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Thos. C. Boone, Modesto, Calif.

W. H. Jennings, La Mesa, Calif. A. L. Cowell, Stockton, Calif.

C. F. Metteer, Sacramento, Calif. S. J. Hankins, San Francisco, Calif. Maurice M. Myers, Oceanside, Calif. Ronald Harris, Fresno, Calif.

Arvin B. Shaw, Jr., Los Angeles, Calif. Harry W. Horton, El Centro, Calif.

California Districts SECURITIES COMMISSION, San Francisco, CALIF. Robert W. Kenny, attorney general, State Building, San Francisco. Ben C. Corlett, superintendent of banks, 111 Sutter Street, San Francisco. Edward Hyatt, State engineer, Sacramento, Calif. Henry T. Ohm, Tracy, Calif. M. J. Dowd, Imperial, Calif. Harmon S. Bonte, executive secretary, State Building, San Francisco.





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H. L. Mitchell..---- Mrs. Winifred Sonke. Alpaugh, Calif.
Walter Billingslea.... E. Sibley..

289 North L St., Dinuba, Calif. Anderson-Cottonwood. i W. W. Treat

Ellis E. Shanahan. Anderson, Calif. Banta-Carbona

F. D. Reyner..

Mrs. Elvera Draper... Box 299, Tracy, Calif.

J. M. Wagner..
H. B. Brown.

Bard, Calif.

E. L. Capps...
E. D. Stahl.

Beaumont, Calif.
Big Springs
Lloyd Fleisch..
Roy E. Swigart

Montague, Calif.
Browns Valley.
Chas. Lambert
Ray C. Burris..

Browns Valley, Calif.
Butte Valley
Henry M. Andrus M. A. Gilmer...

Macdoel, Calir.

Geo. K. Anderson. Miss Mary Gonsalves. Byron, Calif. Carmichael... E. M. Lynch.--- Roy W. Sullivan..-- Route 5, Box 6198, Sacramento,

Calif. Carpenter..... D. L. Marshburn. D. S. Smiley.......... Route 1, Box 152, Orange,

Calif. Citrus Heights...----- John A. Gray... Mrs. Clori M. Spiers. Route 1, Box 629, Fair Oaks,

Calif. Compton-Delevan

E. J. Saal

Mrs. L. R. Johnson Willows, Calif. Consolidated...

L. C. Darling...

Percy McCahill. ... Box 209, Selma, Calif.
J. M. Hansen..
D. I. Drown...

Box 566, Corcoran, Calif.

C, E. Kibbe...

Miss Jeannette Frank Marysville, Calif. East Contra Costa

James A. Nail.

Mrs. Margaret Wedg. Brentwood, Calif.

wood. El Camino... Cornie Grottveld Roy Pyle....

Gerber, Calif. El Dorado...-----| W. A. Rantz...

W. E. Jenkinson..... P. 0. Box 152, Placerville,

| Calir. El Nido

H. H. Stoops.........
A. L. Cowell

316 Belding Building, Stock

ton, Calif. Empire West Side... Charlie Villi...

Alida Warneke... P. O. Box 145, Stratford, Calif. Fair Oaks... George E. Miller.... Guy L, Camden.. Route 1, Box 135, Fair Oaks,

Calif. Fresno... Philip A.Gordon... Mrs. Edith W. Camp Helm Building, Fresno, Calif.

bell. Glenn-Colusa...

C. N. Detlefsen
H. R. Allard....

Willows, Calif.
Paul Kuttel..
G. Inabnit....

Grenada, Calir.
Hot Spring Valley - S. B. Kelley ...

E. C. Bonner... Alturas, Calif.
Evan T. Hewes

W. W. Goodson.. El Centro, Calif.
Island No. 3.

Warren Reed.

Mrs, Nellie Kaiser Kingsburg, Calif. Jacinto...

W. W. Koehler.

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G. R. Chaney.. Miss Frances L. Carl. San Joaquin, Calir.

son. La Canada.-.

