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because there had been an overload of low-skilled people there, semiskilled people in Miami already and with this influx of Cuban refugees they were taking the jobs which these semiskilled people had been holding and often at less salary, which was creating a situation there which was cause for concern. Trouble was threatened.

Q. Can you name some of the people you spoke to on this business that you were engaged in?

A. Yes. I spoke with Mr. Whitehead, formerly executive director of the Urban League; Father Theodore Gibson, an Episcopal priest who was then president of the NAACP; Mr. Henry Arrington, a lawyer and member of the local housing authority, and Dr. Ira Davis, who was a member of the Urban League Board.

Q. Did you submit any voucher for subsistence, per diem, for that trip? A. No.

Q. Were you accompanied by anybody on that trip?
A. Yes.
Q. Who?
A. My husband.

What is his name?
Robert Fleming.

What is his occupation ?
A. Engineer.
Q. Where does he live?
A. 301 G Street, Southwest.
Q. He is with what organization?
A. The General Services Administration.

By Mr. TAYLER: Q. Did you have any other expenses in connection with your travel to Miami, such as taxi fares, airport limousine fares, anything like that?

A. I had them. I was traveling with my husband. It was on the bill that he picked up. My meals were taken at the hotel and others were taken with friends, so that my per diem expenses were minimum and that is why I didn't bother to claim any.

Q. Was your husband traveling on Government business for General Services Administration?

A. No.

Q. So that all of your expenses other than the railroad ticket were paid for by you and your husband with your personal funds?

A. Yes.
Q. And you made no claim for per diem?
A. No.

Q. Why didn't you claim per diem for the 1 day that you say you were transacting committee business?

A. Well, it was so little and I stayed longer than the time consumed by the committee business that I just didn't bother to claim.

Q. Have you taken any other travel for the committee during the period in question here, where you didn't claim any subsistence?

A. No; I don't believe so.

Q. You have made other travel, though, for the committee during the 89th Congress? A. Not too much.

Q. But you have made some travel ?
A. Yes.

Q. And you have claimed subsistence for that other travel; haven't

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A. No.
Q. Don't you ever claim subsistence for your travel ?
A. Not often.

Q. What were these other trips that you took for the committee?

A. I would have to check it out. I haven't traveled very much during the 89th Congress for the committee.

Q. Have you gone to New York ?
A. I don't remember. Not recently.
Q. Well, within the last 2 years?

A. That is what I am trying to think of. I don't remember. I know that recently I haven't been to New York.

Q. Within the last 2 years, have you gone to any other cities?
A. Other than Miami, I don't believe so.

Q. In other words, you have made one trip to Miami in the last 2 years?

A. On committee business.
Q. Only one?
A. Yes, sir.

Q. So, during the last 2 years you have only made one official trip, to your knowledge; is that correct?

A. That I can recall.
Q. And that is this Miami trip?
A. Yes, sir.

Q. Did you not make a trip to Boston on October 6, 1965 ?
A. No; I didn't. By what-
Q. By air.
A. No.

Q. In other words, you haven't flown in the last 2 years at all?
A. Any trip I made, sir, was not by air.

By Mr. TAYLER: Q. Any airline ticket that bears your name during the past 2 years is one not used by you because you don't travel by air; is that correct?

A. That is right.

Q. Now, Mrs. Dargans, I am going to show you photocopies of four checks which are in the record as “Gray Exhibit 1.” The first is to Eastern Airlines. Adam C. Powell per L. M. Dargans in the amount

hecks to the Government tiff and

of $541.66 on October 28, 1966, and a similar check, except for the amount, $112.56, and then the third check is dated July 29, 1966, to the order of the Committee on Education and Labor in the amount of $197.15, bearing the purported signature of Adam C. Powell. The fourth check, same date, same payee, same amount, bearing the signature Corrinne Huff.

Now, I ask you if you sent those checks to the House Administration Committee with a voucher to reimburse the Government for the cost of certain air travel made by Mr. Powell and Miss Huff and perhaps other members of the committee?

A. Yes, sir.

Q. Do you have any way of identifying which tickets were being reimbursed by each of those checks?

A. Yes, sir.

Q. And how would you go about telling us which tickets are related to each check? Is it from your records?

A. Yes, sir.

Q. Would you take the first check there, give the date and the amount, and the name of the drawer and tell us which ticket that is for?

A. October 28, 1966, $541.66 over Adam C. Powell's signature.
Q. Did you sign that for him?
A. Yes, sir.
Q. With his authorization ?
A. Yes, sir.

Q. Do you hold a power of attorney on his account?

A. Yes, sir. This is for reimbursement of a ticket purchased August 5, Washington to Miami, $112.56 by C. Sumner Stone. Purchased August 5, Washington to Miami, $168.20 by C. Sumner Stone. August 5, Washington to Miami, $168.20, purchased by C. Sumner Stone. August 5, Washington to Miami—now, can I go off the record just a moment to explain this?

