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Three witnesses were heard: Willard Williamson, Eldorado Oil Works, San Francisco, Calif.; Carl Anderson, Merck, Inc., Rahway, N. J.; and E. R. Metcalf, Columbian Rope Company, Auburn, N. Y.

SHIP TRANSFER Committee on Merchant Marine and Fisheries: Subcommittee No. 1 (Ship Construction and Operation) met to discuss H. R. 672, authorizing the transfer of the ship Joseph Conrad to the city of St. Petersburg, Fla.

AMENDING RECLAMATION PROJECT ACT Committee on Public Lands: Irrigation and Reclamation Subcommittee discussed the following bills: H. R. 1772, H. R. 1886, and H. R. 1977, all dealing with amending the Reclamation Project Act of 1939. RULES Committee on Rules: Reported H. Res. 145 to provide for one hour debate on H. R. 2535, which amends the Reconstruction Finance Corporation Act, and H. Res. 146, to provide for three hours' debate on H. R. 1366, which facilitates procurement of supplies and services by the War and Navy Departments. H. Res. 21, which extends the Wildlife Conservation Committee, was reported favorably. Rules Committee meets Tuesday


Committee on Post Office and Civil Service: Met on H. R. 2408, authorizing an increase in postal rates. Officials from the Post Office Department testified.

at II a. m.

Résumé of Congressional Activity

January 3 through March 15, 1947






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Convening of the Eightieth Congress: The Eightieth
Congress convened on January 3, 1947, faced with the
problem of organization under the Congressional Re-
organization Act (Public Law 601). The party division
in the Senate on the opening day was 51 Republicans
and 45 Democrats; in the House it was 246 Republicans,
188 Democrats, and 1 American Labor.
The Senate elected the following officials:

Arthur H. Vandenberg, President pro tempore
Carl A. Loeffler, Secretary of the Senate
Edward F. McGinnis, Sergeant-at-Arms and Doorkeeper
Reverend Peter Marshall, Chaplain
J. Mark Trice, Secretary for the Majority

Felton M. Johnston, Secretary for the Minority
The Republicans designated Wallace H. White, Jr.,
Majority Leader, and Kenneth S. Wherry, Majority
Whip. The Democrats designated Alben W. Barkley,
Minority Leader, and Scott W. Lucas, Minority Whip.
The House elected the following officials:

Joseph W. Martin, Jr., Speaker
John Andrews, Clerk of the House
William F. Russell, Sergeant-at-Arms
M. L. Meletio, Doorkeeper
Frank W. Collier, Postmaster

Reverend James Shera Montgomery, Chaplain
The Republicans designated Charles A. Halleck,
Majority Leader, and Leslie C. Arends, Majority Whip.
The Democrats designated Sam Rayburn, Minority
Leader, and John W. McCormack, Minority Whip.
Data on Congressional Activity: The following table
gives a comprehensive résumé of all legislative business
transacted by the Senate and House during this session.

Senate House Total Days in session


37 Congressional Record:

Pages of proceedings I, 137 1,035 2, 172
Appendix ...

1, 090 Bills enacted into law.


17 Bills awaiting President's signa

ture Bills in conference. Measures passed, total

81 Senate bills


5 House bills.


Senate joint resolutions.. 7

House joint resolutions. 5
Senate concurrent resolu-

House concurrent resolu-


4 Simple resolutions


63 105 Measures reported, total.


150 Senate bills


7 House bills

75 Senate joint resolutions..

3 House joint resolutions..

Senate concurrent resolu-

House concurrent resolu-

Simple resolutions.


77 Special reports. ..

Conference reports.
Reported measures not acted on.
Bills defeated..
Measures introduced, total.. 1, 095 2,887

Joint resolutions.


150 Concurrent resolutions.


Simple resolutions


237 This figure includes all measures placed on calendar or acted on by Senate even if there were no accompanying report. A total of 52 reports has been filed in the Senate.





