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voked, shall be discharged forthwith. The Superintendent may also discharge any voluntary patient who by his persistent failure or refusal to comply with the rules or regulations of the Hospital seriously impedes his own care or treatment or that of other patients.

$ 304.5 Change of patients' status; reports. The Board of Public Welfare of

the District of Columbia shall be notified promptly of the unauthorized absence of a voluntary patient or of any change in his status as a voluntary patient. In the case of a patient admitted upon the written application of another person, the latter shall also be given notice of the patient's unauthorized absence or change of status.



Part 400 401

Availability of records and information.
Admission and out-patient treatment.

cant in the subject matter and the purpose for which such copy or information is desired. (R. S. 161; 5 U. S. C. 22) (13 F. R. 7432]

Part 400—Availability of Records

and Information Sec. 400.1 Availability of official records. 400.2 Disclosure of information.

§ 400.1 Availability of official records. The principal official records of the Hospital are administrative and clinical records. All clinical records are confidential. No records or other official instruments containing information shall be withdrawn from the files of the Hospital by, or furnished to, any person not an authorized employee of the Hospital, without prior authority of the Hospital Superintendent, or the Federal Security Administrator. (R. S. 161; 5 U. S. C. 22) (13 F. R. 7432)

$ 400.2 Disclosure of information. No copy of, or information relative to, any official record or other official business of the Hospital which appears to be of confidential nature, shall be given to any person unless:

(a) Such person obtains a court order therefor, or makes application therefor in the manner prescribed in paragraph (b) of this section, and

(b) It appears to the Superintendent of the Hospital that the furnishing thereof would not be inimical to the public interest or to the welfare of the patient. The application mentioned in paragraph (a) of this section shall be addressed to the Superintendent and must set forth the interest of the appli

Part 401–Admission and Out

Patient Treatment Sec. 401.1 Definitions. 401.2 Eligible persons. 401.3 Ineligible persons. 401.4 Availability of facilities. 401.5 Examinations, 401.6 Pay patients. 401.7 Full pay patients; rates. 401.8 Part pay patients; rates. 401.9 Referred patients; rates, 401.10 Rates for X-ray, laboratory and other

special services. 401.11 Out-patients. 401.12 Payments. 401.13 Change in rates. 401.14 Officers and employees.

AUTHORITY: $$ 401.1 to 401.14 issued under R. S. 2038, as amended; 32 D. C. Code 317. Interpret or apply sec. 1, 33 Stat. 1190, as amended, sec. 1, 37 Stat. 172, as amended, sec. 1, 39 Stat. 311; 32 D. C. Code 318-320.

SOURCE: $ $ 401.1 to 401.14 appear at 11 F. R. 7506, except as noted following sections affected.

§ 401.1 Definitions. As used in this chapter, terms shall have the following meaning:

(a) "Full pay patients” are those patients who are responsible for paying the full rate for their care in the hospital.

(b) "Part pay patients” are those patients who, after financial investigation, are found to be unable to pay the full rate for their care in the hospital but are able to pay a modified rate for their hospitalization.

(c) "Referred patients” are ambulatory, full pay patients, referred into the hospital by private physicians for special services that do not require hospitalization.

(d) “Out-patients” are ambulatory patients who receive medical care or treatment not requiring hospitalization.

(e) "Hospital day" means a period of twenty-four hours beginning at midnight: Provided, That the day of admission into the hospital will be counted and the day of discharge therefrom excluded in the computation of the time for payment in each and every case. (11 F. R. 7506, as amended at 13 F. R. 295]

§ 401.2 Eligible persons. Patients admitted for hospitalization shall be of the following classes:

(a) Full pay patients.
(b) Part pay patients.

(c) Indigent residents of the District of Columbia who, being sick or injured and requiring medical or surgical attention, are without the necessary means to pay for the same.

(d) Transient population of said District who, while passing through or temporarily residing therein, fall ill or suffer accident or injury and require immediate medical or surgical attention, but are destitute of means to pay for the same.

(e) Such other destitute persons residing outside of the District of Columbia as the Federal Security Administrator, either for humane reasons or in the interests of medical science, shall cause to be admitted.

(f) All emergency cases which are defined as sudden illness or injury where to delay treatment would imperil the life or safety of the patient.

(g) Injured employees of the United States, beneficiaries of the Compensation Act of September 7, 1916 (39 Stat. 742; 5 U. S. C. Chapter 15), upon request of the proper officer of the Bureau of Employees' Compensation.

§ 401.3 Ineligible persons. No person known to be affected with an incurable, chronic disease, acute alcoholism or contagious disease shall be admitted to the Freedmen's Hospital except when it would be inhuman to refuse admission.

§ 401.4 Availability of facilities. All admissions shall be conditioned upon the capacity of the hospital to receive patients.

