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(The above-referred-to documents were marked "La Place Exhibit 3” and received in evidence.)

By Mr. O'CONNOR: Q. Mr. LaPlace, there is only one additional question I would like to ask you: During the course of the investigation information was received by the committee that for a period of 7 days on the west coast you became lost. Do you have any comment concerning that?

A. I remember reading that story and all I can say, sir, is that that was sheer nonsense. I can account for all of my days with the committee. I am sure that the people for whom I worked could attest to the fact that I was working during that time. I reported to Mr. Stone daily. I am under oath and this is all I can say, sir.

Q. When you went back to Los Angeles, did you report to Mr. Stone daily, after you were there?

A. Almost daily, sir.

Q. You did perform the services that the chairman instructed you to in Los Angeles?

A. I did, and I made a personal report to Mr. Stone upon my return, sir.

Mr. O'CONNOR. I have no further questions, Mr. Chairman.

Mr. WAGGONER. One question which follows the last question of Mr. O'Connor. The 7-day period to which he has referred as your having been lost, would you for the record give us those days?

The WITNESS. I don't know what days.
Mr. WAGGONER. Would they be the 18th through the 25th?
The WITNESS. Well, I wasn't lost, so I can't respond to that, sir.

Mr. O'CONNOR. I have no information on it other than it was indicated to us during the interview of certain of the witnesses, or certain of the members of the committee, that he was unavailable to write the report after they had returned to Washington because he was lost on the west coast.

Mr. LaPlace indicates he was on special assignment by the chairman during that period and that is the only information we have.

The WITNESS. The report was written, Mr. O'Connor, prior to my return but I submitted a personal report for this particular phase of the investigation. I can give you a list of names and telephone numbers and addresses of people to whom I talked and interviewed during that 7-day period if this will be of any help to you.

Mr. O'CONNOR. If the committee desires it, we can put it in the record.

Mr. WAGGONNER. I see no reason for it.
Mr. NEDZI. I see no reason for it.
Mr. O'CONNOR. I see no reason for it.
Thank you, Mr. LaPlace.
Mr. Hays. Off the record.
(Discussion off the record.).
(Witness excused.)
Mr. O'Connor. Gentlemen, our next witness is Emma T. Swann.

MRS. EMMA T. SWANN, having been duly sworn, was examined and testified as follows:

Q. Will you state your full name and address for the record, Mrs.

A. My name is Emma T. Swann, 4241 Nash Street NE.
Q. You are accompanied by counsel?
A. Yes.

Mr. Ellis. For the record, Mr. Chairman, my name is Roy M. Ellis. I am an attorney, member of the bar of the District of Columbia and I represent Mrs. Swann. My office is 508 Fifth Street NW.

Mr. Hays. Mr. Ellis, we are pleased to have you here representing your client. The rules of the House restrict your activities as counsel for the witness to giving legal advice to her. This does not contemplate your addressing the committee on her behalf and most committees do not permit it. However, I will go beyond the rules and hear you only if you state legal objections on behalf of your client.

Mr. ELLIS. Thank you, Mr. Chairman.

Mr. Hays. These objections must be proceeded with briefly and in an orderly fashion. We will not permit you to argue your objections after you have stated them.

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