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gressions, and suffering patiently the Sentence of an earthly court, thou mavest not condemn me at thy dreadful Tribunal. Lord, let that remarkable day be often in my thoughts, that the fear of it and thee, may be ever before my Eyes. Give me an earnest desire, and a, careful endeavour, to reform those Evil A&tions that have brought this imprisonment upon me, io direct all my ways, and to order the course of my future life, according to the rule and precepts of thy holy word; let it be my utmost care and dili. gence, to have a good conscience in all things, and so to live, that, my life being approved of by thee, my death may be happy, and my ap- . pearance before thee, in the day of ihy coming, surrounded with Joy and comfort.

Grant, that the merit of thiy death, and virtue of thy resurrection, O blessed Saviour, may both mortify all my sinful and corrupt affections,


and :

and raise me to the life of righteoufness, that dying to fin, and governed here by thy power, and hereafter acquitted by thy final Sentence, I may at last arrive to a perfect union with thee, with a full view and Eternal Enjoyment of thee, and thy blessed presence. Grant this, o merciful Father, for Jesus Christ's fake. Amen.

A Prayer in Exile: +

Lord God, Lord of the Moun.

tains and Vallies, Land and Sea, and the God of the Exiled and Out-cast; thou dost with much patience behold oppression and wrong, until the measures of Iniquity be filled up: O Lord, behold the pressures of me thy poor, despised, and dejected Servant; doubly dejected, in having, by my offences, brought myself into this forlorn


+ From the fame.

Situation. Thy mercy and gracious audience of the afflicted is not confined to any place; every place is equally near Heaven, and wherever men lift up pure hands and hearts, worshipping thee in Spirit and in Truth, thou art there present to hear and help them. Lord, thou seest good to permit me to the power of men to exercise me, yet can they not shut thy merciful Ears against me; O let my complaints therefore come before thee'; let thy word lead me in thy way, and let thy good spirit direét me.

Lord, leave me not deftitute and comfortless in my affli&tions; be my Guide and Help in this earthly pilgrimage and Valley of Tears, unto, and in, the hour which thou hast appointed to take me hence, into the incorruptible and undefiled Inheritance, which thou, by thy power, hast reserved in Heaven for all believers : where no hand of the oppressor can reach, and where shall

: ; ; be be no curse, no fin, no sear of forfeiture. Into which no Enemy shall be admittedo and from which no Inhabitant shall be cast out. Lord, hear and help me ; Lord, have mercy upon me, and grant me that which I ask according to thy will, and that which I should ask, which thou knowelt best for me, thro’ the infinite merits of the Son of thy Love, the Author and finisher of our Salvation, Jesus Christ the righteous. Amen.

A Prayer for an happy death. +

Moft great and mighty God.!

in whose hands are the issues of Life and Death! Thou orderest all things by thy infinite power and wisdom, and hast appointed for all men once to die; and after this short Rife is ended, hast, of thy infinite Goodnefs, provided for thy faithful

Servants + W. Melmoth, Esq.

Servants à State of endless Bliss and Happiness. O make me truly sensible of the frailty and uncertainty of my life; and teach me fo to number my days, that I may apply my heart unto irue wisdom. Let not Death ever surprize me unawares, or find me in a state unprovided. But grant that I may live in such a constant preparation for my latter End sand fo diligently improve my time in this confinement that how suddenly foever thou shalt be pleased to take me out of this world, I may be found ready and prepared for that great account, which I must one day give before the Judgment Seat of Christ. Enable me, by the Aflikt ance of thy Grace and holy Spirit, to finish the great work of my Sale vation before the night comes when no man can work, and to lay up a good foundation of Hope and Com. fort against the hour of my death ; that when the time of my departure shall come, I may look back upon a.

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