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Chap. 250 (S. B. 345)

Page 335

AN ACT to amend chapter 213 of acts of 1914 relating to the voluntary or involuntary dissolution of corporations, except banks.

Chap. 251 (S. B. 53)

Page 336

AN ACT to amend section 5 and 9 of chapter 114 of the laws of Mississippi 1916 so as to provide for the selection of the board of pharmaceutical examinations, and changing dates for examination.

Chap. 252 (S. B. 175)

Page 337

AN ACT to amend section 2, of chapter 28 of the laws of 1917, so as to fix the time within which appeals shall be prosecuted and appeal bonds filed and the notice to be given of the hearing.

Chap. 253 (S. B. 318)

Page 339 AN ACT to amend sections 3, 4, 6, 9 and 10 of chapter 191, laws of 1918, so as to require the cleaning of vessels returned; to provide for the inspection of premises; to provide for the verification of tests; to prohibit the sale of unwholesome cream; defining butter; and limiting the operation of the entire chapter to persons, firms or corporations whose products, or any part, are for consumption by the public.

Chap. 254 (S. B. 387)

Page 343

AN ACT to amend sections 11 and 14 of chapter 223 of the laws of 1918 in relations to embalmers and embalming.

Chap. 255 (H. B. 787)

Page 344

AN ACT to amend chapter 146, of the laws of 1920, defining who shall practice law in this state, entitled An Act to amend section 6 of chapter 107 of the laws of 1916, defining who shall practice law in this state.

Chap. 256 (H. B. 692)

Page 345

AN ACT to amend section No. 2, section No. 3, and section No. 4, chapter 155, acts Mississippi legislature 1920 so as to provide for voting at any special election by electors absent on the day of such election from the county in which they are electors.

Chap. 257 (S. B. 384)

Page 346

AN ACT to amend section 3 of chapter 207 of the laws of Mississippi for the year 1920, so as to provide that in any case where the issuance of bonds has been authorized by an election that the provision for the issuance of same within one year after the date of the election authorizing such issue shall be extended and enlarged so as to exclude from the computation of such period of one year any time that is consumed or which elapses from the beginning, to the final determination of any legal proceedings in any court, or before the board of supervisors, or otherwise, and which legal proceedings in any way question the validity of said proposed bonds, or the election authorizing same, or the proceedings tawen in the creation of any separate road district, consolidated school district, the holding of elections, or anything had or done, or omitted to be done, and to make the provisions of said section as amended retroactive as well as prospective.

Chap. 258 (H. B. 241)

Page 347

AN ACT to amend section 1 of chapter 242, laws of 1920 so as to authorize the board of supervisors to pay for grounds and buildings for storing or preserving county property and road district property.

Chap. 259 (H. B. 889)

Page 348

AN ACT to amend section 1 of chapter 246 of the laws of 1920 so as to extend the time therein mentioned from the first day of January, 1922, to the first day of January. 1924.

Chap. 260 (H. B. 245)

Page 348

AN ACT to amend chapter 270, laws of 1920, entitled, "An act to authorize counties created after the 28th day of March, 1914, to organize into seperate road districts and to liquidate indebtedness already created," so as to authorize the board of supervisors of such counties to construct and maintain roads and bridges in accordance with chapter 276, laws of 1920, all laws amendatory thereof, and such other and additional methods of working and constructing roads and bridges as are consistent therewith.

Chap. 261 (S. B. 382)

Page 349

AN ACT to amend section 5, chapter 277 of the laws of 1920, so as to authorize the boards of supervisors to remove road commissioners from office for cause or at pleasure.

Chap. 262 (H. B. 666)

Page 351

AN ACT to amend chapter 612 of the laws of 1920 so as to authorize the governor, the boards of supervisors and the mayor and board of commissioners of the cities having ports therein to appoint harbor or pilot commissioners for the respective harbors.

Chap. 263 (S. B. 348)

Page 352 AN ACT providing that hotel keepers may act as peace officers on hotel premises and eject from said premises persons guilty of conduct against public morals and violations of the law.

Chap. 264 (S. B. 393)

Page 352

AN ACT authorizing the Mississippi Centennial Exposition Company to be sued.

Chap. 265 (H. B. 743)

Page 353

AN ACT to prohibit the sale, the keeping for sale, or offering for sale of magazines or publications excluded from the mails and providing punishment for violation of this act.

Chap. 266 (H. B. 925)

Page 353

AN ACT concerning the guardianship of the persons and property of minor children, and to make uniform the laws in reference thereto.

Chap. 267 (H. B. 722)

Page 354

AN ACT to authorize boards of supervisors of any county to have surveyed the cultivated, uncultivated or timber lands of the county or any particular part thereof

Chap. 268 (S. B. 453)

Page 355

AN ACT to permit and authorize the consolidation and merger into a telephone system all telephone lines, exchanges and properties in any county of the state of Mississippi, and to prescribe the conditions under which such consolidation and merger may be had and obtained.

Chap. 269 (S. B. 467)

Page 356

AN ACT to continue in force the appropriations made by chapter 78 and chapter 112 of the laws of 1920.

Chap. 270 (S. B. 76)

Page 357

AN ACT to penalize any charge for any character of services in representing any defendant before the chief executive of the pardoning board in attempting to procure a pardon, and for a like penalty for any charge for services in resisting the granting of any pardon.

