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Q. Is it his personal approval that is on that voucher?
A. Yes, sir.
Q. Which payroll of the Congressman are you on?
A. I actually am on the standing committee payroll.

Q. Your title there is special assistant to the chairman, is that correct?

A. Yes, sir.
Q. You have been on that payroll since April 1, 1965 ?
A. Yes, sir.

Q. What are your duties in connection with the committee or as a special assistant to the chairman?

A. I do most of the research on legislation for the chairman. I act as sort of an intermediary between him and other people, other Congressmen; sometimes when he is inaccessible. I handle his press relations. Í assist him in drafting statements. I coordinate all of the work that he has before him when he has committee meetings. I am on the House floor when he has a bill on the House floor. I prepare all of his statements that go into the record concerning legislation. In general, I act as a sort of right arm, you might say. I just don't know how to phrase it. I just do everything that he asks me to do.

Mr. Hays. Mr. Stone, I would like to show you a letter which I received this morning.

The WITNESS. Yes, sir.
Mr. Hays. I ask you if you know anything about it.

The WITNESS. Yes, sir. The chairman sent us a rough draft of his letter. We got it Saturday. He called Saturday and asked if we got it. I said, “Yes." He said to type it and send it to you.

Mr. Hays. Who signed it?

The WITNESS. He did it. He sent us a blank sheet with the letter he sent us and said, “See if you can type this so that it will come out this way.” He sent us the letter which was drafted.

Mr. Hays. It really does not matter. I might tell you Mrs. Dargans says that is not the chairman's signature. You say it is.

The WITNESS. Yes, he sent it to us.
Mr. Hays. But the letter was typed up here?
The WITNESS. We typed it here.

Mr. Hays. In other words, what I am getting at is he is not physically here in Washington?

The WITNESS. No, sir. He called Saturday and said that had we gotten the letter. I said, “Yes.” He said, “Do you think you can type it over my signature ?" I said, “I guess we can, we will do our best. We will attach that piece of paper to the end of the letter.” I asked him had he gotten your letter and he said he had not.

Mr. Hays. How was this letter delivered to my office, do you know?

The WITNESS. My secretary put it in a slot. I came here Sunday night. She typed the letter. I had her take it upstairs and put it in

your slot.

Mr. Hays. It was put in the slot last night?
The WITNESS. Yes, sir.

Mr. Hays. My office gathered it up with the morning's mail and I got it at the noon recess. I was just curious because I have the envelope somewhere and there was no postmark.

The WITNESS. No, sir; it was hand delivered, sir.

By Mr. O'CONNOR: Q. Where was Congressman Powell when you talked with him Saturday?

A. He was in Bimini.

Q. Had he received any official notification from the committee about appearing?

A. I specifically asked him had he gotten the letter. He said he had not received any mail from the committee.

Q. In connection with your duties as special assistant to the chairman, is there any travel involved in connection with those duties?

A. Quite a bit, sir, yes.
Q. When you say "quite a bit,” how frequently is travel required?

A. Well, I travel with him times when he goes out on trips. For me, since I hate to travel, I consider it quite a bit if I go out more than twice a month. That is quite a bit.

Q. Have you had an airline credit card issued to you?
A. Two cards.
Q. Could you explain the nature of the two cards?

A. He asked that I have a credit card issued to me. I forgot when it was issued to me. I guess last year. I do not remember when the card was issued. Then he discovered the card was not what he calls a "Q” card. It meant under this card I could not purchase ticekts for other people. He said, "I want you to get a 'Q' card."

Q. The first card that was issued to you, only you could purchase tickets for your own travel ?

A. Yes, sir.

Q. The “Q” card was a type of card that you could purchase tickets for travel by others!

A. Yes; that is right.
Q. When did you receive your“Q” card, do you know?

A. I do not know. I just cannot remember when I did get it; about a year or so ago. I really do not know exactly when I got the card.

