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Chap. 164 (H. B. 547)

.Page 160

AN ACT fixing the compensation of the assessor and to provide how the

same shall be paid.

Chap. 165 (H. B. 814)

Page 164 AN ACT to amend section 2182 code of 1906 in reference to fies of the

justice of the peace and ex-officio justice of the peace, as amended by the laws of 1912 and the laws of 1920, chapter 132.

Chap. 166 (S. B. 504)

...Page 165 AN ACT to fix the term of the levee commissioners for the Yazoo-Mis

sissippi Delta levee district and the Mississippi levee district; to provide for the nomination of candidates for the office and for the election of the commissioners of said districts; and for the filling of vacancies in such office.

Chap. 167 (H. B. 532)

Page 168 AN ACT to amend section 1 of chapter 152 of the laws of Mississippi of

1918, so as to regulate the salaries of the officers and employees of the board of Mississippi levee commissioners and to regulate the employ. ment of employees of said board.

Chap. 168 (H. B. 581)

.Page 169 AN ACT to authorize the Board of Palmyra Levee Commissioners to

issue fifteen thousand dollars of bonds.

Page 172 AN ACT to provide for the public advertisement of proposals for contract Chap. 172 (S. B. 260)

Chap. 169 (H. B. 750)

work to be let by the board of commissioners for the Yazoo-Mississippi Delta levee district; to provide for the public advertisement of proposals for the purchase by said board of levee commissioners of materials, equipment and supplies; and to provide how such contracts shall be let and conditions on which same shall be let.

Chap. 170 (H. B. 752)

Page 175 AN ACT to designate the officers and employes of the board of commis.

sioners for the Yazoo-Mississippi Delta levee district; to regulate the salaries of such officers and employes; to provide the manner of disbursing the funds of said leves district, and for other purposes.

Chap. 171 (H. C. R. 61)

Page 177 A CONCURRENT RESOLUTION memorializing Congress to appoint a spe

cial committee to inspect and investigate the conditions in the territory from Brunswick, Mississippi, to Baton Rouge. Louisiana on the east bank of the Mississippi river during the prevalence of the present high water.

Page 178 AN ACT to create a superintendent of banks in Mississippi, and to

amend sections 1, 3, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 26, a portion of section 28, a portion of section 30, sections 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 41, 44, 45a, 46, a portion of section 49, sections 50, 56, 58, 59 division 3, 60, 61, 64, 67, of chapter 124, laws of 1914, as amended, and section 36350, Hemingway's code, being section 1 of chapter 247, laws of 1918, and section 2, chapter 185, laws of 1920, and to repeal sections 2, 4, 5, 25, of chapter 124, laws of 1914, and to prescribe responsibility of banks with reference to checks and other instruments, adverse claims to deposits, and in receiving items for collection, and for other purposes.

Chap. 173 (S. B. 26)

.Page 209 AN ACT to punish the making and issuance of checks, drafts or orders

on banks or depositories, when there are not sufficient funds to pay same, and same are not paid, and prescribing a form of affidavit in such cases.

Chap. 174 (S. B. 140)

.Page 210 AN ACT to require the payment of interest by banks on funds of the

tax collector and to repeal section 2 of chapter 315 of the acts of 1920.

Chap. 175 (S. B. 181)

.Page 211 AN ACT to exempt any and all money on deposit in either national banks,

state barks, or trust companies, from taxation.

Chap. 176 (H. B. 534)

Page 212 AN ACT to amend section 260 of the code of Mississippi of 1906 as

amended by chapter 192 of the laws of Mississippi 1920, relating to the creation and organization of banks.

Chap. 177 (H. B. 487)

Page 212 AN ACT to amend section 3485 of the Mississippi code of 1906 80

as to designate public money on deposit as a trust fund, and to provide for the distribution of same in the hands of the banking department.

.Page 213 AN ACT to provide who shall be entitled to pensions, how pensions shall Chap. 180 (H. B. 675)

Chap. 178 (H. B. 382)

be distributed, method of application and qualification, when pensions shall be distributed, provision for boards of inquiry, and to repeal sections 3654, 3655, 3656, 3657, 3658, 3659, 3660, 3663, 3665 of the Mississippi code of 1906; chapter 207, laws of 1910; chapters 197, 198, and 199 of the laws of 1916; chapter 131 of the laws of 1918; chapters 260, 261, and 262 of the laws of 1920, and all other laws in conflict with this act.

Chap. 179 (H. B. 434)

Page 218 AN ACT to authorize the formation of associations of producers of

agricultural products.

.Page 231 AN ACT creating the Mississippi Agricultural and Industrial Commis

sion, and prescribing its duties, powers, and compensation.

Chap. 181 (S. B. 62)

.Page 232 AN ACT authorizing boards of supervisors to protect and preserve game

and fish to conserve same for the use and consumption of the inhabitants and to appoint game wardens to discharge such duties as may be prescribed for them and to make it unlawful to kill, catch, or injure game and fish except as provided by the terms of this act, and to provide penalties therefor.

Chap. 182 (H. B. 567)

Page 246 AN ACT to prohibit setting of seines in the channels of running streams

and regulating fish traps.