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Bills Enacted into Law: Seventeen of the bills accounted dollars. The House being unwilling to accept the Senfor in the above table have become public law, as follows: ate amendments, the resolution was sent to conference S. J. Res. 3, relating to officers and employees of the Senate and

where it is now pending further disposition. House of Representatives (P.L. 1).

The House and Senate passed in different forms and H. J. Res. 57, to extend time for alcohol plants to produce sugars sent to conference H. J. Res. 27, to limit the Presidential and syrups simultaneously with production of alcohol (P. L. 2).

term of office; the bill is now pending in conference. S. J. Res. 4, relating to the salaries of certain Senate employees

The House on February 28 passed and sent to the Senate (P. L. 3). S. J. Res. 24, to prescribe annual rates of compensation for cleri

H. R. 2157, to relieve employers of certain liability under cal staffs of Senate standing committees (P. L. 4).

portal-to-portal pay suits. On March 10 the bill was H. R. 1353, to amend the National Service Life Insurance Act reported to the Senate where it is now under consideraas to kind of insurance plans (P. L. 5).

tion. H. J. Res. 114, to continue authority of Maritime Commission to

Both Houses have passed and cleared for the President's operate vessels to July 1, 1947 (P. L. 6). H. J. Res. 121, to exempt from tax John D. Rockefeller's gift of

signature H. R. 1968, the urgent deficiency appropriation a site for the United Nations (P.L. 7).

bill, appropriating $179,645,668 for Congress and various S. 568, to authorize Secretary of Agriculture to cooperate with agencies of the Government and rescinding $699,461,151 other American countries in the control and eradication of foot.

of funds already appropriated. and-mouth disease and rinderpest (P.L. 8).

The Treasury-Post Office appropriation bill for the fiscal S. J. Res. 33, relative to extending time for a report to Congress by the Philadelphia National Shrines Park Commission (P.L.9).

year 1948 (H. R. 2436), providing a total of $12,388,S. J. Res. 60, relative to drilling, equipping, and acquiring wells 029,971, including permanent appropriations and trust for use in the San Carlos Irrigation Project (P. L. 10).

funds, of which $3,202,050,750 is direct annual appropriaS. 235, relative to installation of storm drain under Government

tion, passed the House on March 11 and was sent to the owned lands in Los Angeles (P. L. 11).

Senate where it is now pending before the Senate ApproH. J. Res. 122, to authorize the Maritime Commission to make provision for certain ocean transportation service to and from priations Committee. Alaska until July 1, 1948 (P.L. 12).

Presidential and Executive communications to Congress: S. 234, to convey certain Government-owned lands to the Central of Georgia Railway Company, situated in Bibb County,

During this session the President has addressed Congress Georgia (P. L. 13).

in joint session on two occasions: First, to give his State H. R. 1040, to authorize payment of claims to Switzerland re- of the Union message, and secondly, to urge United sulting from the sinking of the Awa Maru (P. L. 14).

States aid to Greece and Turkey. In addition to these H. R. 1778, to amend the Federal Firearms Act to redefine the

two personal appearances, the President has submitted term “crime of violence” (P. L. 15).

various other messages, including that of the Budget, on H. R. 2045, to amend the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act of 1938 by providing for certification of batches of drugs com

Selective Service, on Merging of the Armed Forces, and posed wholly or partly of any kind of streptomycin or any deriva

on removal of certain war-time powers. tive thereof (P. L. 16).

Many communications and reports have been submitted H. R. 1030, to continue indefinitely the war-time rate of certain excise taxes (P. L. 17).

to Congress by the various administrative agencies.

Some of them contained legislative proposals and recomOther Bills Considered: Other legislative issues which

mendations; others embodied reports on operations of have attracted much of the attention of Congress during

the agencies concerned, as required by law. this session include the Budget resolution (H. Con. Res.