Mr. Hays. Yes. (Discussion off the record.) Mr. Hays. If you don't mind, we would like to have that on the record.

The WITNESS. The fourth purchase, on August 5, Washington, D.C., to Miami, in the amount of $168.20 by C. Sumner Stone, of which $75.50 was refunded on August 20, which left a balance on this $168.20 purchase of $92.70, making a total of $541.66, which reflects the purpose of this check.

By Mr. TAYLER: Q. That check then was made up by you at Mr. Powell's direction? A. Yes. Q. To pay for the tickets you had mentioned ? A. Yes, sir.

By Mr. O'CONNOR: Q. When did you receive the instructions to make up that check? A. October 26.

By Mr. TAYLER: Q. Of this year? A. Yes. Mr. Hays. Can you tell us when the bill came in for that, Mrs. Dargans?

The WITNESS. I received the bill in my office on September 21. Mr. Hays. Was it processed through—this wasn't a repayment? It just wasn't paid until October, is that correct? The WITNESS. That is right.

By Mr. O'CONNOR: Q. You indicated that these purchases were all by C. Sumner Stone? A. Yes, sir.

Q Let's take the $168.20 items. Weren't they round-trip tickets from Washington to New York and New York to Miami rather than Washington to Miami ?

A. They may well have been, but I took this information from the Eastern Airlines statement which simply indicated Washington to Miami.

Q. Did you have any discussion with Mr. Stone before you drew this check for $541 ?

A. My instruction came from the chairman by way of Mr. Stone.

Q. What did Mr. Stone tell you at the time you had the discussion concerning these?

A. Mr. Stone sent me a memo.
Q. Do you have the date of it, please?

A. I received it—the memo itself is undated. I received it on October 25.

Q. Would you like to read the memo into the record ?
A. [Reading :)

To Mrs. L. M. Dargans. From Chuck Stone. There are 7 trips checked with a red pencil next to charges on the attached Eastern Airlines bill. Please pay for those 7 trips with a personal check from the Chairman to Eastern Airlines. These are his instructions.

Q. May I see what you are reading from there, please?
(Document provided.)

Q. Do you know who were the actual travelers on these tickets?
A. If I can see that again, I can tell you.
(Document returned to witness.)
The WITNESS. Yes, I have the names noted.

Q. Who are the actual travelers?

A. When you ask me who were the actual travelers, I can give you the names which appear as the travelers.

Q. Give us the name of the one appearing as the traveler and who the actual traveler was.

A. Well, I assume that the name appearing as the traveler was the actual traveler.

Q. Do you know who the actual traveler was?
A. No, I don't. I just take it from the records.

Q. What are the names of the reported travelers then?

A. On August 5 for $112.56, C. Sumner Stone. On August 5, $168.20, C. Sumner Stone.

Q. What is the actual traveler?
A. That is the name listed on this Eastern receipt.

Q. I know it is listed. I asked you—these are all purchases with Stone's travel card ?

A. Yes.
Q. Who traveled on the $168.20 item?

A. I would have to go to look at the coupon to see that a traveleraccording to my records Stone is the traveler, as well as the purchaser.

Q. Go to the third then.
A. The third one is Cleomine Lewis, $168.20.
Q. Cleomine Lewis?
A. Yes, sir.
Q. Go ahead.

A. And the last one is Givens, and I am sorry I don't remember her first name.

Q. Does the name “Clark" appear among those ?
A. No.
Mr. DICKINSON. What was the last amount?
The WITNESS. A $168.20 ticket, of which $75.50 had been refunded.
Mr. DICKINSON. That was Sylvia Givens?
The WITNESS. Sylvia Givens, that is right.

Q. The refund was on the Givens
A. Yes.

Q. Let me see if I follow you correctly. The three tickets, one for $112.50, insofar as you know, the traveler was Stone ?

A. Yes.

Q. The $168.20 ticket purchased on August 5, the traveler was Stone?

A. Yes.
Q. Would that be Mrs. Stone?
A. I don't know. I saw C. Sumner Stone on the-

There are two Stones on the committee?
A. No.
Q. The $168.20 in the last item is Miss Lewis?
A. Yes. That is on this $541 check.

Q. You indicated that memorandum from Mr. Stone said the seven trips checked ?

A. Yes.
Q. You have given us four trips.
Mr. TAYLER. There was another check I think she said.

Q. The memo from Stone said seven trips.

A. If I may explain that, some of the trips—three of them I gave you

Q. Maybe I shouldn't get into that. Are they covered by additional checks that you have there?

A. Some of them are covered by refunds.


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