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By Mr. TAYLER: Q. Mr. Megill, to further clarify this, if you had received this January 4, 1966, letter, which I believe is now Megill No. 3, from Mr. Powell, directing you to send Miss Flores' paycheck to his office, and at that time you had on file nothing from Miss Flores to send her paycheck to his office, would you have done so? Would you have changed the place to which Miss Flores' paycheck was being sent?

A. I would not have done so under our practice. Q. Under your practice? A. Yes, sir. We would not have observed that. Mr. DEVINE. I would like to ask counsel if there is any reason that the original 1951 card of authorization from Miss Flores has not been made part of the record here if it can be made available?

Mr. TAYLER. I had intended to bring that into the record through Mr. Megill and I believe our instructions to him this morning were a little bit remiss.

By Mr. TAYLER: Q. Mr. Megill, could you search your records and locate the original written instructions from Miss Flores to have her checks sent to Mr. Powell's office and produce a photostatic copy of it for the committee for insertion in the record here?

A. I will produce the cards that are on file that show the various steps in the change of direction.

Q. There would be more than one, you think?
A. Yes, sir. As I recall, there are about four of them.

Q. Would you produce all of those written instructions from Miss Flores in that regard ?

A. I will, sir.
Mr. Hays. In the form of photostats.
Mr. NEDZI. How long has Miss Flores been on the payroll?

The WITNESS. It seems to me it is 1951. I would like to refer to the record for that.

Mr. Hays. Without objection, put the exact date in the record later.

(The information requested, when received, will appear in the record at this point.)

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Mr. NEDZI. Has she indicated any dependents in making application?

The WITNESS. I think there is one claim of the mother in some of those papers. I think she claims one dependent, as I recall.

Mr. NEDZI. I have no further questions.
Mr. Hays. That is all, Mr. Megill. Thank you very much.
(Witness excused.)
Mr. Hays. All right, we are ready for the next witness.
Mr. Warren, will you stand and raise your right hand?

JOHN E. WARREN, having been duly sworn, was examined and testified as follows:

By Mr. TAYLER: Q. Will you state your full name for the record. A. John Everett Warren. Q. Your address. A. 4065 Minnesota Avenue NE. Q. Washington? A. Washington, D.C. Mr. Hays. Mr. Warren, your appearance before this committee will be in executive session unless you request it to be in public session. If your appearance is in executive session, the press and public will not be admitted to the hearing room, and pursuant to paragraph 26, House of Representatives rule XI, your testimony may not be used or released in public session without the consent of the committee.

If your appearance is in public session, the public and the news reporters will be admitted.

I now ask you whether you choose to appear before this committee in executive or public session.

The WITNESS. Executive session. : Mr. Hays. Yes, sir.

You were advised that you could bring counsel with you if you so desired?

The WITNESS. Yes, sir; I was. Mr. Hays. You are here without counsel. You did receive a copy of paragraph 26, rule 11 with your letter?

The WITNESS. I did. Mr. Hays. Were you here the other day when I read the opening statement as to the purposes of the investigation?

The WITNESS. I was.
Mr. Hays. Did you understand it?
The WITNESS. Yes, I did.
Mr. Hays. You do agree to proceed without counsel?
The WITNESS. Yes, I do.
Mr. Hays. Yes.

Q. What is your present employment, Mr. Warren?

A. I am presently in the chairman's office as an assistant clerk and my duties consist of,

Q. Just a minute. Would you identify the chairman and the committee?

A. Congressman Powell, the Committee on Education and Labor. Q. What are your duties as an assistant clerk?

By M. All rights in the in this sittee staff

A. I assist the caseworker in the handling of the casework and other congressional and committee correspondence in the office.

Mr. Hays. Mr. Warren, are you on the committee staff or the personal staff of the Congressman?

The WITNESS. I am on the committee staff.
Mr. Hays. But you work in this office?
The WITNESS. I am in the chairman's office
Mr. Hays. All right.

Q. How long have you been employed on the committee staff?
A. For 3 years.

Q. Have you found that during the past 2 years; that is, from January 3, 1965, to the present-and all of my questions will relate to that period—that you have performed any travel in connection with the performance of your duties on the committee staff?

A. Yes, I do.

Q. How frequently have you traveled in connection with your job on the committee?

A. Well, I couldn't give you an exact number of times. There have been quite a few.

Q. During the past 2 years?
A. During the past 2 years.
Q. Do you hold an airline credit card?
A. No, I do not, sir.
Q. Have you ever traveled by air during that period ?
A. Yes, I have, sir.

Q. And when you have traveled by air have you always claimed subsistence and per diem on a voucher?

A. No, I have not, sir.

Q. Well, would you explain to us why you haven't claimed per diem in each instance where you have traveled?

A. Well, the traveling I have done has been between Washington and New York and during the time that I was in New York I always stayed with friends. So I never felt it was necessary.

Q. Well, when you went to New York, were you sent there by the chairman or someone superior to you on the committee staff to per

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A. When I was into New York I was sent by the chairman.
Q. In each instance?
A. In each instance.
Q. Did you ever travel to Miami during this period?
A. To my knowledge, no, sir.

Q. Well, now, we want you to think back and tell us to the best of your knowledge whether, since January 3, 1965, you have taken a trip to Miami on any occasion in connection with the performance of your duties.

A. No, sir; I have no such knowledge of it. Mr. Hays. Mr. Warren, would you have any knowledge you would surely remember if you had made any trips to Miami in the last half or the last three quarters of 1966, wouldn't you?

The WITNESS. Well, sir, I would like to state as of July 9 of this year I left the committee because I went on active duty for a period of 5 months and I have just returned here as of 3 weeks ago.

Mr. Hays. Let me ask you this, Mr. Warren, did you travel to Miami at any time during the month of May or the month of June of this year? The WITNESS. No, I did not, sir.

By Mr. TAYLER: Q. You haven't been working for the committee you weren't working for the committee from July 9, 1966, until 3 weeks ago?

A. Until the 1st of December, that is when I initially came back on the payroll. I was taken off as of the around the ninth. Mr. DICKINSON. Of July? The WITNESS. Of July. Mr. DICKINSON. And went back on the payroll when? The WITNESS. I went back on the payroll as of the 1st of December. Mr. DICKINSON. Thank you.

By Mr. TAYLER: Q. Mr. Warren, I now show you an Eastern Airlines ticket, flight coupons 1 and 2, which may be marked "Warren exhibit 1,” indicating travel by a J. Warren from New York to Miami on May 15, 1966, and travel from Miami to Washington on May 15, 1966. And I ask you if you took the trip indicated on those tickets.

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(The above-referred-to documents were marked “Warren Exhibit 1" and received in evidence.)

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