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Federal Laws, Regulations,

and Other Material

Relating to Highways

Through December 1965

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The Bureau of Public Roads, at the direction of the Secretary of Commerce, carries out the responsibilities and authority of the Secretary with respect to Federal and Federal-aid highway construction, administration, and research, more specifically described in Title 23, United States Code, entitled "Highways."

The Bureau is under the direction of the Federal Highway Administrator. The headquarters office in Washington, D.C., is composed of an Office of Engineering and Operations, Office of Administration, Office of Research and Development, Office of Planning, Office of Right-of-Way and Location, Office of Audits and Investigations, Office of Highway Safety, and the Office of the General Counsel. In the field, regional and division offices discharge the responsibilities of Public Roads at local levels. Division offices are located in all States, the District of Columbia, and Puerto Rico. These divisions are grouped into 11 regions. The State of Alaska comprises an entire region.

The Bureau administers Federal legislation providing for the improvement, in cooperation with the several States, of roads on the Federal-aid primary, secondary, and interstate systems and urban extensions thereof; for the survey and construction, in cooperation with the Forest Service, of roads on the forest highway system; for the survey and construction, in cooperation with the Central American Republics, of the Inter-American Highway, and other programs.

As the principal roadbuilding agency of the Federal Government, Public Roads cooperates with the U.S. Forest Service, the National Park Service, and other Federal agencies in the construction of roads in national forests, parks, and other Federal areas. In cooperation with the Department of State and other Federal agencies, the Bureau provides assistance and advice to foreign governments in various phases of highway engineering and administration.

Public Roads, in cooperation with the States, conducts a program of research and development on all phases of highway improvement, transport, and safety as a basis for the development of progressive highway engineering and administrative practices.

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