Dan W. Green...

Mrs. E. A. Keller... P. O. Box 37, La Canada, Calif. Laguna...-.-. Fred 1. Davis... Mrs. Vena Adams Route 1, Box 197, Laton, Calif.

Moseley. La Mesa, Lemon Grove R. M. Levy

C. Harritt.

4769 Spring St., La Mesa, Calif. & Spring Valley. Linden..-.C. C. Anderson. A. L. Cowell......... 316 Belding Building, Stock

ton, Calif. Lindmore...

A. R. Wakefield.... K. R, Clifford....... Box 996, Lindsay, Calif. Lindsay-Strathmore John Burr..--.

H. R. Huebert..-- P. O. Box 625, Lindsay, Calif. Littlerock Creek.. Geo. R. Bones.

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J. A. Secara....

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Chas. Welch

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H. P. Sargent.

P. O. Box 759, Merced, Calif.
Gerrit Veneman.. L. E. Bither....

P. O. Box 1371, Modesto, Calif. Montague Water Consv.. Sidney O'Connor... Roy E, Swigart Montague, Calif. Naglee Burk...

| Matthew Furtado.... George Wadsworth... Roberts Building, Tracy, Calif.

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144 S. Auburn St., Grass Val

ley, Calif.
P. 0. Box 81, Costa Mesa,

P. 0. Box 305, Costa Mesa,

P.O. Box 487, Oakdale, Calif.
P. O. Box 308, Oroville, Calif.
Palmdale, Calif.
Box 38, Blythe, Calif.
Paradise, Calif.
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Banco Santa Fe, Calif.
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R. D. 1, Box 860, Orange, Calif.
Box 127, Shafter, Calif.
864 W. Washington Blvd.,

Montebello, Calif.
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Stratford, Calif.
P. 0. Box 125, Terra Bella,

Rt. 3. Box 113. Oroville, Calif.
Roberts Bldg., Tracy, Calif.
Tranquillity, Calif.
210 SO. K St., Tulare, Calif.
117 W. Main St., Turlock,

P. 0. Box 1026, Porterville,

Vista, Calif.
P. 0. Box 187, Waterford,

Box 177, Tracy, Calif.



Biggs-West Gridley. Leon Brink...

W. C. Jensen.-------

City Hall, Gridley, Calif. Buena Vista Water J. Leroy Nickel, Jr... F. L. Humphrey. Buttonwillow, Calir.

Elsinore Water....

Mrs. Elizabeth H. Elsinore, Calif.

Tarr. Kaweah Delta Water James Ingle...------- D. T. Frymire..------ P. O, Box 648, Visalia, Calif.

Conservation. Kaweah River Associ- Harold H. Anderson.. Chas. H. J. Hausch... 517 So. Church St., Visalia, ation.

Calif. Kings River Water W. P. Boono..------ Chas. L. Kaupke ---- 402 Pacific Southwest Bldg., Association.

Fresno, Calif. North Kern Water Stor- Hugh 8. Allen--- G. L. Henderson..---- Box 380, Bakersfield, Calif.

age. Patterson Water Co.... J. D. Patterson

Miss Q. Brown.. P. O. Box 685, Patterson, Calif. Banta Ana Heights.... B. V. Curry..--- W. L. Copeland. R. F. D. No. 4, Box 466, Santa

Ana, Calif. Santa Clara Valley S. D. Farrington..... Beth Townsend..---- 60 No. Second St., San Jose, Water Conservation.

Calif. Stevinson Water...--- Milton C. Gordon... Fred B. Wood.....

Calit. St. Johns River Asso- E. A. Hesseltine.... Chas. H. J. Hausch. - 517 So. Church St., Visalia, ciation,


995 Market St., San Francisco,

COUNTY WATER DISTRICTS SECTION F. T. Dusterberry, chairman, 324 Central Avenue, Centerville, Calif. M. I. Church, Jr., secretary, 1202 Broadway Arcade Building, Los Angeles, Calif. A. B. Shaw, Jr., secretary, 835 Rowan Building, Fifth and Spring Streets, Los

Angeles, Calif.

