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This is the new Daily Digest, published as a part of the daily Congressional
Record, as authorized by Public Law 601 of the Seventy-ninth Congress.
The launching of the Digest was necessarily delayed until March 17, hence
the first issue gives a résumé of legislative activity from January 2 through
March 17.

Daily Digest

Monday, March 17, 1947 HIGHLIGHTS

Senate debated portal-to-portal pay bill; House passed rubber and Consent

Calendar bills.
Appropriation group met on Government fiscal matters.
Rubber subcommittee appointed.
Government officials testified on housing and rent control.


Chamber Action
Routine Proceedings, pages 2102–2110.
Nineteen bills and resolutions were introduced, as fol-
lows: S. 907-S. 923, inclusive, S. J. Res. 89, and S. Con.
Res. 9.

Pages 2108-2109 BILLS REPORTED Four bills were reported, as follows: S. 918, to establish Office of Selective Service Records and to preserve Selective Service records (S. Rept. 53), by Committee on Armed Services; H. R. 731, to establish Theodore Roosevelt National Park, etc., with amendments (S. Rept. 54), by Committee on Public Lands; S. J. Res. 45, to rename Boulder Dam as Hoover Dam, with amendments (S. Rept. 55), by Committee on Public Lands; S. 214, to change name of irrigation project in Oklahoma (S. Rept. 56), by Committee on Public Lands; minority views were filed on H. R. 2157, portal-to-portal-pay bill as a part of S. Rept. 48.

Page 2108 BILLS SENT TO PRESIDENT S. 220, authorizing Secretary of the Navy to grant easement to the American Telephone and Telegraph Company; and S. 221, authorizing Secretary of the Navy to grant easement to the Virginia Electric Power Company.

Page 2108 XCIII--DD

Letter from Comptroller General transmitting audit re-
port of Tennessee Valley Authority for fiscal year ending
June 30, 1945.

Page 2103 PORTAL-TO-PORTAL PAY SUITS The Senate debated H. R. 2157, to relieve employers from liability for portal-to-portal-pay suits. Most of the afternoon session was consumed by Senator Donnell, chairman of the Judiciary Subcommittee which conducted the hearings, giving the position and views of the subcommittee. One amendment by Senator Wherry and two by Senator Holland were submitted, intended to be proposed as amendments to H. R. 2157, at a later date; they were ordered to lie on the table and to be printed.

Page 2109 PROFIT SHARING Senate agreed to S. Con. Res. 9, to print 1,000 copies of S. Rept. 610 of the 76th Congress, relating to profit sharing and incentive taxation.

Page 2109 HOUSING At the request of Senator Tobey, a previous order directing printing of a document relative to housing bill in the 79th Congress was canceled.

Page 2109 D3

NOMINATIONS Senate confirmed the following nominations, and ordered the President notified: Carroll Miller as Interstate Commerce Commissioner, Harry A. McDonald as Securities and Exchange Commissioner, Henry Earl Cook as member of Board of Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation, and James R. Wade as Collector of Customs, St. Louis, Mo. (District 45).

President submitted the nominations of Lieutenant General Lucius DuBignon Clay, to be General, and Major General Clarence R. Huebner, to be Lieutenant General. Nominations in the Foreign Service and Public Health Service were also submitted.

Pages 2135, 2136

Reports on Committee Meetings FISCAL MATTERS PROPERTY INVENTORIES Committee on Appropriations: Meeting in executive session, the committee named a subcommittee to consider S. J. Res, 61, to amend the Constitution to control Government expenditures and enforce a balanced budget in peacetime. Members of the subcommittee are: Senators Ball, Ferguson, Saltonstall, Cordon, Tydings, and Bridges, ex officio as full committee chairman. The committee also discussed reports that various departments are piling up large inventories of supplies and using up unexpended funds prior to end of the fiscal year, and appointed Senators Knowland, chairman, Reed, and McKellar as members of a subcommittee to recommend a control program to the full committee.

RUBBER Committee on Banking and Currency: The rubber subcommittee, consisting of Senators Bricker, Cain, and Robertson of Virginia, met in executive session, but made no announcement.

GOVERNMENT CAFETERIAS Committee on Civil Service: Subcommittee on S. Res. 42, providing for an investigation of cafeterias on Govern

House of Representatives

Chamber Action BILLS INTRODUCED Twenty-six public bills, H. R. 2564 to H. R. 2589, and 22 private bills, H. R. 2590 to H. R. 2611, and House resolutions, H. J. Res. 151 and H. Res. 147 were intro duced.

Pages 2164-2165

ment Reservations, continued hearings. Members of the subcommittee are: Senators Baldwin, Flanders, and Johnston.

HEALTH DEPARTMENT Committee on Expenditures in the Executive Departments: Watson Miller, Administrator of Federal Security Administration, and Elizabeth Wickenden, representing American Public Welfare Association, appeared on S. 140 and S. 712, to create a Department of Health, Education, and Welfare.

Committee on the Judiciary: This committee in execu-
tive session considered the deportations of Indonesians
and heard David Munro, Workers' Defense League, in
that connection. It also received reports from subcom-
mittees on S. 560, to prohibit operation of gambling
boats, and on nomination of Borinquen Marrero Rios,
to be an Associate Justice of Puerto Rico Supreme Court.
The committee will meet next on March 24, in executive

Committee on Public Lands: The committee ordered
reported H. R. 731, to establish Theodore Roosevelt
National Park, and S. 214, to change the name of an
Oklahoma irrigation project.

