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món, prayers and Service in and by the laid Book appointed to be read for that time of the day, and then and there .publickly and openty declare his allent unto, and approbation of the faid Book, and to the use of all the Prayers, Rites and Ceres monies, Forms and Orders, therein contained and prescribed, according to the Form before appointed in this Act; And also halt upon the first Lecture-day lof every month afterwards, fo long as he continues Lecturer, or Preacher there; at the place appointed for his faid Lecture or Sermon, before his faid Lecture or Sermons; openly, publickly, and solemnly read the Common-prayers and Servicein and by the faid Book appointed to be read for that time of the day, at which the said Lecture or Sermon is to be preached, and after such Reading thereof, Thall openly and publickly, before the Congregation there assembled, declare bis unfeigned assent and confent' upto, and approbation of the said Book, and to tbe use of all the Prayers, Riies, and Ces remonies, Forms and Orders therein contained and prescribed, according to the Form-aforesaid; and, That all and every such person and persons who shall neglect or refuse to do the same; shall from thenceforth be disabled to Preach the said, or any other Lecture or Sermon, in the said, or any other Church, Chapel, or place of publick worship, . until such time as he and they thall openly, públickly and solemnly Read the Common-prayers and Service appointed by the said Book, and conform in all points to the things


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therein appointed and prescribed, according to the purport, true intent and meaning of this Acti i S .Es rern. :: Provided always, That if the said. Sermon or Lecuré be to be preached or read in ang Cao thedral, or Collegiate Church or Chapel, ii shall be sufficient, for the faid Lecturer openly at the time aforesaid, to declare his allent and confent to all things contained in the said Book, according to the Form aforesaid. Zadni twist.

And be it further enacted by the Authority aforesaid. That if any person who is by this Act disabled to preach any Lecture or Şermón, shall; during the time that he Thall continue and re. main to disabled, preach any Sermon or Lecture; That then for every such offence the person and persons. fo offending shall suffer Three months Imprisonment in the Common Gaol without Bail or Mainprize, and that any two Justices of the Peace of any County of this Kingdom and places aforefaid; and the Mayor or other chief Magistrate of any City, or Town Corporate, within the same, upon Certificate, from the Ordinary of the place made to him of them of the offence committed, shall, and are hereby required to com. mit the person or persons fo offending: to the Gaol of the County, City or Town-Corporate accordingly. t: j cin

Provided always, and be it further enacted by the Authority alorefaid, That at all and every time and times, when any. Sermon or Lecture is to be preached, the Commop-prayers and Ser:


vice in and by the faid Book appoinied to be read
for that time of the day, fhall be openly, pub-
fickly, and folemnly Read by some Priett or
Deacon, 'in' the Church, Chapel, or place
of : Publick Worthip, where the faid Ser:
mon or Lecture be preached: 'And that the
Lecturer then 10 preach thall: be present at the
Reading thereof. webcams
., Provided neverthelefs, That chis A& shall not
extend to the Univerfity Churches in the Univers
fities of this Realm, for either of them, when or
at such times as any Sermoni or' Leeure is
preached or read in the same Churches, or any
of them, for, or at the Publiek University-Ser-
mon or Lecture, but that the same Sermons and
Lectures may be Preached or Read in such fort
and manner as the same have been heretofore
Preached or Read; ; This Adt, or any thing
berein contained to the contrary thereof in any
wife notwithstanding, coni?!. jished in

And be it further enacted by the Authority aforelaid, That the several good Laws, and-Sta. tutes of this Realm, which have been formerly made, and are now in force for the Uniformity of Prayer and Administration of the Sacraments, within this Realm of England, and places aforefaid, fhall stand in full force and frength to all intents and purposes whatsoever, for the eftablishing and confirming of the said Book; intituled,

" The Book of Common.prayer, and Admini' " ftration of the Sacraments, and other Rites " and Ceremonies of the church, according 10

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" the ufe of the Church of England ;- together “ with the Psalter, or Plalms of David, Pointed " as they are to be sung or faid in Churches; " and the Form or Manner of Making, Ordaine "ing, and Consecrating of Bishops, Priests, and “ Deacons ;” herein before mentioned to be joined and annexed to this Act; and shall be applied, pra&iled, and put in use for the punishing of all offences contrary to the said Law, in rela. tion to the Book aforesaid, and no other."

Provided always, and be it further enacted by the Authority aforefaid, That in all those Prayers, Litanies, and Colle&ts, which do any way relate to the King, Queen, or Royal Progeny, the Names be altered and changed froin time to time, and fitted to the present occasion, according to the direction of lawful Authority,

Provided also, and be it enacted by the Autbority aforelaid, That a true Printed Copy of the said Book, intituled, " The Book of Common" prayer and Administration of the Sacraments, rs and other Rites and Ceremonies of the Churcb, « according to the use of the Church of Eng" land ;, together with the Plalter, or Psalms of “ David, Pointed as they are to be sung or said "Sin Churches; and the Form and Manner of "Making, Ordaining, and Consecrating of Bi. « shops, Priests, and Deacons,” shall, at the costs and charges of the Parishioners of every ParishChurch, and Chappelry, Cathedral Church, Col. lege, and Hall, be attained and gotten before he Feast-day of Saint Bartholomew, in the year


of our Lord, One thousand fix hundred sixty and two, upon. pain of forfeiture of Three pornds by ihê month, for so long time as they shall then after be unprovided thereof, by every Parish, or Chappelry, Cathedral Church, College, and Hall, making default therein. .;.

Provided alway's, and be it enacted by the Au, thority aforesaid, That the Bishops of Hereford, Saint Davids, Asaph, Bangor, and Landaff, and their Successors, fhail take such order among themselves, for the souls health, of the Flocks committed to their charge within Wales, That the Book hereunto aônexed be truly and ex: aally · Translated into the British or Welsh Tongue, and that the same fo translated, and be: ing by them, or any three of them at least; view. ed, peruled, and allowed, bé Imprinted, to such number at least, so that one of the said Books fo tranflated and' Imprinted, nay be bad for every Cathedral, Collegiate, and Parish Church, and Chapel of Ease in the said respective Dióceses, and places in Wales, where the Wellb' monly spoken or used, before the first day of May, One thousand lix hundred sixty five'; and, That from and aiier the Imprinting and publishing of the laid Book lo Travillared, the whole Divine Service shall be used and said. by the Minifters and Curates throughout all Wales,' within the laid Dioceles wliere the Welfh Tongue is con monly used in the British or Welsh Tongue, in such manner and form as is preicribed accord. ing to the Book hereunto annexed to be used in


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