All of these communications proposing legislation have 20), the proposed amendment to the Constitution on

been referred to proper committees for study and such limiting the Presidential term of office (H. J. Res. 27), action as the committee deems necessary. the portal-to-portal pay bill (H. R. 2157), the Urgent

Nominations: The President has submitted 13,442 nomiDeficiency Appropriation Bill for 1947 (H. R. 1968),

nations to the Senate, of which 11,047 have been conand the Treasury-Post Office Appropriation Bill for 1948 firmed. A break-down is set forth in the following (H. R. 2436).

table: In accordance with section 139 of the Congressional Reorganization Act, the Joint Committee on the Legis- Disposition of executive nominations through Mar. 15, 1947 lative Budget examined the President's estimates and Post Office nominations, totaling 590, disposed of as filed its report on February 15, recommending a reduc- follows: tion of 6 billion dollars in the budget estimates. Subse- Confirmed

None quently, concurrent resolutions were introduced in each Withdrawn

5 House to limit the amount of Federal expenditures for


None Unconfirmed

585 the fiscal year 1948. The House passed its concurrent resolution (H. Con. Res. 20) proposing to cut the Pres

Army nominations, totaling 4,173, disposed of as follows:

2,830 ident's budget from that of 3772 billion dollars to 314/2


None billion dollars. The Senate passed the resolution, pro- Rejected

None posing to reduce the budget estimates by 4/2 billion Unconfirmed



Navy nominations, totaling 7,752, disposed of as follows:

7,405 Withdrawn

None Rejected

None Unconfirmed ..

347 Marine Corps nominations, totaling 555, disposed of as follows: Confirmed

480 Withdrawn

None Rejected

None Unconfirmed

75 Civilian nominations other than postmasters, totaling 372, disposed of as follows: Confirmed

332 Withdrawn Rejected

None Unconfirmed

38 Summary Total nominations received.

13,442 Total rejected...

None Total withdrawn.

7 Total unconfirmed.

2,388 Total confirmed...

11,047 Treaties: The Senate has ratified one treaty, to extend for one year from October 1, 1946, subject to certain conditions, the Inter-American Coffee Agreement, signed in Washington on November 28, 1940.


Senate and House Committees The standing committees of the House and Senate for the Eightieth Congress are operating under the Congressional Reorganization Act (Public Law 601 of the 79th Cong.). Hence, the number of committees has been greatly reduced, in the Senate from 33 to 15, and in the House from 48 to 19. Accordingly, the problem of making committee assignments this year was unusual, with most of the entire membership of both the House and Senate receiving new assignments. By January 16, both Houses had approved resolutions making all majority and minority assignments to the standing committees. The Reorganization Act not only reduced the number of committees but redefined their respective jurisdiction. SENATE COMMITTEES Each standing and special committee of the Senate is accounted for here separately. The report on each includes the committee membership, any subcommittees which have been appointed together with membership, selected members of each committee staff, the jurisdiction of each standing committee as set forth in Public Law 601 of the Seventy-ninth Congress (the jurisdiction is taken from resolutions in cases of special committees), and a résumé of all legislative activity by each committee. Thus far, the Senate has created two special investigating committees: The Committee To Investi

gate the National Defense Program and the Committee To Study Problems of American Small Business. COMMITTEE ON AGRICULTURE AND FORESTRY Membership:

(Republicans in roman; Democrats in italics) Arthur Capper, Kans., Chair- Elmer Thomas, Okla.

Allen ). Ellender, La.
George D. Aiken, Vt.

Scott W. Lucas, IN.
Harlan J. Bushfield, S. Dak. Tom Stewart, Tenn.
George A. Wilson, Iowa. Clyde R. Hoey, N. C.
Milton R. Young, N. Dak. Claude Pepper, Fla.
James P. Kem, Mo.
Edward J. Thye, Minn.

