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sufferings, but to have originated entirely from a different cause ; and that cause purely mental; as I shall have occasion further onward to explain.

Adly. Christ is expressly said to have made his Soul an offering for sin.

Isaiah liai. 19, when thou shalt make his soul an offering for sin. In the margin. “ When his soul shall make an offering for sin." In Louth, If his soul shall make a propitiatory sacrifice." But if his soul was indeed the sin-offering, then the sufferings, which he underwent as an atonement for sin, were peculiarly the sufferings of his soul; or mental sufferings. Accordingly, they are called the trasail of his soul'.

3dly. The complaints of Christ in the 22d, 40th, 69th, and 88th Palma, appear to indicate that his suferings were chiefly sufferings of mind.

Such, at leas:, is the impression, made on my mind by reading these passages of Scripture ; an impression, resulting, not so much froe detached parts, as from the whole strain, of the compostc2. To dis mode of examining the subject I shall reier Loose, who tear me, for their own satisfaction.

3. I'll agony, which Christ underwent in the garden oj Getksemite, CIA:its the same truth.

Ciris, in this garden, had his sufferings in full view. The prospect was so terrible, that it forced from him sweat, as it were grusi drops oisised falling to the ground. At the same time, be pravei earzestis itrice, chat, if it were possible, this cup might pass fria. it canr.ot. I think, be imagined, even with dece: J, and certainly not in any consistency with the character of Chris, as manifested elsewhere, that the mere prospect of dead, eren of a mosi cruel and bitter death, was so overwhelming to his mind, as to convulse his constitution in this manner, or to force from him such a prayer. Perhaps no person, under the cre aj pretension of death, wis ever agitated in an equal dece. Had it for piersid Jenoras to bruise him, there is no rass to believe. thai he would have been anxiously solicitous cucerir; the utmost erils, which he could suffer from the hands

He shall see af be travail of las soul, ani besh

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