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Title 26

Internal Revenue

(This book contains Part 1, $$ 1.301 to 1.400)


CHAPTER — Internal Revenue Service, Department of the Treasury (Continued). . . . . . . . . . .

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(Part 1, 88 1.301 to 1.400)




Income tax; taxable years beginning after December 31, 1953 (Continued)

Supplementary Publication: Internal Revenue Service Looseleaf Regulations System.

Additional supplementary publications are issued covering Alcohol and Tobacco Tas Regulations, and Regulations Under Tax Conventions.



1953 (Continued)
Normal Taxes and Surtaxes (Continued)


EFFECTS ON RECIPIENTS Soc. 1.301 Statutory provisions; distributions of property. 1.301-1 Rules applicable with respect to distributions of money and other property. 1.302 Statutory provisions; distributions in redemption of stock. 1.302–1 General. 1.302–2 Redemptions not taxable as dividends. 1.302–3 Substantially disproportionate redemption. 1.302-4 Termination of shareholder's interest. 1.303 Statutory provisions; distributions in redemption of stock to pay death taxes. 1.303-1 General. 1.303-2 Requirements. 1.303–3 Application of other sections. 1.304 Statutory provisions; redemption through use of related corporations. 1.304-1 General. 1.304–2 Acquisition by related corporation (other than subsidiary). 1.304–3 Acquisition by a subsidiary. 1.305 Statutory provisions; distributions of stock and stock rights. 1.305–1 Stock dividends. 1.305–2 Election of shareholders as to medium of payment. 1.305–3 Distributions in discharge of preference dividends. 1.306 Statutory provisions; dispositions of certain stock. 1.306–1 General. 1.306–2 Exception. 1.306–3 Section 306 stock defined.

8oo. 1.307 Statutory provisions; basis of stock and stock rights acquired in distributions. 1.307-1 General. 1.307-2 Exception.

EFFECTS ON CORPORATION 1.311 Statutory provisions; taxability of corporation on distribution. 1.311-1 General. 1.312 Statutory provisions; effect on earnings and profits. 1.312-1 Adjustment to earnings and profits reflecting distributions by corporations. 1.312–2 Distribution of inventory assets. 1.312–3 Liabilities. 1.312-4 Examples of adjustments provided in section 312(c). 1.312–5 Special rule for partial liquidations and certain redemptions. 1.312-6 Earnings and profits. 1.312–7 Effect on earnings and profits of gain or loss realized after February 28,

1913. 1.312-8 Effect on earnings and profits of receipt of tax-free distributions requiring

adjustment or allocation of basis of stock. 1.312–9 Adjustments to earnings and profits reflecting increase in value accrued

before March 1, 1913. 1.312–10 Allocation of earnings in certain corporate separations. 1.312-11 Effect on earnings and profits of certain other tax-free exchanges, tax-free

distributions, and tax-free transfers from one corporation to another. 1.312–12 Distributions of proceeds of loans guaranteed by the United States.

DEFINITIONS; CONSTRUCTIVE OWNERSHIP OF STOCK 1.316 Statutory provisions; dividend defined. 1.316–1 Dividends.. 1.316-2 Sources of distribution in general. 1.317 Statutory provisions; other definitions. 1.317-1 Property defined. 1.318 Statutory provisions; constructive ownership of stock. 1.318-1 Constructive ownership of stock; introduction. 1.318-2 Application of general rules. 1.318-3 Estates, trusts, and options. 1.318-4 Constructive ownership as actual ownership; exceptions.


