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of Adam Powell and Emma Swann appear and there is a notation here, “two fares, $36,” the credit card of Adam C. Powell obtaining this ticket. I ask you if you made that trip with Mr. Powell.

A. No, sir. Mr. WAGGONNER. Mr. O'Connor, these exhibits, that this credit card was used, are they personal credit cards or Education and Labor?

Mr. O'CONNOR. They are Education and Labor credit cards assigned to Adam C. Powell.

Mr. Hays. I think the record might show at this point that the signature of Mr. Powell appears to be a signature. The name of Mrs. Swann appears to have been printed in, which I understand is customary if someone is traveling with another person and using a credit card. The person to whom the card is issued must sign for both tickets and put in the right sopt the name of the person to whom it was issued.

By Mr. O'CONNOR: Q. Mrs. Swann, have you been aware that your name has been used in connection with air travel by staff or employees of Congressman Powell's office?

A. No, sir.

Q. Does the presence of your name on these exhibits come as a surprise to you today?

A. Yes, I did not know.

Q. You had no conversation or no indication from anyone that your name was used in numerous references here?

A. No, sir.

Q. Has there been any discussion among the girls in the office about Mr. Powell or Mr. Stone using the girls' names in connection with the travel of other parties?

A. I have not heard any discussion.

Q. Have you ever been sent over to the Capitol airline office to pick up airline tickets for Mr. Powell?

A. No, I have not.
Q. For Mrs. Dargans?
A. No, I have not.

Mr. Derrickson?
À. No, sir.
Q. Or Mr. Stone?
A. No, sir.

Mr. O'Connor. I don't think I have any further questions, Mr. Chairman.

Mr. Hays. Mr. Waggonner?

Mr. WAGGONNER. In the performance of your duties, were you ever given the responsibility at any time for arranging air travel for other members of the office staff or committee making reservations?

The WITNESS. I cannot recall making any reservations because as a receptionist, that, to my knowledge, has never been asked of me.

Mr. WAGGONNER. Is the sum and substance of what you have had to say in answer to Mr. O'Connor's question simply this: That you recall having made three trips from Washington to Miami and back, two in 1965 and one in January 1966? You were provided airline tickets on these occasions and you have made no other trips either on official business or for other purposes?

The WITNESS. Outside of the three trips I have made no other trips.

Mr. WAGGONNER. No further questions.
Mr. Hays. Mr. Dickinson.

Mr. DICKINSON. Possibly this is just nit picking, and I do not mean to be. When you say no other trips, you mean neither your own personal trips or any other purpose?

The WITNESS. I have not been given any tickets outside of those three.

Mr. DICKINSON. I do not mean given tickets; I mean air travel.
The WITNESS. No airline travel.
Mr. DICKINSON. A total of three.

Mr. Hays. I want you to appear in the record as being confused. She did testify that she had made trips to New York and had paid cash for them on her own.

The WITNESS. I thought you were talking about for the committee.

Mr. DICKINSON. I was trying to make sure I understand and we all understand each other.

The WITNESS. I am sorry.

Mr. Hays. I thought I understood you and I did not want you to have an answer in the record to a question which might have confused you.

The WITNESS. It did. I did not understand it that way. Mr. DICKINSON. You say you have made three trips on committee tickets or tickets that were furnished to you through the Education and Labor Committee or Mr. Powell; you do not know who paid for them, I assume? These are the only trips you have made other than the cash trips that you made out of your own pocket?

The WITNESS. Yes, sir.

Mr. DICKINSON. Any other trips that show up with your name on a credit card someone made them other than you if they were in fact made, other than the three trips?

The WITNESS. I did not make them.

Mr. DICKINSON. I know you have said you did not make this, but I was wondering if this might refresh your recollection. There is a trip from the District to Buffalo, to New York and back to the District, a sort of triangle there. You never made any such trip as that?

The WITNESS. No, never.

Mr. DICKINSON. One other thing. On July 30, you say you did not see Miss Lewis or Mrs. Himes on a trip, that this was probably one of the trips you took?

The WITNESS. That is right. I did not see them. Mr. DICKINSON. You did see, I think you said, Mr. Clark. The WITNESS. On one of the trips I did see Mr. Clark. Mr. DICKINSON. I was thinking about the same trip because it was put down as a group. I believe you said you did see Mr. Clark and Mr. Stone but you did not see the two other names I mentioned.

The WITNESS. That is correct.

Mr. DICKINSON. Was this possibly the trip that you saw Chairman Powell on, too? Was he on this same trip?

The WITNESS. That is possible.

Mr. DICKINSON. Was Miss Huff with him on that occasion?
The WITNESS. I did not see Miss Huff.
Mr. DICKINSON. Was she not on the plane? You did not see her?
You do not know whether she was on the plane or not?

Mr. DICKINSON. I have no further questions.

By Mr. O'CONNOR: Q. Were you aware that on August 5 Mr. Stone purchased an airline ticket for his wife in your name from the District of Columbia to Miami?

A. No, I was not. Q. He did not consult you about that? A. No, sir. Mr. Hays. Mr. Jones? Mr. JONES. I have no questions. Mr. Hays. Mr. Devine? Mr. DEVINE. You were the receptionist in the congressional office? The WITNESS. Yes, sir. Mr. DEVINE. Do you know whether you were on the Congressman's congressional payroll or some other payroll?

The WITNESS. I really do not know the payroll that I am on other than what I read in here. Mr. DEVINE. That is all.