James M. Kendall, Clerk

Joycette Jones, Clerk Membership of Subcommittees:

WARTIME LEGISLATION Senators Aiken, Chairman; Wilson, Kem, Lucas, and Pepper Jurisdiction (Standing Committee): All“proposed legislation, messages, petitions, memorials, and other matters" relating to the following subjects “shall be referred” to this committee: Agriculture generally. Inspection of livestock and meat products. Animal industry and diseases of animals. Adulteration of seeds, insect pests, and protection of birds and

animals in forest reserves. Agricultural colleges and experiment stations. Forestry in general, and forest reserves other than those created

from the public domain. Agricultural economics and research. Agricultural and industrial chemistry. Dairy industry. Entomology and plant quarantine. Human nutrition and home economics. Plant industry, soils, and agricultural engineering. Agricultural educational extension services.. Extension of farm credit and farm security. Rural electrification. Agricultural production and marketing and stabilization of

prices of agricultural products. Crop insurance ard soil conservation. Activity: Four public hearings have been held on various subjects relating to agriculture by this committee. The Secretary of Agriculture appeared before this group to discuss the Price Support Program for 1947 and 1948; the printed testimony is now available. Four days of hearings have been held on S. 350, to extend the Commodity Credit Corporation to June 30, 1949. The committee also considered the extension of the farm labor supply program and the control of the foot-andmouth disease in Mexico. The committee has ordered reported S. 669, granting a bonus of 30 cents per bushel on wheat. The nomination of Dillard B. Lasseter, to be Farmers' Home Administrator, was favorably reported by this group.





Messrs. Gurney, Brooks, Reed, Ferguson, Wherry, Cordon, Styles Bridges, N. H., Chair. Kenneth McKellar, Tenn.

Knowland, Thomas, Hayden, Overton, Russell, and O'Mahoney; Garl Hayden, Ariz.

Bridges, Robertson of Wyoming, and Tydings; Chan Gurney, S. Dak. Elmer Thomas, Okla.

Also on River and Harbor items: Messrs. Revercomb, Martin,

and O'Daniel.
C. Wayland Brooks, Ill. Millard E. Tydings, Md.
Clyde M. Reed, Kans.
Richard B. Russell, Ga.

Jurisdiction (Standing Committee): All “proposed
Joseph H. Ball, Minn.
Pat McCarran, Nev.

legislation, messages, petitions, memorials, and other Homer Ferguson, Mich. John H. Overton, La. Kenneth S. Wherry, Nebr.

matters" relating to the following subject “shall be Joseph C. O'Mahoney, Wyo. Guy Cordon, Oreg. Theodore Francis Green, R. I.

referred” to this committee: Leverett Salstonstall, Mass.

Appropriation of the revenue for the support of the Government. Milton R. Young, N. Dak. William F. Knowland, Calif.

Activity: The committee held hearings on H. R. 1968, Henry C. Dworshak, Idaho.

Urgent Deficiency Appropriation, and reported it to Everard H. Smith, Clerk

Senate on February 28. Hearings were held on FebruCecil H. Tolbert, Assistant Clerk

ary 6 at the request of the State Department on the Leslie M. Gravlin, Chief of the Professional Staff

liquidation of Lend-Lease. On February 7, representaMembership of Subcommittees:

tives of the General Accounting Office appeared on the (Ex officio committeemen's names appear in italics) same subject. DEPARTMENT OF AGRICULTURE

The Committee also studied and reported S. J. Res. 4, Messrs. Brooks, Gurney, Reed, Ferguson, Cordon, Young, relating to the salaries of certain Senate employees, and Dworshak, Russell, Hayden, Tydings, O'Mahoney, and

S. J. Res. 24, to prescribe annual rates of compensation McCarran;

for clerical staffs of Senate committees.
Capper, Bushfield, and Thomas of Oklahoma.

Messrs. Bridges, Brooks, Gurney, Ball, Ferguson, Cordon, Membership:
Young, McKellar, Hayden, Tydings, Russell, and Overton.

Chan Gurney, S. Dak., Chair. Millard E. Tydings, Md.