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Cathella, Cal Pittsburk 'ngeles,

Coachella Valley...
Contra Costa.....

Arthur M. Okell......
Dr. Harry W. Forbes.
Ralph Bollman......
Xelis Gephart..--

Lucille K. Deu Pree..
0. N. Christianson...
C.F. Culver .--

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1314 Pine 'st., Pittsburg, Calif. 704 So. Spring St., Los Angeles,

R. R. 628, San Lorenzo, Calif.
8379 Almond Lane, Hayward,

P. O. Box 605, Laguna Beach,

Puente, Calir.
583 San Ysidro Road, Santa

Barbara, Calif.
214 N. Church St., Pico, Calif.
106 N. San Gabriel Blvd., San

Gabriel, Calif.
P. O. Box“A”, South Laguna,

704 So. Spring St., Los Angeles,


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M. I. Church....
L. W. Hitt...

Lupie Valencia.....
Elmer L. Crawford.... Mrs. Leslie B. White-

Earl L. Shanhollzer... C.F. Culver.........



No. 833.
Reclamation District

No. 1000.
Pescadero Reclamation

District No. 2058.
Bradford Reclamation

District No. 2059. Reclamation District

No. 2068.

Edward Steadman... Sydney R. Smith.....
Thomas McCormack. C. F. Metteer.......
A. O. Stewart ------- George Wadsworth....
Lee Laird............ Moulton Warner.....

J. E. Wiggins.......

Box 247, Gridley, Calif.
816 California State Life Bldg.,

Sacramento, Calif.
Banta, Calif.
744 Calmar Ave., Oakland,

Box 736, Dixon, Calif.

H. D. Winship..

The Irrigation Districts Association of California is a mutual association of irrigation districts organized under the California Irrigation District Act, and other agencies whose primary purpose is the irrigation of lands. It is not in politics, as that term usually implies, but it does take an interest in all legislation affecting the districts.

Its purpose is the strengthening of the districts legally, financially, and economically, and the advancement of Caifornia through the proper use and distribution of the waters of the State.

It comprises districts with a total area of more than 4,000,000 acres of land, a valuation in excess of one thousand million dollars, and with a rural population of more than 500,000 people.

The association acts for all districts in matters pertaining to the welfare of the districts and the farmers of the State.

Senator OVERTON. Now, who else wishes to make a statement? Suppose you give me the order of the witnesses who are to appear this morning.

Senator DowNEY. This is Clair Engle, one of our Representatives, Mr. Chairman, from California.

Senator OVERTON. Representatives Engle and Lea?
Senator DOWNEY. Representative Johnson.
Senator (VERTON. Representative Johnson and Representative Lea?
Senator DowNEY. That is right.

Senator OVERTON. That completes the list, then?

Representative Engle. Then there is Mr. Mellin, from the State reclamation board.

Mr. MELLIN, G. F. Mellin, assistant engineer and appraiser, State reclamation board, Sacramento, Calif.

Representative ENGLE. J. B. Manthey, San Joaquin County
Senator OVERTON. What is the name?
Mr. MANTHEY. J. B. Manthey.

Mr. BRUECK. Karl C. Brueck, Flood Control Association of the lower San Joaquin River and its tributaries.

Senator OVERTON. Now, we are running behind in our schedule. I know you come all the way from California and do not wish to return home without making a statement, and therefore the committee is cooperating with you so far as practicable, but I hope that your statements will be brief and to the point, in order that we may take up the projects that are on our schedule today as soon as we have finished with the present projects.



y engine the Sacport of thet a

Representative ENGLE. Mr. Chairman, my name is Clair Engle. I am the Representative in Congress from the Second District of California. The proposed Table Mountain Dam will be in my district. I have two counties affected by the dam-one above it and one below it. Shasta County, the one above it, is strongly protesting the building of the dam; Tehama County, the one below, is strongly urging the building of the dam. There are a number of counties south of Tehama County on the Sacramento River benefited by the dam, but they are for the most part in the district of Congressman Lea.

