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(The above-referred to documents were marked “Derrickso Exhibit 1” and received in evidence.)

By Mr. O'CONNOR: Q. Mr. Derrickson, can you account for the use of those tickets b someone else? Did you know whether your name was being used a the time that travel was being made?

A. No, I did not. I allowed use of the card in each case by di rection of the chairman. I assumed that whoever purchased ticket

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Mr. O'CONNOR. I would also like to have admitted into the record as of necessary use all air travel tickets reflected by the Gray exhibits.

Mr. Hays. Without objection, it is so ordered.

Mr. O'CONNOR. And ail vouchers which were examined by Mr. Gray in his audit reflecting air travel.

Mr. Hays. Without objection, it is so ordered.
Mr. O'CONNOR. Thank you, Mr. Gray.

(Witness excused.)
Mr. Hays. Who is next?
Mr. O'CONNOR. Mr. Derrickson.

Miss Stolman, the exhibits which have been admitted by the chairman should bear the following consecutive numbers: Exhibit 5 will be all vouchers reflecting air travel examined by Mr. Gray during his audit. Gray exhibit 6 will be all exhibits prepared by Mr. Gray and used during these committee hearings. Gray exhibit 7 will be all air travel tickets reflected by the Gray exhibits.

(The above-referred-to documents were marked "Gray Exhibits Nos. 5 through 7and received in evidence.)

Mr. Hays. Bring in Mr. Derrickson.

Mr. Derrickson, will you raise your right hand while you are standing

RUSSELL C. DERRICKSON, having been duly sworn, was examined and testified as follows: Mr. Hays. Be seated, please.

By Mr. O'CONNOR: Q. Will you state your name and address for the record, please.

A. My name is Russell C. Derrickson. I live at 4000 Cathedral Avenue NW.

Mr. Hays. Mr. Derrickson, your appearance before this committee will be in executive session unless you request that it be in public session. If your appearance is in executive session the public and press will not be admitted to the hearing room and pursuant to paragraph 26, House of Representatives rule XI, your testimony may not

be released or used in a public session without the consent of the committee. If your appearance is in public session the public and news reporters will be admitted.

I ask you whether you choose to appear before this committee in executive or public session.

The WITNESS. I really have no preference. Whatever you desire. I would assume that it might be better to be in executive session, but if you prefer it public I have no objections either way. Mr. Hays. Well, it is really your choice, Mr. Derrickson. The WITNESS. Let's make it executive. Mr. HAYS. All right. You do not have counsel with you? The WITNESS. No, sir. Mr. Hays. You did receive a copy of paragraph 26, rule XI, with the letter?

The WITNESS. Yes, sir.

Mr. Hays. And were you here I guess you were not here when I read the opening statement the other day, were you?

The WITNESS. No, sir; but I have read it since.
Mr. Hays. Have you seen it?
The WITNESS. I have just read it in the waiting room.
Mr. Hays. And you understand it?

Q. Mr. Derrickson, state your present employment.

A. I am presently employed as a staff director of the Committee on Education and Labor.

Mr. Hays. Before that, you do desire to proceed without counsel?
I thought I asked you.
The WITNESS. Yes; I do.

By Mr. O'Connor:
Q. Pardon me, what is your present occupation?
A. Staff director, Committee on Education and Labor.
Q. And how long have you been so employed?

A. Since April 16, 1951. I have not been staff director all that time. I have been staff director since 1961. Prior to that I have been chief investigator as well as clerk.

Q. That is on the Education and Labor Committee?
^. That is right.
Q. And you were so employed during the 89th Congress?
A. Yes, sir.
Q. From January 3, 1965, to the present?
A. Yes, sir.

Q. Now, in connection with your duties as staff director, are you required to travel?

Ā. I work at the chairman's instruction or the committee's instruction. It so happens that I have not done any travel during the 89th Congress. I did in the previous Congress.

Q. You haven't traveled at all during the 89th Congress?

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