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the Shame and Anguilh, the hor. ror and confusion of a guilty con. science; and give me that comfort and complacency of mind, which arises from the consciousness of having been faithful in thy Service, and obedient to thy will. And, since thou hast been graciously pleased to make thy Service the moft perfeet freedom, and the practice of our duty lo conducive io our present as well as future well-being; O make me steadfast and immovable in the ways of thy laws, and in the works of thy cominandments ; that, having faithfully served thee in this life, I may at last be found meet to be a partaker of the Inheritance of the Saints in light, through the sole Merits and Intercefsion of our eter. nal Advocate and Mediator, Jesus Christ. Amen.

1 A Prayer for the distressed, &c. W HILE I thus pray for myW felf, suffer me, ó gracious

Lord, Lord, to offer up my fervent sup. plications for such of my fellow creatures, as may at this moment be in want of thy fatherly protection. Have mercy upon all those who never pray for themielves, but with. out the Knowledge of thee, my God, plunder and persecute those whom thou hast made. Support and comfort the unhappy and diftreffed, whereverthey may be found; wipe away their tears, and pour balm into their hearts. Relieve all that are troubled in mind or confcience; all that are in danger of falling into defpair; all that are in any dangerous Error; all that, like myfelf, are in prison and adversity; all that are in Slavery or in Exile; all that are persecuted for righteoulness' lake-give them grace to, im. prove under their sufferings, and grant them an happy Issue out of all their afflictions, · Lord, fanctify the miseries of this Life, and in particular the punish

ments com.

'ments of those, who have fallen into the hands of Justice for their offences; fanétify them, I pray thee, to the everlasting benefit of those that suffer. Give unto all Sinners fuch a sense of thy displeasure, that they may flee from Sin, as from the face of a Serpent, and lose no time in regaining thy favor and Salvation.

Bless our gracious Sovereign, and all the Magistrates of țhis realm; remove from my heart, all refentment against those, that have brought me to this place, or senienced me to this solitary Imprison, ment; and make me fensible, that this bodily.constraint is well calcu. lated to bring me to a knowledge of myself, that I may not be given over to everlafting punishment in the day of universal recompense.

For thus flopping me in the midf of my Sins, I bless and praise thy holy name, Grant that I may daily be more firmly settled in the belief of thy holy word, and in that most

comfortable do&trine for distressed Sinners, the propitiatory Sacrifice of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ; into whose hands I relign myself, my Soul and body, for thou hast redeemed me, O Lord thou God of Truth. Amen.

: A Prayer for imprisoned Debtors.

Almighty God, who lookest U down upon all the Sons of men with mercy and pity, I beseech thee to accept the prayers of me thy Servant, who am now separated from Society, and weighed down with Sorrow and Affliction. The debt which I owe to thee has increa. fed to a great fize; give me thy Grace to discharge. it in the best manner I am able. Yet it is not in me, O Lord, to offer any equal return for thy Mercy ; daily have been my offences, and imperfect my


repentance. Let me, then, lay be. fore thee the merits of my Saviour, who came purposely into the world, that he might save finners. Through him I supplicate the pardon of my Sins—for there is none other name, given among men, whereby we can be saved..

If I have offended against my neighbours by ignorance, carelessness, or delign, o blot out my transgressions, and deliver me from eter, nal punishment. Give me an op. portunity, by my future diligence, and more intense application to that Business and Employment, which thou hast allotted me in life. of making up for any losses or disa tresles I may have brought upon them; and let thy good Spirit turn their hearts to pïty, to forgive, and to relieve me. And if any shall have behaved towards me with un. necessary severity and rigour, bestow upon mé such a portion of Christian benevolence, as to forgive them


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