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my fantastical reveries, when my folly, prompt with a notion that the church could not subfift without the society, which, to me, was supreme and impenetrable, the Bull, for the abolition of the society, came forth, which, as at hunder-clap, almost robbed me of my senses. After the fic had given room for reflection, I found rancour and resentment for the stretch of power assumed by the pope, as a burning coal, take place, and my heart alienated from her allegiance. I resolved to turn protestant, and commenced preacher, in which occupation I found fingular delight, in arraigning and calumniating the church of Rome, which raised shouts of applause; still I found a restlessness when I was alone;, to remedy this malady, I married ; but still, when the novelty, I call it fò, having kept myself chafte since I was in the priesthood, until I quitced my allegiance. I then found home irksome, which brought on a shyness, so that I found variety was the only medicine that could warm and take off the chill that infested my heart. In this pursuit I spent my leisure hours; and that I might still farther indulge my insatiable appetite, I ingrafted myself a member of the new philosophy of this our enlightened age and northern hemisphere, in which society I gained great respect, being ingenious, resolute, forward, in the execution of what they hold heroic designs, which consist in denying a God, and be guilty of the most wicked and unnatural actions, without remorse or restraint. Mofes. What knocking is that, pray come in?


Rabbahtened Club of sive

Messenger. I am sent by the club of the philosophers of this our enlightened age and nora thern hemisphere, with this letter to your Rabbi, and wait your answer, by à line, as I am ordered.

Mofes. In halfán hour you will call for an answer, Ignatius. Pray, Rabhi, give us the contents ?

Mofes. The club of philosophers of this our enlightened age and northern hemisphere, ta Rabbi Moses.“ Sir, in council affembled, we have come to this determination, according to the true incent and meaning of our philofophical constitutions, that you, acting contrary to the rules of our aforesaid philosophy, in preventing the interment of the dead body of the late philosopher, Ignatius, endeavouring, with needless trouble and expence; to restore his life; that you defray the whole expence, and, upon receipt of this, have him buried. The Club have also aligned to themselves the bet won by Ignalius, in favour of this our new philosophy of this our enlightened age and northern hemisphere. Adieu.”

Moses. In perusing the uncivil letter handed me, by a messenger, from the Club of Philo. sophers of this our enligh:enei age and northern hemisphere, I observe, the intent bears a dark complexion and vexacious aspect, being the fruit of an avaricious and inhuman spirit, and by no means founded on the principles of wise philosophy. Rabbi Moses, therefore, will be glad to have the macter discussed at fix Ö'clock this evening before three Notaries, in


the apartments of the late philosopher, Igna- tius, of chis our enlightened age and northern hemisphere. Adieu. !. Ignatius. You have done wisely, and I will keep myself concealed, that they may be ignorant of my being restored until the matter has been fully debated.

Nurse. I will not stir from you until such time that you will discover the secret; for I am well aware, should I step out, though upon the most urgent necessity, although my lips should be sewed together, and the matter should take wind, the old woman, forsooth, like a cackling hen, chirping her news-mongery as she passes the street, to every idler she meets, has founded her trumpet, by which blast the new philosophers of this our enlightened age and northern hemisphere, have been apprized, which (old woman's story, as they are pleased to call it) has spoiled our project. But be ic known to you, that the old midwives and nurses are as anxious to detect and pull down a set of unnatural vermin who give their thoughts to unheard-of contrivances, for destroying the republic, in giving her no younklings, to succeed us old ones; for, fay they, we relish nothing common, novelty is the relish of us bright geniuses of this our new philosophy of this our enlightened age and northern hemisphere. I would be one of the number that would hear:ily sweat, as a woman at her wash-tub, in rossing a new philosopher in a blanket; aye, that is is poz, or in a duckingtool.

::. The

nere, have mughtened ace new philofon

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The arrival of the Club of philosophers at the door.

of Ignatius, with a strong rap.

Ignatius. It is the philosophers; I will retire in the next room until you give a sign, when I will appear.

Mofes. Well thought on, the sign shall be Ignatius.

Club. Rabbi, the Club of this our enlightened age and northern hemisphere have agreed to anfwer your fummons, and prove to you the propriety of having the dead body of the late philosopher of this our enlightened age interred, and the bete afligned to chemselves.

Mofes. Wise philosophy compels you to arrogate to yourselves no more than you are en. titled by the supreme authority.

Club, The authority of our new philof phy of this our new enlightened age and northern hemisphere supersede all power, fpiritual being void, and temporal being mixt and unsavory.

Mofes. From what source does your philofaphy derive or take your legislative auchority ?

Club. From the Fountain of wisdom, which, with true propriety and rectitude, superabounds and subjects all things to its will.

Mofes. Are your new philosophy of this our enlightened age and northern hemisphere confirmed by the conftitution and authority of the Republic, and yourselves arbitrators, or father absolute judges, to claim, order, and demand, without controul, or appeal, whatever is your will?

- Club

Club. Our new philosophy of this our ëns lightened, age and northern hemisphere, wara rants, claims, and derives her power and authority from herself, being nourished, enlighten. ed, and invigorated by the streams of wisdom and irviti, therefore expect due subjection, and chearful' obdience to her edicts, or whatever the may pleale to decide; or set forth.' ** Moses. The streams of wisdom and truth, from whose waters you pretend to derive your authority, are no other than fülly and presuinp. tion, prompted and nourished by a reprobate fpirit. You will do well to reflect on the deplorable state you have placed yourselves, and I dare answer it will bring on a necessary confufion and snaine face...

Club. The new philosophy of this our enlightened age and northern hemisphere find a recepracle in every heart addicted to pleasure, which your long experience knows to be perfons chiefly of rank, who compose che legilative part of all nations; you, therefore, acting and running counter to our injunctions, risque and endanger yourself of incurring the censure of the laws.

Moses. I am far from apprehending the cena sure of the legiNative body, whilft I act uport principles of justice and benevolence. I will hazard a trial.

club. Your obstinacy will be convinced of the authority and in Auence of our new philosophy of this our enlightened age and northern hemisphere over all laws and covers; we have obtained a warrant, with proper officers, 10

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