Chap. 271 (H. B. 818)

Page 358

AN ACT making it unlawful to prevent electric current, water or gas from passing any meter or meters; to prevent a meter from fully reg istering the quantity of electricity, water or gas supplied, or interfering with its proper action or just registration; to divert any electric current from any wire or cable or waters or gas from any pipe or main without the consent of the manufacturer or seller thereof, to retain the possession of or refuse to deliver any meter, lamp or other appliances to the owner thereof with the intent to defraud such owner; making a violation of the provisions of this act a misdemeanor and providing a penalty therefor; and repealing all laws in conflict therewith.

Chap. 272 (H. B. 530)

Page 359

AN ACT to forbid the wearing of emblems by persons not authorized so to do.

Chap. 273 (H. B. 533)

Page 359

AN ACT to provide for the recordation by chancery clerks of discharges, and all other military records and documents of the veterans of the world war, and soldiers of the Spanish-American war, and for the furnishing of copies of same, and for other purposes.

Chap. 274 (H. B. 634)

Page 360

AN ACT regulating the power and authority of district attorneys of this state relative to civil suits for violation of the anti-trust statutes of this state.

Chap. 275 (H. B. 415)

Page 361 AN ACT providing for the assignment of state, county and municipal tax liens, and keeping such liens alive in the hands of any assignee thereof, providing a form for such assignment, and the enforcement of such lien.

Chap. 276 (H. B. 798)

Page 363

AN ACT authorizing the state treasurer and the state auditor to transfer certain funds from the county land redemption fund to the general fund of the treasury.

Chap. 277 (H. B. 845)

..Page 363

AN ACT to authorize the state board of health to sell to the town of Magee electricity or electric current manufactured at the Mississippi sanitarium for the prevention and treatment of tuberculosis, near said town, in excess of that needed at said institution.

Chap. 278 (S. B. 42)

Page 364

AN ACT to forbid nepotism by boards of supervisors and to provide a penalty therefor.

Chap. 279 (H. B. 857)

Page 364

AN ACT to fix the amount of taxes to be paid by the Delta Southern Railway for levee purposes for the year 1921.

Chap. 280 (H. B. 339)

Page 365

AN ACT providing how the taxpayers may, by petition, fix tax levies for road purposes.

Chap. 281 (H. B. 840)

Page 366

AN ACT to confirm, ratify, and approve an agreement by and between the Mississippi Centennial Exposition Commission and the city of Gulfport, jointly, and the United States of America, by which the property now under the control of the Mississippi Centennial Exposition Commission is leased to the United States of America for use of the United States Public Health Service, and by which an option to purchase is given; to approve said sale, in the event the United States exercises said option, and to authorize and empower the said Centennial Exposition Commission, acting for the state of Mississippi, the county of Harrison and the city of Gulfport, to execute proper deed and pass title to the United States of America; to authorize and direct the Mississippi Centennial Exposition Commission to deposit in the treasury of the state of Mississippi, purchase money received from said sale, the same to be subject to the disposition of the legislature of the state of Mississippi next assembled following date of said sale.

Chap. 282 (H. B. 484)

Page 368

AN ACT giving to every employe or laborer of a saw mill or a planing mill or the person or concern engaged in cutting and shipping or rafting timber, a lien for his wages and providing for the enforcement and duration of said lien.

Chap. 283 (S. B. 526)

Page 368

AN ACT authorizing the board of supervisors of each county in the state to donate funds not to exceed $1,000.00 to build a new hospital at the Old Soldiers Home, Beauvoir, Mississippi.

Chap. 284 (S. B. 426)

Page 369

AN ACT authorizing and empowering boards of supervisors, in their discretion, to allow county depositories to withdraw bonds pledged as security for county deposits, or to withdraw such bonds and substitute other bonds in their stead, provided such deposits be fully secured and otherwise covered by the ten per cent margin of security as required by law.

Chap. 285 (S. B. 324)

Page 369 AN ACT providing that the undivided interest of a minor in real estate where said interest is worth less than two hundred dollars may be sold by order of the chancery court without the necessity of the expense of guardianship or public sale.

Chap. 286 (H. B. 342)

.Page 370

AN ACT to adopt and make official Hemingway's code of 1917, and the supplement of 1921.

Chap. 287 (H. B. 259)

Page 371

AN ACT empowering the circuit court to revoke and cancel the license to practice medicine of any physician convicted of performing a criminal abortion, or the violation of the federal anti-narcotic laws or who shall be a habitual narcotic drug addict.

Chap. 288 (S. B. 460)

Page 372

AN ACT providing for one additional clerk in the office of the auditor of public accounts, whose special duy it shall be to examine the reports, tabulate the records, and keep the accounts in said office of the receipts and disbursements of the excise tax on gasoline.

Chap. 289 (S. B. 445)

Page 372

AN ACT to provide that the benefits heretofore assessed on the lands and other real property in the Delta City Drainage District, of Sharkey county, Mississippi, shall bear interest at the rate of six per centum (6%) per annum, and to permit the owners of property subject to such assessments, to pay the same in full within fifteen (15) days after the passage and approval of this act, and to validate all proceedings heretofore had by the board of supervisors of said county, and the board of drainage commissioners of said district, incorporating said district, assessing benefits in said district, and authorizing the issuance of bonds of said district.

Chap. 290 (H. B. 473)

Page 374

AN ACT to authorize, empower and require the board of supervisors to order an election for certain purposes, upon the filing of a petition signed by twenty-five per centum of the qualified electors of the county.

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