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sings and benefits which are purchased and procured for us by his death and passion; the pardon of sins, and power against sin.

The benefit of it is also great; because hereby we are confirmed in goodness, and our resolutions of better obedience are strengthened; and the grace of God's Holy Spirit to enable us to do his will is hereby conveyed to us.

And the best preparation for it is by a sincere re. pentance for all our sins and miscarriages, which we remember ourselves to be at any time guilty of; by daily prayer to God that he would give us a sincere repentance for all our fins, and mercifully forgive them to us; and by a sincere and firm resolution to forsake our sins, and to do better for the future; to be more careful of all our actions, and more constant in prayer to God for his

grace to enable us to keep his cominandments: by being in charity with all men ; and by forgiving those who have injured us by word or deed, as we hope for forgiveness from God,

And let none of us say, that we are not fitted and prepared for it. It is our duty to be so: and if we be not prepared to receive the sacrament, we are not qualified for the mercy of God, and for bis forgiveness; we are not prepared for the happiness of hea. ven, and can have no hopes to come thither : but if we prepare

ourselves well as we can by repentance, and resolutions of being better, and by praying heartily and earnestly to God for his grace, he will ac: cept of this preparation, and will give us the com. fort of this holy sacrament.


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A form of PRAYERS, used by his late Ma.

jelty K. William III. when he received the hoJy facrament, and on other occasions.

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JOHN ix. 4.
I must work the works of him that sent me, while

it is day; the night cometh, when no man can

Colos. iii. 17.
Whatsoever ge do in word or in deed, do all in the

name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and
the Father by him.


A prayer to God, that he would be pleased to assif

and accept my preparation to receive the blessed
Proftrate myself before thee, my most gracious God
and merciful Father, in an humble acknowledg.

ment of my unworthiness and insufficiency of myself, for any thing that is good. I am sensible that without thee I can do nothing, and therefore do humbly implore- thy gracious assistance, and acceptance of my endeavour to prepare myself for the worthy receiving of the blessed facrament of the body and blood of thy dear Son.

Stir up, I beseech thee, such pious affections and dispositions in my soul, and fill my mind with such holy meditations as are suitable to this occasion. Grant me such a sense of my sins, and of the sufferings of my blessed Saviour for them, as may affect my heart with a deep sorrow for my sins, and an eternal hatred and displeasure against them, and may effectually engage me to love and live to him who died for me, Jesus Christ my blessed Saviour and Re. deemer. Amen.

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A penitent confesion of sins, with an humble suppli.

cation for mercy and forgiveness. M

OST gracious and merciful God, who art of

purer eyes than to behold iniquity, I desire to humble


soul before thee, in a deep sense of my own vileness and unworthiness, by reason of the many sins and provocations, which I have been guilty of against thy divine Majesty; by thought, word and deed. Forgive, O Lord, all the sins and follies of my life, which have been many and great, and which I do now with shame and forrow confess and bewail before thee, for thy mercies sake in Jesus Christ. Pardon, O my God, my manifold neglects and omissions, and Night and careless performance of the duties of religion, without due affection and attention of mind; that I have not served thee with that pu. rity of intention, with that sincerity of heart, with that fervency of spirit, with that zeal for thy glory, with that care and diligence, and constancy that I ought.

Forgive, O Lord, my sins of ignorance and in-
firmity, which are more than can be numbered; but
especially, all my wilful transgressions of thy holy
and righteous laws; the impurity of my heart and
thoughts, all irregular appetites and passions, and
every sinful and wicked practice, of what nature or
kind foever. More particularly, I do with great
fhaine and confusion of face, confess and lament be.
fore thee, from whom nothing is hid, that I have
grievously offended t. These my transgressions, with
inany more, which I cannot remember and reckon
up before thee, are all in thy sight, O Lord, and my
most secret fins in the light of thy countenance. When
I look back upon the errors and miscarriages of my
paft life, and consider with myself what I have done,
and what I deserve at thy hands, my flesh trembleth
for fear of thee, and I am afraid of thy judgments.
I am ashamed, O my God, and blush to lift up mine
my God. Lord, I am vile; what fall

Сс 2
Here he was used to mention particulars.

to thee

I answer thee? I abhor myself, and repent in duft and ashes.

Make me deeply sensible of the great evil of my sins, and work in me a hearty contrition for them ; and let the sense of them be more grievous to me than of any other evil whatsoever. Have mercy upon me, O Lord, and according to thy tender mercies forgive all my transgressions, for the sake of my blessed Saviour and Redeemer. Amen.

A prayer for the grace and asistance of God's Holy

Spirit, to enable me to resolve and to do better for

the future. A

ND now, O Lord, in confidence of thy great

mercy and goodness to all that are truly penitent, and sincerely resolve to do better, I most humbly implore the grace and allistance of thy Holy Spirit, to enable me to become every day better, and to reforin whatever has been amiss' in the temper and disposition of my mind, or in any of the actions of my life. Grant me the wisdom and understanding to know my duty, and the heart and will to do it. Vouchsafe to me the continual presence and direction, the assistance and comforts of thy Holy Spirit; whereby I may be disposed and enabled to do thy will with delight, and with patience and chearfulness, and contentedness to submit to it in all things. Endue me, O Lord, with the true fear and love of thee, and with a prudent zeal for thy glory. Increase in me more and more the graces of charity, and meekness, of truth, and justice, and fidelity; give me humility and patience, and a firmness of spirit to bear every condition with conftancy and equality of mind.

Enable me, O Lord, by thy grace to govern all my appetites, and every inordinate lust and passion, by temperance and purity, and meekness of wisdom; setting thee always before me, that I may not fin against thee. Create in me a clean heart, o God, and renew a right spirit within me, purify my soul


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from all evil thoughts and inclinations, from all bad intentions and designs. Deliver me, O Lord, from pride and vanity, from immoderate self-love, and obftinate self-will, and from all malice and envy, and ill-will towards any.

Make me to love thee as I ought, above all things ; and let the interest of thy honour and glory be ever dearer to me than my own will, or reputation, or any temporal advantage whatsoever.

Subdue in me the evil spirit of wrath and revenge, and dispose my heart patiently to bear reproaches and wrongs, and to be ready not only to forgive, but to return good for evil.

Allitt me, O Lord, more especially in the faithful and conscientious discharge of the duties of that high ftation in which thou hast placed me: And grant that I may employ all that power and authority which thou halt invefted me with, for thy glory and the publick good; that I may rule over men in thy fear, with justice and equity, ever 1tudying and endeavouring the good of the people committed to my charge, and as much as in me lies the peace and prosperity, the welfare and happiness of mankind.

Confirm me, O my God, in all these holy resolutions; and do thou keep it for ever in the purpose of my heart, to perform them to the utinost of my power : All which I humbly beg for thy mercies fake: in Jesus Christ. Amen.

An humble intercession with God for all mankind;

for the whole Christian church, and more particularly for that part of it which is planted in these kingdoms; for the Queen, and for all under our government; for my relations and friends; for my native. country, and for my allies, &c.


Thine unworthy servant defire likewise humbly

to intercede with thee, the God and father of all, for all mankind : that thou wouldīt be pleased to Сс 3:


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