Q. In the use of the two cards that you had, did you distinguish as to how you would use them?

A. Yes. What I tried to do was this: When I made a trip myself I tried to put—that I was going to take a trip personally, physicallyI would use the card which is not a “Q” card. I did my best to try to use that card for only trips that I personally would take. I was not always successful, but I tried to do that.

Q. The“Q" card was used for trips that you would obtain
A. For other people.
Q. (Continuing.) Tickets for the use of someone else?
A. Yes, sir.
Q. Was all of your travel by air?

A. For the most part. I made a few trips by car. I made two or three to New York, I think, by car. That is about all.

Q. What procedure would you follow when you requisitioned an air travel ticket?

A. I would take this voucher here and send this voucher over to the Capital Airlines office along with my air travel card and a little memo as to where the ticket should be and whose name. They would stamp it and I would sign my name at the top. They would stamp this and purchase the ticket.

Q. Have you ever loaned your ticket to anyone on your staffyour travel card, rather?

A. No; I do not think so.

Q. Have you always had the two cards issued to you in your possession at all times?

A. Yes; I have given it to people to go buy a ticket. In other words, I gave it to them physically to buy a ticket for a particular


Q. But they would always return it to you immediately? A. Yes. Mr. Hays. May I ask a question there? Mr. O'CONNOR. Yes. Mr. Hays. Mr. Stone, did you always send one of those signed slips with your card?

The WITNESS. I always did. Well

Mr. Hays. What I am getting at, I am not trying to entrap you, but there is common practice around here, I am told, to send staff personnel with a credit card and let them fill the thing out there and he signs the name of the person.

The WITNESS. Yes; that was common. I tried to stop that because I found out and I told Mr. O'Connor about this we discovered some people had purchased tickets without my card but using my card's number. So a letter was sent to the manager of the office under the chairman's name and I drafted the letter and I signed his name on it because he was away at the time, last December, telling them not to issue any tickets under any circumstances unless they had the travel card of one of the four people, Mr. Powell, Mrs. Dargans, Mr. Derrickson, or myself, and accompanying transportation voucher or whatever you call it. I gave Mr. O'Connor a copy of that letter.

Mr. Hays. Could I just ask one more question? You talked about those four cards. How many other travel cards were floating around that committee, do you know?

The WITNESS. Actually, there are five. I have two. Mr. Powell, Mr. Derrickson, Mrs. Dargans and my two; that would be five that I know of.

Mr. Hays. Some 22 cards were turned in, Mr. Stone. You did not know about the others?

The WITNESS. No, sir.
Mr. Hays. You knew of five?

The WITNESS. I knew definitely of five and I put it in that letter that I drafted and signed.

By Mr. O'CONNOR: Q. The letter that you referred to issuing instructions to the airline ticket office, is that the letter dated December 30, 1965 ?

A. Yes, sir.
Q. Do you have an extra copy of it there?
A. Yes; I have my copy to Mr. Richardson.

Q. A letter to Mr. Richardson, signed by Adam C. Powell, chairman.

A. Yes, sir.

Q. Addressed to Mr. Randall Richardson, manager, Capital Airline ticket office!

A. That is right.

Q. Attached you have a letter dated January 13, 1966, to the Capital Airlines ticket office, which is acknowledgment?

A. Yes, sir; and there is a letter going back telling him—
Q. There is a third letter from Mr. Powell dated January 18, 1966.
A. I signed both of the letters myself.
Mr. O'CONNOR. Would you mark this "Stone Exhibit 2"?

DECEMBER 30, 1965. DEAR MR. RICHARDSON: I am enclosing two tickets which were issued to staff members of this office without the imprint of an authorized air travel card from this office.

I am requesting that in the future no air travel tickets be issued to any staff member of the Committee on Education and Labor under any circumstances unless the following two conditions are fulfilled:

(1) the person requesting the ticket (or tickets) has in his possession at the time of purchase an authorized air travel card from the Committee on Education and Labor; and

(2) the person requesting the tickets has a transportation receipt already signed by the name on the Committee on Education and Labor air travel card. (A quick check of the signatures on both the air travel card and the transportation receipt will be appreciated.)

