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have been added to references to recent public laws. Since the form of citation varies from document to document, in each case users of this table should search under all three headings for pertinent references.

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Ch. 269, 59 Stat. 410.---- To amend the Tariff Act Proc. 3225.

of 1930. Aug. 11 Joint Res., 59 Stat. 530.-

Proc. 3256. Dec. 29 Sec. 1, 59 Stat. 669.... International Organiza- | EO 10769, 10795.

tions Immunities Act. 1949

Aug. 3 Joint, Res., 63 Stat. 492.

Proc. 3241.


May 11

Joint Res.

Proc. 3242.
Sec. 202 (b), 64 Stat. 838.- Budget and Accounting EO 10786, 10793.

Procedures Act of


Sec. 7 (c)

Trade Agreements Ex

tension Act of 1951.

Proc. 3235, 8255, 3257


Feb. 29 Joint Res., 66 Stat. 9...
Apr. 17 Joint Res., 66 Stat. 64.
Sec. 201 (b) (66 Stat. 175) - Immigration and Na-

tionality Act.

Proc. 3247.
Proc. 3252.
Proc. 3248.

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Abaca Production Act, administrative functions:

Director, Office of Defense Mobilization (EO 10553)

General Services Administration (EO 10539)
Academies, Military, Naval, Air Force, and Merchant Marine:

Instruction of certain persons from foreign countries (EO 10661)
U.S. Naval Academy; dismissal of midshipman, approval of Secretary of Defense

(EO 10621)
Accidents; life-saving medals for incidents involving railroads or motor vehicles

(EO 10765)
Administrative Committee of Federal Register; approval of regulations by Attorney

General and General Services Administrator (EO 10530)
Advanced Research Projects Agency; space activities, transfer of functions to Na-

tional Aeronautics and Space Administration (EO 10783)
Advisory Council on Employment of the Physically Handicapped; establishment

(EO 10640)
Advisory Council to the President's Committee on Fund-Raising Within the Federal

Service, establishment (EO 10728)
Agricultural commodities:

Commodity set-aside, administration (EO 10601)
Imports. See Imports; Trade agreements.

Surplus commodities, disposal (EO 10560, 10601, 10685, 10708, 10746)
Agricultural Surplus Disposal Committee, interagency; membership of International

Cooperation Administration (EO 10610)
Agricultural Trade Development and Assistance Act of 1954, administration (EO

10560, 10601, 10685, 10708, 10746, 10773)
Agriculture Department:

See also Commodity Credit Corporation.
Contracts in connection with national defense, authority and regulations (EO

Defense mobilization program, functions respecting (EO 10574)
Foreign agricultural activities, coordination procedures (EO 10601, 10624)
Foreign duty, allowances and benefits (EO 10624)
Acquired under Title III of Bankhead-Jones Farm Tenant Act, transfer:
To Agriculture Department; lands in use as tree and grass nurseries

(EO 10516)
To Army Department for use in connection with certain projects:

Garrison Dam and Reservoir Project, North Dakota (EO 10520)

Grenada Dam and Reservoir Project, Mississippi (EO 10526)
To Interior Department for administration under Taylor Grazing Act

(EO 10787)
Transfers subject to approval of Director of Budget Bureau:

Lands acquired in national defense program (EO 10530)

Transfers to other Federal, State or Territorial agencies (EO 10530)
In national forests. See main heading National forests.

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