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Ghent-And finds the Desolation complete-Interview of Dale and Cecil

with ParmaHis fervent Expressions in favor of Peace--Cecil makes a

Tour in Flanders—And sees much that is remarkable-Interviews of Dr.

Rogers with Parma-Wonderful Harangues of the Envoy--Extraordinary

Amenity of Alexander-With which Rogers is much touched-The Queen

not pleased with her Envoy--Credulity of the English Commissioners--

Ceremonious Meeting of all the Envoys-Consummate Art in wasting

Time-Long Disputes about Commissions—The Spanish Commissions

meant to deceive-Disputes about Cessation of Arms--Spanish Duplicity

and Procrastination--Pedantry and Credulity of Dr. Dale-The Papal Bull

and Dr. Allen's Pamphlet-Dale sent to ask Explanations--Parma denies

all Knowledge of either--Croft believes to the last in Alexander-

Dangerous Discord in North Holland-Leicester's Resignation arrives-

Enmity of Willoughby and Maurice-Willoughby's dark Picture of Affairs

-Hatred between States and Leicestrians--Maurice's Answer to the

Queen's Charges-End of Sonoy's Rebellion--Philip foments the Civil

War in France -- League's Threats and Plots against Henry-Mucio arrives

in Paris-He is received with Enthusiasm—The King flies, and Spain

triumphs in Paris–States expostulate with the Queen-English Statesmen

still deceived-Deputies from Netherland Churches-hold Conference with

the Queen-and present.long Memorials More Conversations with the

Queen-National Spirit of England and Holland--Dissatisfaction with

Queen's Course Bitter Complaints of Lord Howard-Want of Preparation

in Army and Navy--Sanguine Statements of Leicester-Activity of Parma

-The Painful Suspense continues.........

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