Chap. 183 (H. B. 771)

Page 246 AN ACT to prevent pollution of streams and to preserve the fish in same

in Mississippi.

Chap. 184 (S. B. 376)

Page 247 AN ACT to aid and encourage insurance companies inc porated or or

ganized under the laws of the state of Mississippi and to exempt such companies from taxation except on real estate for a period of five years.

Chap. 185 (S. B. 375)

Page 248 AN ACT imposing a state privilege tax on foreign insurance companies on

the right or privilege of entering the state of Mississippi for the purpose of doing an insurance business within this state, and to amend section 31 of chapter 104 laws of Mississippi of 1920.

Chap. 186 (S. B. 129)

.Page 249 AN ACT to amend section 1, chapter 175, laws of 1908 (section 1814 Hem

ingway's code of 1917) so as to make certain to whom the proceeds of policies of life insurance payable to the executor or administrator shall be paid.

Chap. 187 (S. B. 130)

Page 250 AN ACT to amend section 2583 code of Mississippi, of 1906 (Sec. 5047

Hemingway's code of 1917) so as to authorize domestic insurance companies to invest their accumulations also in supervisors district bonds.

.Page 252 AN ACT to amend chapter 306 of the laws of Mississippi of 1920 so as

Chap. 188 (S. B. 128)

to enlarge the proportion of any individual risk which a domestic life insurance company can reinsure.

Chap. 189 (S. B. 112)

Page 253 AN ACT to provide for the acceptance of the benefits of an act passed

by the Senate and House of Representatives of the United States of America, in Congress assembled, to provide for the promotion of vocational rehabilitation of persons disabled in industry or otherwise and their return to civil employment, to provide for the appointment of a custodian for all moneys received by the state from the United States, or from other sources for the purpose stated, to empower and direct the state board for vocational education to cooperate with the federal board for vocational education in carrying out the provisions of said act, and to prescribe its powers and duties, and to provide for state appropriations for vocational rehabilitation of persons disabled in industry or otherwise.

.Page 255 AN ACT to provide for the locating of school buildings in rural separate Chap. 196 (S. B. 151)

Chap. 190 (H. B. 238)

school districts and to provide how location may be change, building is located.

Chap. 191 (H. B. 183)

.Page 256 AN ACT to require the county superintendent of education of each county

in the state of Mississippi to compile and report the exact amount of money spent in his county for educational purposes and to return the same to the auditor of the state of Mississippi.

Chap. 192 (H. B. 716)

Page 256 AN ACT to authorize and direct the several agricultural high schools

of the state to teach not less than one of the terms of such schools the subject of horticulture, and to operate a nursery for the growth of fruit trees and plants to give practical instruction in the planting, culture and treatment of such plants and trees to all male students therein who attend and take part in the course of study for the year or years in which the said subject of horticulture is made a part of the curriculum and for other purposes.

Chap. 193 (S. B. 216)

.Page 257 AV ACT to advance learning, the arts and sciences, and to promote the

public welfare by providing for the conveyance, holding and protection of property, and the creation of trusts for the founding, endowing, erection and maintenance of public libraries, museums, art galleries, and edu. cational institutions within this state.

Chap. 194 (S. B. 210)

..Page 259 AN ACT to enable a school district to assume the bonded indebtedness

of a constituent territory.

Chap. 195 (H. B. 690)

Page 261 AN ACT to amend section 6 of chapter 111 of the laws of 1916 so as to

fix the age limit and other conditions upon which children may be admitted to the Mississippi Industrial Training School.

Page 261 AN ACT to govern and regulate the letting and making of contracts for

transportation of pupils to and from the public schools where same are now transported at public expenses; defining and prescribing the duties of the state board of education, the trustees of such schools and the county superintendent of education, and making it unlawful for any trustee of such schools to be interested, either directly or indirectly, in such contracts.

Chap. 197 (S. B. 371)

.Page 263 AN ACT providing for the enumeration of the educable children of the

state during the year 1923 and every two years thereafter through the county superintendent and teachers of the respective counties of the state.

Chap. 198 (H. B. 644)

.Page 265 AN ACT to provide a method for the addition of territory to existing

consolidated school districts.

Chap. 199 (S. B. 365)

Page 267 AN ACT to authorize trustees of consolidated school districts in certain

cases to borrow money to extend and complete school terms.

Chap. 200 (H. B. 48)

Page 268 AV ACT to enable persons who took part in the World War to have their

teacher's license renewed.

Chap: 201 (H. B. 396)

Page 269 AN ACT to amend section 13, chapter 119 of the laws of Mississippi, 1910,

to provide for the granting of Baccalaureate degrees at the Mississippi Normal College.

Chap. 202 (H. B. 365)

Page 269 AN ACT to amend section 2535 of the Mississippi code of 1906, regu

lating the apportionment and appointment of students in the Mississippi State College for Women.

Chap. 203 (H. B. 364)

Page 270 AN ACT to amend section 2531 of the Mississippi code of 1906, so as to

change the number of years for free tuition in the Mississippi State College for women.

Chap. 204 (S. B. 251)

Page 270 AN ACT permitting the addition of work of junior college grade to

the program of studies of a municipal separate district high school or of an agricultural high school and specifying the conditions on which same may be done.

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