Q. Do you know the wife of Mr. Stone?
A. Yes, I do.
Q. Do you know her by sight?
A. Yes, I do.
Q. Do you know Mr. Clark's wife?
A. I have met Mr. Clark's wife.
Q. You would know her by sight?
A. Yes, I would know her.

Q. On this trip that we talked about of July 30 that Mr. Powell was on and Mr. Stone and Mr. Clark were on, were their wives on that trip, Mr. Stone's wife and Mr. Clark's wife?

A. I do not know. I do not know whether they were there or not. I saw Mr. Stone and Mr. Clark because they came and talked with me.

Q. On any of the other flights that Mr. Stone might have been on, did you see his wife on the plane, also?

A. I never saw Mr. Stone but on that one flight to my knowledge. Mr. DICKINSON. Let me check one point, if I may, Mr. Chairman. Mr. Hays. Let me see if Mr. Nedzi has any questions. Mr. NEDZI. Do you know Miss Flores or Mrs. Powell? The WITNESS. I have heard of her. Mr. NEDZI. Have you ever met her? The WITNESS. No, I have not. Mr. NEDZI. In the course of your being a receptionist in the office, you have never seen her in the office?

The WITNESS. I have never seen her in the office when I was there, no.

Mr. NEDZI. I have no further questions.

he subcontorno

Mr. Hays. Mrs. Swann, you are listed on the payroll as a receptionist, Subcommittee No. 7. Mr. Powell was chairman of the ad hoc subcommittee, that committee, or do you know?

The WITNESS. I am not positive whether I know he was chairman of the ad hoc subcommittee. I am trying to visualize the form in the office.

Mr. Hays. I am not trying to make anything out of this. The point I am going to make actually is that if he were chairman of it and you were receptionist, he might have run it out of his office instead of the committee. Is that possible?

The WITNESS. I did not understand that. Mr. Hays. You are listed as receptionist to Subcommittee No. 7 and it is my understanding that Mr. Powell acted as chairman of that as well as chairman of the full committee; is that correct, do you know?

The WITNESS. I know Mr. Powell was chairman of one of the committees and I am trying to remember their letterhead. It could be the ad hoc subcommittee.

Mr. Hays. So if you acted as receptionist for that committee and he ran the committee out of his office, that is perfectly possible; is it not?

The WITNESS. They ran the committee out of his office?

Mr. Hays. If he were chairman of the subcommittee, he would not necessarily have that subcommittee physically located somewhere else, he might run it out of his office. I am chairman of a Foreign Affairs Subcommittee and I normally run it out of my office except when I come down here for hearings.

The WITNESS. You mean the people on the committee?

Mr. Hays. No, I mean the business; letters might come to his office, people might come there to see him on committee business. Is that possible?

The WITNESS. Yes; people come into the office on business. I cannot differentiate what business they were on. I received all the people that came in.

Mr. DICKINSON. I have forgotten what your answer was, on three different occasions as a present or a gift, Mr. Powell gave you a ticket to go to Miami for a holiday. Is this in substance what happened?

The WITNESS. Yes; I was given the ticket to go to Miami. Mr. DICKINSON. Was this something unusual or was this more or less standard office procedure in the office, that various ones in the office could on occasion be given a trip?

The WITNESS. I know of no one in the office. Mr. DICKINSON. No one other than you? The WITNESS. I do not know of anyone in the office. Mr. DICKINSON. There had to be some reason that you understood or that was ascribed to this gift of a ticket to go to Miami for a holiday. What was the reason for this? I wouldn't just walk up and give one of my employees a ticket and not say anything.

The WITNESS. He gave me the ticket to go to Miami with the time off included and that is all. Mr. DICKINSON. There was no purpose to it? The WITNESS. No purpose. Mr. DICKINSON. All right; thank you.

By Mr. O'CONNOR: Would he just say, "Here is a ticket to Miami, go take 5 days down there'?

A. Well, I don't recall what his words were when he handed it to me, but I do know this, that the ticket was given to me, there was no "You have any duties” or anything. I guess as you say, a gift.

Q. You are married, Mrs. Swann?
A. Yes.
Q. Did your husband go down on these trips with you?
A. My husband has been down with me, yes.
Q. On these three trips?

Not on all three, no.
Q. Not on any of them?
A. Well, my husband has been down there with me.
Q. Did Mr. Powell give you a ticket for your husband, also?
A. No.
Mr. Hays. Your husband paid his own way?
The WITNESS. Yes. I see what you mean.
Mr. Hays. What business is your husband in?
The WITNESS. My husband has cabs.
Mr. Hays. And he went to Miami and Mr. Powell gave you a
ticket to go with him. Would you say that is the way it happened?
Did he give you a ticket and your husband went along?
The WITNESS. My husband was there.

Q. He went by some other transportation?
A. No, he flew down.
Q. With you?

A. He did not come down—as I remember, he came down a day after I did.

Q. He did not go on the same plane with you to Miami?

A. No; he was not on. Now, he has been to Miami with me. You are talking about this. On one occasion he went with me, but he paid his own way.

Q. Do you know of any other employees in the congressional office
or on the committee staff who received similar gifts of air travel to
Miami, such as you received from Mr. Powell?

A. I could not answer that.
Q. You do not have any information?

A. No; I know of no one. I have no knowledge of whether they did or they did not.

Q. Have you ever heard any of the girls say they received gifts of airline tickets from Mr. Powell? A. I never.

By Mr. O'CONNOR: Q. Could you, with the assistance of your attorney, fix through some means or other the dates that you were in Miami on these three occasions and furnish the committee those dates so that we could identify the specific dates you were there? Do you have some record, maybe canceled checks of money spent down there, that you drew

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