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(The above-referred-to document was marked "Harris Exhibit 1" and received in evidence.)

By Mr. TAYLER: Q. The Washington to Miami portion used on February 10, 1965, the the return portion used on February 16, 1965.

I ask you if you made the travel indicated on that ticket?

A. No, sir, and I did not look at it because I have never even been to Miami under any circumstances.

Q. Do you do any traveling on official business?
A. No, sir.
Q. During the period January 3, 1965, to June 30, 1965?
A. No, I did not.
Q. None whatsoever?
A. No, sir.

Q. If I show you another ticket in the name of A. Harris, between Washington and Miami, and return, the first part of the trip having been made on March 11, 1965, and the return on March 20, 1965, would your answer be that you did not make that trip either?

A. That would be my answer.
Q. May that be marked "Harris No. 2''?

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(The above-referred to document was marked "Harris Exhibit 1" and received in evidence.)

By Mr. TAYLER: Q. I show you an airline ticket in the name of A. Harris for the Washington to New York shuttle used on April 25, 1965, which will be marked "Harris No. 2," and ask you if you made that trip.

A. No, sir; I made no trips.

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(The above-referred to document was marked "Harris Exhibit 2" and received in evidence.)

By Mr. TAYLER: Q. Now I show you another airline ticket, which will be marked "Harris No. 4,” between New York and Washington on April 27, 1965, in the name of A. Harris, and ask you if you made that trip.

A. No, sir. Again, no travel.

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(The above-referred-to document was marked "Harris Exhibit 3" and received in evidence.)

By Mr. TAYLER: Q. Did you know before you appeared here this morning that your name is shown on committee airline tickets as the traveler in the instances that we have just gone over?

A. No, sir; I did not. Well, not until I got the letter from Congressman Burleson. .

Q. Until you received the letter preliminary to this hearing you were not aware of the fact that your name was shown as traveling between those places?

A. That is right, sir.

Q. Did you know of any practice in the office of the committee or in the congressional office whereby tickets were purchased in the names of staff employees and used by other people?

A. I cannot say that I did know. I did not know that was the practice.

Q. Had you heard any discussions by any of the staff members about such a practice?

A. No. I was totally unaware of names being put on any tickets. I had no idea my name had ever been used. • Mr. TAYLER. That is all I have.

By Mr. O'CONNOR: Q. Do I understand that you are a secretary in the Congressman's office?

A. Yes, sir.
Q. And who did you work for in that office?

A. For the Congressman; I did casework and various secretarial duties as needed.

Q. Did you work for Mr. Stone also?

A. Only if he asked me to do some special thing at any given minute. For the most part the answer would be “No, I did not work for Mr. Stone."

Q. Were you ever requested to pick up airline tickets for Mr. Stone or the Congressman?

A. Many times I had picked up tickets for any number of people.

Q. And would you go over to the airline ticket office to obtain those tickets?

A. I have picked up tickets from both the ariline ticket office and from the office of Mrs. Dargans.

Q. Well, let's just confine it to the--
A. The airline tickets?

Q. No. Let's just confine it to the Congressman's office first, the tickets that I am going to ask about now.

A. I mean they were tickets for the Congressman's office, but Mrs. Dargans would just say “Come, around and pick them up."

Q. You would take the authorization over and pick up the tickets and you would take the travel card over also?

A. No. When I would go for the ticket, by that time it would be merely a matter of performing the messenger part of it. I didn't do anything that involved any arrangements.

Mr. Hays. In other words, the order had been sent over and they called back that the ticket was made out?

The WITNESS. The ticket was ready.
Mr. Hays. You would go back and pick it up?
The WITNESS. Yes; they would say the ticket is ready.

By Mr. O'CONNOR. In other words, you never took the travel card over and had the tickets written up and brought them back?

A. No; she always arranged for that.

Q. Were you ever given the names of people that were listed as travelers on those tickets that you picked up?

A. I don't think that I was given-I can't say really that I was ever given any specific name. If Mrs. Dargans asked me to go and pick up tickets, sometimes she would have me come pick up tickets from her office, and she always had them in an envelope that was sealed. She would say there are some tickets-everything that happened was for the Congressman, that would be how she worded it. “Come pick up some tickets for the Congressman.” And the envelope was sealed. It was merely a messenger duty. So I can't say definitely that I did or did not pick up tickets for any given person.

Q. What were the names of the other girls in the office with you?

A. Oh, at various times we had-frankly, there was only one other girl, Mrs. Himes and Mrs. Swann.

Q. Mrs. Swann?
A. Yes.

Q. Did you ever hear her, discuss with her the fact that airline tickets were purchased in her name?

A. No, sir.

Q. Did you have any general discussions in the office about the use of employees' names on tickets for the Congressman?

A. No. As I said before—and if there was such a discussion, I will say here off the record or on the record that I tried to avoid that comment or line of gossip. For one reason, you could really get your head chopped off real good if something leaked, and I made it my business to try to know as little as I could about something that didn't affect my work.

Q. And you never were asked permission to use your name in connection with travel?

A. No; definitely not.

Q. Nobody on the staff of the Congressman ever requested your authority to use your name?

A. That is right.
Mr. O'CONNOR. I have no further questions.
Mr. TAYLER. I have another ticket.
Mr. Hays. All right.

By Mr. TAYLER: Q. Mrs. Harris, I am going to show you a transportation request for a shuttle flight between Washington and New York on Eastern Airlines, March 28, 1965, which is in the record as Dargans exhibit No. 3 and which purports to bear your signature in the upper lefthand corner. Will you tell me whether that is your signature.

A. No; it is not.
Q. Did you make the trip indicated on that transportation receipt?
A. No, sir; I did not.

Thank you.
A. And that is definitely not my signature.
Q. Do you have any knowledge of who used that ticket?
A. None.
Mr. TAYLER. That is all.
Mr. Hays. Mr. Waggonner.

Mr. WAGGONNER. You have given us a rather full account of your part in actually procuring tickets once they have been made out, and you testified that you did primarily casework. Did it ever fall your responsibility to arrange reservations for committee travel or for members of the office staff to travel ?

The WITNESS. I can't think of a-no, I could say that I never arranged any trip. I have had to call to find out what possible flights were available and to give such information to people. But so far as following through, making the arrangements, I can recall no such instance.

Mr. WAGGONNER. Was the office staff so organized that when such arrangements were made, generally speaking, somebody had this responsibility, it didn't just go from one to another, depending upon who might be available?

The WITNESS. So far as I know, sir—now I could be wrong, misinformed on this—but it was always my idea that Mrs. Dargans was the person responsible for that and she was rather jealous of that responsibility. People didn't tread on that.

Mr. WAGGONNER. Could you tell me who generally gave her the direction which was necessary in arranging such travel? Did it come from the Congressman himself or from his administrative assistant?

The WITNESS. That I cannot answer. I am sure that they must have got orders from both, but that would be conjecture on my part. I don't know.

Mr. WAGGONNER. No further questions, Mr. Chairman.
Mr. Hays. Mr. Dickinson?
Mr. JONES. No questions.
Mr. Hays. Mr. Devine? Mr. Nedzi?
Mr. Nedzi. Mrs. Harris, do you know Mrs. Flores or Mrs. Powell?

The WITNESS. No; I was not on the staff when she was with the committee, and when she has purportedly been in Washington I have not seen her. I don't know her.

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