§ 401.5 Examinations. Applicants for admission shall at once be examined by the Superintendent or one of his assistants, or under their direction and if found to be entitled to admission under these regulations, shall be admitted. When it is impracticable for either of the above mentioned officials to make the examination at once and the safety of the patient would be impaired by the delay, such other medical oficers as may be designated by the Superintendent shall make the examination.

$ 401.6 Pay patients. When a patient is determined to be eligible for hospital care, either on a full pay or part pay basis, he or his responsible representative will be required to execute an agreement to pay such costs of hospitalization as are specified in this part.

§ 401.7 Full pay patients; rates. Full pay patients shall pay the following rates: GENERAL HOSPITAL

Per day Private rooms..

$7.00 Semiprivate rooms.

6.00 Ward..

5.00 Children under 7 years of age.

2. 50 There shall be the following extra charges for full pay patients:

1. Drugs not regularly stocked on the wards, prescriptions which must be compounded, and biologicals.

2. X-ray. (See § 401.10.)

3. Laboratory. There shall be a flat rate of $6.00 for laboratory work for medical cases and $3.00 for surgical, gynecological cases. There shall be no charge for laboratory work for obstetrics, tuberculosis, tonsillectomy, and children under 7 years. (See § 401.10).

4. Operating room and anesthesia. Major $10.00; minor, $5.00.

Delivery room and anesthesia. $5.00 (to be charged when days stay is less than 7).

5. Miscellaneous:

(a) Physical therapy treatments. $2.00 per treatment.

(b) Casts. (See $ 401.10.)

(c) Ambulance service. The ambulance shall be used for full pay patients only in emergency cases when private ambulance service is not available. Trip within the city limits—day or night rate, $5.00 per trip.

MATERNITY CASES 1. The only extra charge for maternity cases shall be for the use of the delivery room and only then if the patient remains in the hospital under 7 days.

TUBERCULOSIS HOSPITAL The part pay schedule is modified as follows for tuberculosis patients:

Payment Deviation

(per week) Minimum through $2.CO over minimum

$2.75 $2.01 through $5.00 over minimum.-- 5.50 $5.01 through $8.00 over minimum.-- 8. 25 $8.01 through $11.00 over minimum.. 11.00 $11.01 through $14.00 over minimum.- 13.75 $14.01 through $17.00 over minimum.. 16. 50 $17.01 through $20.00 over minimum.- 19.25

2. Schedule of rates for full pay maternity cases:

Private rooms, for 7 days' stay-$49.00; 87.00 for each additional day.

Semiprivate, for 7 days' stay-$42.00; $6.00 for each additional day.

Ward, for 7 days' stay-$35.00; $5.00 for each additional day.

TONSILLECTOMY CASES 1. There shall be no extra charges for tonsillectomy cases.

2. Schedule of rates for full pay tonsillectomy cases:

Patients 7 years and over. Private room$17.50 for minimum of 2 days; $7.00 each day thereafter. Ward-$13.50 for minimum of 2 days; $5.00 each day thereafter.

Patients under 7 years. Ward-$8.50 for minimum of 2 days; $2.50 each day thereafter.

TUBERCULOSIS HOSPITAL All rooms $19.25 a week. All X-ray, laboratory, and other special services are included in the above rate.

$ 401.8 Part pay patients; rates. Part pay patients shall pay the following rates:


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§ 401.9 Referred patients; rates. Ambulatory, full pay patients referred in by private physicians for special services shall pay according to the established rates specified in § 401.10.

401.10 Rates for X-ray, laboratory and other special services-(a) X-ray examinations: Teeth---

$5.00 Chest.

7.00 Gastroduodenal series

10.00 Abdomen.

8.00 Barium Colon Enema.

10.00 Gall Bladder with dye---

12. 50 G. I. Complete (Stomach, Colon, Gall Bladder)

25.00 Skull: 4 views

12.50 2 views

7.50 Mastoids

7.50 Sinuses

7.50 Shoulder extremities.

7.50 Elbow.

5.00 Pelvis.

8. 00 Hip.

8. 00 Femur

7.50 Tibia

7.50 Knee.

7.50 Hand or Foot..

5.00 Ankle---

7.50 Spine: Complete

$20.00 Dorsal.

8.00 Lumbar.

8.00 Cervical

7.00 Thorax.

8.00 Jaw..

7.50 Pyelography: Retrograde

10.00 Intravenous

15.00 Aerocystogram.

7.50 NOTE 1: Children under 7 years shall be charged one-half the above rates.

NOTE 2: For any X-ray not listed, a reasonable price will be set, using the above table as a guide.

NOTE 3: Repeat radiographic examinations for continuous study and treatment, i. e., pneumonias, fractures, etc., charge 3343 %.

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