Richard B. Russell, Ga. Messrs. Dworshak, Ball, Young, Knowland, O'Mahoney, Styles Bridges, N. H.

Harry Flood Byrd, Va. McCarran, and Green;

Edward V. Robertson, Wyo. Lister Hill, Ala. Cain, Flanders, and McGrath.

George A. Wilson, Iowa. Harley M. Kilgore, W. Va. GOVERNMENT CORPORATIONS

Leverett Saltonstall, Mass. Burnet R. Maybank, S. C.

Wayne Morse, Oreg. Messrs. Ferguson, Reed, Wherry, Saltonstall, Young, Knowland,

Raymond E. Baldwin, Conn.
Dworshak, McKellar, Overton, Russell, McCarran, and Thomas.

John G. Adams, Clerk

Walter I. Smalley, Assistant Clerk
Messrs. Reed, Bridges, Brooks, Cordon, Ferguson, Saltonstall,

Herbert S. Atkinson, Assistant Clerk Green, Russell, McKellar, Thomas, and O'Mahoney.

Jurisdiction (Standing Committee): All “proposed leg. DEPARTMENT OF THE INTERIOR

islation, messages, petitions, memorials

, and other matMessrs. Wherry, Gurney, Ball, Cordon, Reed, Knowland, Dwor

ters” relating to the following subjects "shall be reshak, Hayden, Thomas, O'Mahoney, McCarran, and Overton.

ferred” to this committee: LABOR-FEDERAL SECURITY

Common defense generally. Messrs. Knowland, Gurney, Ball, Wherry, Young, Dworshak,

The War Department and the Military Establishment generally. McCarran, McKellar, Russell, and Thomas.

The Navy Department and the Naval Establishment generally. LEGISLATIVE BRANCH

Soldiers' and sailors' homes. Messrs. Young, Bridges, Saltonstall, Dworshak, Overton, Tyd

Pay, promotion, retirement, and other benefits and privileges of ings, and Green.

members of the armed forces. NAVY DEPARTMENT

Selective service. Messrs. Saltonstall, Bridges, Brooks, Ball, Gurney, Wherry, Tyd

Size and composition of the Army and Navy. ings, Overton, Green, Thomas, and O'Mahoney;

Forts, arsenals, military reservations, and navy yards.

Ammunition depots. Robertson of Wyoming, Wilson, and Russell.

Maintenance and operation of the Panama Canal, including the DEPARTMENTS OF STATE, JUSTICE, AND COMMERCE, AND THE

administration, sanitation, and government of the Canal Zone. JUDICIARY

Conservation, development, and use of naval petroleum and oil Messrs. Ball, Bridges, Wherry, Brooks, Ferguson, Saltonstall, shale reserves. McCarran, McKellar, Tydings, Hayden, and Green;

Strategic and critical materials necessary for the common defense. Also on Diplomatic and Consular items: Messrs. Hickenlooper, Lodge, and Hatch.

Activity: Numerous bills directly relating to personnel TREASURY AND Post OFFICE

of the armed forces—as transportation of dependents, Messrs. Cordon, Reed, Bridges, Saltonstall, Knowland, Tydings,

mileage and travel allowance, promotions, retirement of McKellar, Hayden, and Green;

officers, and amendment of the Pay Readjustment Act, Also on Post Office items: Messrs. Flanders, Ecton, and Chavez. have been considered by this committee.


Several proposals are before this group to amend the COMMITTEE ON CIVIL SERVICE
Mustering-Out Payment Act and also the Armed Forces Membership:
Leave Law.

William Langer, N. Dak., Dennis Chavez, N. Mex.


C. Douglass Buck, Del.

W. Lee O'Daniel, Tex. Membership:

Ralph E. Flanders, Vt.

Olin D. Johnston, S. C. Charles W. Tobey, N. H., Robert F. Wagner, N. Y.