I am appearing in support of the Table Mountain Dam and the other projects on the Sacramento River in my district proposed by the Army engineers. My support of the Table Mountain Dam is based upon the need for flood control on the Sacramento River and the fact that the dam will give great benefits to the lands down the river far outweighing, in my opinion, the damage done to Shasta County.

The objections to the Table Mountain Dam have centered around four primary points:

1. That the building of the dam will excessively damage Shasta County.

2. That the building of the dam should be deferred until the feasibility of building tributary dams as an alternative is fully investigated.

3. That the building of the low-level dam will preempt the site for a future high-level dam in the plans of the Bureau of Reclamation.

4. That the building of the low-level dam will effectively eliminate the salmon industry.

I will discuss these points briefly, in order:

1. The low-level dam will flood 18,600 acres: 10,900 acres of this is in Tehama County, which is not protesting the dam; 7,600 acres are in Shasta County; 2,200 acres of the land in Shasta County is ir

1. Theding and the ic damages.ity of R

rigated. The rest is dry farm or dry pasture. This does not represent a large percentage of the total area or wealth of the county and is small compared to the thousands of highly cultivated lands down the river which will receive flood protection. There will be no towns or cities flooded. The objections to the dam, however, come largely from the city of Redding and the towns of Cottonwood and Anderson, they fear the indirect economic damages. The flooding from the dam will not come within 7 miles of the city of Redding. There was no wide-spread or organized opposition to the dam among the farmers to be flooded when I was in the district this spring, although some of them told me personally they were opposed to the dam.

This morning I received two telegrams from landowners to be flooded by the dam, supporting the building of the Table Mountain project, one owning 1,800 acres and the other 175 acres within the flood level of the dam; and I should like to file those with the committee.

Although it is my opinion that the damage from the low-level dam is exaggerated in the minds of those protesting the building of the dam, I have urged the building of the structure which will cause the least damage to Shasta County.

2. The second point is that the building of the dam should be deferred until the feasibility of the tributary dams as an alternative is fully investigated. The Army engineers have investigated the tributarv proposal and have stated that it is not economically feasible. The Bureau of Reclamation has made a preliminary investigation, and I wish at this point to file with the committee as a part of my statement a telegram sent to me by Mr. Charles E. Carey, the regional director of the Bureau of Reclamation. I wish to call particular attention to the last sentence of the telegram, which reads as follows:

While our preliminary investigations indicate the possibility of the develop ment of the tributaries as an alternate to the Table Mountain Dam, further investigations and developments of the tributaries will be dependent upon the action of Congress in connection with H. R. 4485which is this billand the availability of our funds for such purpose.

The interest of the Bureau of Reclamation in the tributary proposal must be viewed in light of the plan which they have to build a highlevel dam at Table Mountain. In my opinion they have no bona fide intention of ever building the tributary dams but have indicated an interest in investigating them as an excuse for requesting the removal of this dam from the program of the Army engineers and thus preserving for themselves the site at Table Mountain for a dam to be built under their program.

3. This brings me to the third point, which was mentioned by Mr. Bashore in his testimony, that is, that the Bureau objects to the building of the low-level dam because it will preempt the site for a high-level dam at Table Mountain called for in their plans. Surely those protesting the low-level dam can find little comfort in this argument. They will, however, find comfort in the answer to it. That answer is that the Army engineers have stated that the site at Table Mountain will not sustain a high-level dam. Since the site will not sustain a high-level dam, the building of a low-level dam is not taking anything away from the Bureau of Reclamation. The Bureau has shown no interest in building a low-level dam for flood

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