Special Committee to Investigate the National Defense
Program: An executive session was held by the commit-
tee relative to certain records which are desired from
the War Department. The committee plans to meet
with the Secretary of War in the near future on this

Special Committee to Study Problems of American
Small Business: Testimony was given the committee by
three newsprint dealers from New York City.

Eleven bills were reported as follows: Disposition of
executive papers (Rept. Nos. 154 and 155); H. Res. 21,
extending Wildlife Conservation Committee (Rept.
No. 151); H. Res. 145, providing consideration of H. R.
2535, which amends the Reconstruction Finance Cor-
poration Act. (Rept. No. 152); H. Res. 146, providing
consideration on H. R. 1366, which facilitates procure-

Pages 2146-2158

Page 2164

ment of supplies and services by the War and Navy RUBBER Departments (Rept. No. 153); H. R. 797, William C.

The Committee on Rules called up and passed H. Res. Austin project (Rept. No. 156); H. R. 1344, Crosline 144, which provided consideration for H. J. Res. 118, ferry (Rept. No. 157); H. R. 2293, amending navigation maintenance of domestic rubber industry. After conregulations on Great Lakes and tributaries by act of

sideration this joint resolution was passed and sent to February 8, 1895 (Rept. No. 158); H. R. 1556, providing the Senate. basic authority for certain activities of Bureau of Reclamation (Rept. No. 159); H. R. 2086, furnishing steam for DAR property (Rept. No. 160); H. R. 2369, provid- Reports on Committee Meetings ing for suspension of annual assessment work on loca

CROP LOANS tion claims in Alaska (Rept. No. 161).

Committee on Agriculture: Subcommittee No. 3 met CONSENT CALENDAR BILLS

on H. J. Res. 38, providing for the cancellation of cerThe House today considered and passed the following tain crop loans. Mr. S. P. Lindsey of the Farmers 12 bills on its Consent Calendar

Home Administration was the only witness heard. Military personnel: S. 276, providing payment and set

DEPARTMENT APPROPRIATIONS tlement of mileage and other travel allowance accounts of military personnel.

Committee on Appropriations: Deficiency, Agriculture,

War Department and State, Justice, Commerce and Immigration and naturalization: H. R. 1975, amending

Judiciary Subcommittees met in executive session and subsec. (c) of sec. 19 of the Immigration Act of 1917

will meet again Tuesday. and subsec. (a) of sec. 338 of Nationality Act of 1940. Commissioned officers: H. R. 1359, amending act of

AVIATION AND BOY SCOUTS Aug. 29, 1916, as amended, increasing total authorized Committee on the Armed Services: Subcommittee No. number of commissioned officers on the active list of

12 met and reported favorably to full committee H. R. Corps of Civil Engineers of the Navy.

2247, which authorizes appointment of Major General Chaplains: H. R. 1365, establishing a Chief of Chaplains

Lawrence S. Kuter as International Civil Aviation in the U. S. Navy, and for other purposes.

Representative, without affecting his military status and Mines and mining: H. R. 193, amending sec. 35 of the

perquisites, and H. R. 1621, to furnish aid to Boy Scouts

of America in holding World Wide Jamboree in France. Mineral Leasing Act of February 25, 1920, as amended.

Subcommittee No. 8 considered H. R. 1341, but took no Site transfer: H. R. 197, transferring part of block 90 action. and school building thereon of Petersburg town site, Alaska, used for school purposes, to the town of Peters


Committee on Banking and Currency: Met in open Park commissioner: H. R. 490, providing for appoint

hearing on H. R. 2549, Housing and Rent Control, and ment of a U. S. commissioner for Big Bend National

heard Government officials. The Committee will conPark, Tex., and for other purposes.

tinue its hearings Tuesday at 10 a. m. in Room 1301,

New House Office Building.
Park commissioner: H. R. 729, providing that U. S.
Court for the Western District of Virginia shall alone WAR RELIEF
appoint the U. S. commissioner for the Shenandoah Na-

Committee on Foreign Affairs: Discussed H. J. Res. tional Park.

134 to provide relief to war-devastated countries. Meets Interest reduction: H. R. 804, authorizing reduction of Tuesday morning at 10:30 in executive session. certain accrued interest charges payable by the Farmers'

DEPARTMENTAL ORDERS-WARTIME Irrigation District, North Platte project.

POWERS Naturalization proceedings: H. R. 236, amending Na

Committee on the Judiciary: Subcommittee No. 3 heard tionality Act of 1940, permitting naturalization proceedings to be had at places other than clerk's office or open

Hon. Orie L. Phillips, Sr., Circuit Judge of the 10th court in the case of sick or physically disabled persons.

Cir., Hon. Clyde B. Aitchison, Chairman of ICC, also

Charles E. Cotterill, attorney, on H. R. 1468 and 1470, Stolen public property: H. R. 1998, amending sec. 48 of providing for review of certain orders of Government the Criminal Code relating to the receiving of stolen departments and giving U.S. Court of Appeals jurisdicpublic property.

tion on review to enjoin, set aside, or suspend such Locomotive Inspection Act: H. R. 2123, amending the

orders. Locomotive Inspection Act of Feb. 17, 1911, as amended. Subcommittee No. 4 continued (and concluded) hear

Pages 2143-2146 ings on the extension of the Second War Powers Act.

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