorizing the Secretary of the Interior to sell certain Indian allotments, and for other purposes.".

I am of opinion that this measure, as to its principal features, should receive the favorable consideration of your committee. It will undoubtedly prove to advantage of allottees in many instances to have their homesteads reduced to a smaller acreage, and the proceeds arising from sales of lands not needed for homesteads used for the improvement of the land retained by the Indians. It will also be of benefit to allottees in some cases to have the homestead privileges and requirements shifted from lands now held as homesteads to other lands originally allotted to them as surplus.

The proposed measure was the subject of conference with Senator Gore last week. At that time I was of opinion that the bill as a whole should be enacted into law. Upon further consideration, however, it occurs to me that the measure in its present form will require the department to sell certain lands now held by half-blood Indians which are entirely free of restrictions and to dispose of the proceeds. Such an outcome of the proposed legislation was not, of course, contemplated. To meet this difficulty, I suggest that the following proviso be added to the hill:

Provided, That nothing herein contained shall be construed to authorize the sale of the surplus allotment, either before or after designation of homestead as herein

authorized, of any allottee of half Indian blood or less, otherwise than as permitted by the act of May twenty-seventh, nineteen, hundred and eight (Thirty-fifth Statutes at Large, page three hundred and twelve)."

I desire to suggest that the administration of the act will be greatly facilitated if the word "directed” be omitted;. inasmuch as cases now unforeseen are certain to arise which will call for the exercise of discretion upon the part of the Secretary:

If the bill be enacted, the amount of work devolving upon the department will be greatly increased. 200 this account I desire to urge the necessity of provision being made for an adequate working force, which should not be less than that recommended in other communications by the department. The district agency force has proven very satisfactory, and will be more urgently needed if this law be enacted. Respectfully,


First Assistant Secretary. The urgent necessity for immediate action on this measure is occasioned by reason of the recent decision of the United States Supreme Court in the case of Choate v. Trapp, which has rendered all lands in the Choctaw and Chickasaw Nation nontaxable while the title remains in the original allottee. The further fact might be cited that the Choctaws and Chickasaws, owning as they do 320 acres of land per capita (man, woman, and child), are land poor, and the incompetent members, at least, should have their holdings reduced to an acreage which they can successfully manage and earn a living from.

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