EFFECTS ON RECIPIENTS 1.331 Statutory provisions; gain or loss to shareholders in corporate liquidations. 1.331-1 Corporate liquidations. 1.332 Statutory provisions; complete liquidations of subsidiaries. 1.332-1 Distributions in liquidation of subsidiary corporation; general. 1.332-2 Requirements for nonrecognition of gain or loss. 1.332–3 Liquidations completed within one taxable year. 1.3324 Liquidations covering more than one taxable year. 1.332–5 Distributions in liquidation as affecting minority interests. 1.332–6 Records to be kept and information to be filed with return. 1.332-7 Indebtedness of subsidiary to parent. 1.333 Statutory provisions; election as to recognition of gain in certain liquida

tions. 1.333-1 Corporate liquidations in some one calendar month. 1.333-2 Qualified electing shareholder. 1.333–3 Making and filling of written elections. 1.3334 Treatment of gain. 1.333-5 Special rule for treatment of gain. 1.333–6 Records to be kept and information to be filed with return. 1.334 Statutory provisions; basis of property received in liquidations. 1.334_1 Basis of property received in liquidations. 1.334-2 Property received in liquidation under section 333.

EFFECTS ON CORPORATION 1.336 Statutory provisions; general rule. 1.336-1 General rule on liquidation of corporation. 1.337 Statutory provisions; gain or loss on sales or exchanges in connection with

certain Liquidations.

1.337-1 General.
1.337-2 Sales or exchanges within the scope of section 337.
1.337–3 Property defined.
1.3374 Limitation of gain.
1.337-5 Special rule for certain minority shareholders.
1.337-6 Information to be filed.
1.338 Statutory provisions; effect on earnings and profits.

COLLAPSIBLE CORPORATIONS; FOREIGN PERSONAL HOLDING COMPANIES 1.341 Statutory provisions; collapsible corporations. 1.341-1 Collapsible corporations; in general. 1.341-2 Definitions. 1.341-3 Presumptions. 1.3414 Limitations on application of section. 1.341-5 Application of section. 1.341-6 Exceptions to application of section. 1.342 Statutory provisions; liquidation of certain foreign personal holding com

panies. 1.342–1 General.

DEFINITION 1.346 Statutory provisions; partial liquidation defined. 1.346–1 Partial liquidation. 1.346-2 Treatment of certain redemptions. 1.346–3 Effect of certain sales.


CORPORATE ORGANIZATIONS 1.351 Statutory provisions; transfer to corporation controlled by transferor. 1.351-1 Transfer to corporation controlled by transferor. 1.351-2 Receipt of property. 1.351-3 Records to be kept and information to be filed.

EFFECTS ON SHAREHOLDERS AND SECURITY HOLDERS 1.354 Statutory provisions; exchanges of stock and securities in certain reorganiza

tions. 1.354-1 Exchanges of stock and securities in certain reorganizations. 1.355 Statutory provisions; distribution of stock and securities of a controlled

corporation. 1.355–1 Distribution of stock and securities of controlled corporation. 1.355-2 Limitations. 1.355-3 Non pro rata distributions, etc. 1.355-4 Active conduct of a trade or business. 1.355-5 Records to be kept and information to be filed. 1.356 Statutory provisions; receipt of additional consideration, 1.356-1 Receipt of additional consideration in connection with an exchange. 1.356_2 Receipt of additional consideration not in connection with an exchange. 1.356–3 Rules for treatment of securities as “other property". 1.356-4 Exchanges for section 306 stock. 1.356–5 Transactions involving gift or compensation. 1.357 Statutory provisions; assumption of liability. 1.357-1 Assumption of liability. 1.357-2 Liabilities in excess of basis. 1.358 Statutory provisions; basis to distributees. 1.358-1 Basis to distributees. 1.358-2 Allocation of basis among nonrecognition property. 1.358-3 Treatment of assumption of liabilities. 1.358-4 Exception.

EFFECTS ON CORPORATION 1.361 Statutory provisions; nonrecognition of gain or loss to corporations. 1.361-1 Nonrecognition of gain or loss to corporations. 1.362 Statutory provisions; basis to corporations. 1.362-1 Basis to corporations. 1.362-2 Certain contributions to capital. 1.363 Statutory provisions; effect on earnings and profits.

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