Only the following four persons on the Committee on Education and Labor have authorized air travel cards:

Rep. Adam Clayton Powell, Chairman
Russell C. Derrickson, Staff Director
C. Sumner Stone, Special Assistant to the Chairman

Mrs. Louise Maxienne Dargans, Chief Clerk
I would deeply appreciate the cooperation of your office in this matter. Thank
you for all of your assistance in the past.
With every good wish for this Holiday Season.
Very truly yours,

Adam C. Powell, Chairman.
Manager, Capitol Airlines Ticket Office,
Department of State, Washington, D.C.
cc: Russell C. Derrickson, Staff Director

C. Sumner Stone, Special Assistant to the Chairman
Mrs. Roberta Adams, Capitol Airlines Ticket Office

Miss Joyce Bowyer, Capitol Airlines Ticket Office
Enclosure: As stated.



Washington, D.C., January 13, 1966. Congressman ADAM C. POWELL, Chairman, Committee on Education and Labor, House of Representatives, Washington, D.C.

DEAR CONGRESSMAN POWELL: We acknowledge receipt of your December 30th letter pertaining to the issuance of tickets against the air travel cards held by the four persons named on the Committee on Education and Labor.

You have our assurance that we will comply with your instructions and we assume that you will write us concerning any changes—such as the names of any others who may receive authorized air travel cards at some future date.

Do you want the tickets for Mr. Buckley and Mr. Sullivan credited to the Air Travel Plan account of the Committee on Education and Labor or should they be returned to you? Sincerely yours,

R. J. RICHARDSON, Manager.

Manager, Combined Airlines Ticket Office,
Department of State, Washington, D.C.

DEAR MR. RICHARDSON: Thank you very much for your letter of January 13th and I appreciate deeply your cooperation in this matter.

Please credit the tickets for Mr. Buckley and Mr. Sullivan to the Air Travel Plan Account of the Committee on Education and Labor. Sincerely yours,

ADAM C. POWELL, Chairman. (The above-referred to document was marked "Stone Exhibit 2'' for identification and was received in evidence.)

Mr. O'CONNOR. May it be entered at the appropriate place in the record, Mr. Chairman?

By Mr. O'CONNOR: Q. In connection with your travel individually on behalf of the committee, did you ever make any trips for which you did not submit a voucher for reimbursement of subsistence?

A. Maybe one or two, but not many. I do not know how many. There were two reasons why I might not have submitted vouchers for subsistence: One I know we discussed this and it won't sound feasible—whenever I went to New York for 1 or 2 days I have an apartment in New York which I rent–invariably there were really no expenses incurred on a trip sometimes. This was not often. Somebody would meet us at the airport. If I went with the chairman, I never spent any money for meals. I literally spent no money at all. I had a place to stay. I spent no money for meals or taxis or anything. The other reason again was the pressures of my job were such that sometimes I just forgot. I tried to remember. If you know those vouchers that were submitted, they were quite frequently submitted a month or several weeks after I had made the trip. I know I did not forget to submit vouchers for any trip that extended for more than 3 or 4 days.

Q. Were there any trips besides to New York for which you did not submit vouchers ?

A. I might not have submitted vouchers to Miami. I went down for a couple of trips when I stayed 1 day and came right back or 2 days, stayed overnight.

Q. Do you have an apartment in Miami?

A. No, sir. I do not think I did submit vouchers. I just do not remember now. I know 2 days I went down for specific reasons and came right back.

Q. How many trips since January 3, 1965, have you made to New York?

A. Twenty
Q. Individually?
A. Yes, sir.
Q. Who would accompany you on those trips?

A. Most of the trips I made I went with the chairman. I accompanied him. There were a few I might have gone by myself. I went on part of the investigation on the poverty program last year, last September and October. Those 4 months when we had the poverty task force in full swing, I went two or three times to New York. Í

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