Raymond E. Baldwin, Conn. William B. Umstead, N.C.
Edward J. Thye, Minn.

Herbert R. O'Conor, Md.
Burnet R. Maybank, S. C.

John J. Williams, Del.
C. Douglass Buck, Del. Glen H. Taylor, Idaho.

Zales N. Ecton, Mont.
Homer E. Capehart, Ind. 1. W. Fulbright, Ark.
Ralph E. Flanders, Vt. A. Willis Robertson, Va.

George D. Riley, Staff Director
Harry P. Cain, Wash. John Sparkman, Ala.

Colette E. Homan, Clerk John R. Bricker, Ohio.

Membership of Subcommittees:
Joseph R. McCarthy, Wis.

Robert C. Hill, Clerk

Senators Langer, Chairman, Buck, Chavez.
Membership of Subcommittees:


Senators Baldwin, Chairman, Flanders, Johnston.
Senators Tobey, Chairman, Buck, Flanders, Fulbright, Spark-



Senators Thye, Chairman, Ecton, Umstead.
Senators Tobey, Chairman, Buck, Flanders, Wagner, Fulbright.


Senators Langer, Chairman, Thye, O'Conor. Senators Capehart, Chairman, Buck, McCarthy, Maybank, Jurisdiction (Standing Committee): All “proposed leg. Taylor.

islation, messages, petitions, memorials, and other HOUSING AND RENTS

matters” relating to the following subjects “shall be Senators Buck, Chairman, Cain, Bricker, Taylor, Fulbright. referred to this committee: CURRENCY AND COINAGE

The Federal civil service generally. Senators Flanders, Chairman, McCarthy, Maybank.

The status of officers and employees of the United States, includ.

ing their compensation, classification, and retirement. RUBBER

The postal service generally, including the railway mail service, Senators Bricker, Chairman, Cain, Robertson of Virginia.

and measures relating to ocean mail and pneumatic-tube service;

but excluding post roads. SUGAR

Postal-savings banks. Senators Flanders, Chairman, Bricker, McCarthy, Maybank,

Census and the collection of statistics generally. Sparkman.

The National Archives. Jurisdiction (Standing Committee): All “proposed leg

Activity: Main attention of this committee has been islation, messages, petitions, memorials, and other mat

given to three proposals: S. Res. 41, regarding the staffing ters” relating to the following subjects “shall be referred”

of Government agencies; S. Res. 42, to investigate the to this committee:

system of cafeterias on Government reservation; and

S. Res. 43, to consider reduction of the Post Office deficit Banking and currency generally. Financial aid to commerce and industry, other than mat

through a revision of rates. ters relating to such aid which are specifically assigned to other Consideration has also been given to S.637, to amend the committees under this rule.

old-age and survivor's programs for Government emDeposit insurance. Public and private housing.

ployees. Federal Reserve System.

The Committee approved and recommended confirmaGold and silver, including the coinage thereof.

tion of Frances Perkins as a Civil Service Commissioner. Issuance of notes and redemption thereof. Valuation and revaluation of the dollar.

COMMITTEE ON THE DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA Control of prices of commodities, rents, or services.

Membership: Activity: Proposals to terminate the Emergency Price

C. Douglass Buck, Del., Control Act and other similar wartime measures were Chairman.

Olin D. Johnston, S. C. considered at hearings on February 13 and 18.

Arthur Capper, Kans. Spessard L. Holland, Fla.

Joseph H. Ball, Minn. John Sparkman, Ala. The Housing and Rent Subcommittee has given consid

Ralph E. Flanders, Vt. William B. Umstead, N. C. eration to proposals for the removal of rent control. John Sherman Cooper, Ky. J. Howard McGrath, R. I. The latest action of the committee was the reporting of

Harry P. Cain, Wash.

James P. Kem, Mo. S. J. Res. 58 which would permit controls to be continued

J. George Stewart, Chief Clerk over the rationing of sugar.

James R. Kirkland, Counsel

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