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Med. Jut. Medical Jurisprudence. Meet. Sf Well. Mceson and Welsby's Reports.

Meigs, R. Meigs's Tennessee Reports.

Mer. R. Merivale's Reports.

Merl. Quest. Merlin, Questions de Droit

Merl. Ripert. Merlin, Repertoire.

Merrif. Law of Att. Merrifield's Law of Attorneys.

Merrif. on Costs. Merrif. Law of Costs.

Mete. R. Metcnlf's Reports.

Mete. if Perk. Dig. Digest of the Decisions of the Courts of Common Law and Admiralty in the United States. By Theron Metcalf and Jonathan C. Perkins.

Mich. Michaelmas.

Mich. Rev. St. Michigan Revised Statutes.

MiMt R. Miles's Reports.

Mill. Civ. Law. Miller's Civil Law.

Mill. Int. Millar's Elements of the Law relating to Insurances. Sometimes this work is cited Mill. El.

Mill, on Eq. Mart. Miller on Equitable Mortgages.

Minor't Rep. Minor's Alabama Reports, sometimes cited Ala. Rep.

Mireh. on Adv. Mirehead on Advowsons.

Mirr. Mirror des Justices.

Misto. R. Missouri Reports.

Mi//. Pl. Mitford's Pleadmgs in Equity. Also cited Redetd. PI. Redesdale's Pleadings.

Mo. Sir Francis Moore's Reports in the reign of K. Henry VII I., Q. Elizabeth, and K. James

Mo. Sf Malk. Moody and Malkin's Reports. In E. C. L. R.

Mo. C. C. Moody's Crown Cases.

Mo. Cat. Moody's Nisi Prius and Crown Cases.

Mod. or Mod. R. Modern Reports

Mod. Cat. Modern Cases.

Mod. C. L. Sf E. Modern cases in law and equity. The 8 & 9 Modern Reports are sometimes so cited; the 8th cited as the 1st, and the Uth as the 2d.

Mod Entr. Modern Entries.

Mod. Int. Modus Intrandi.

Mot. Molloy, De juro Maritimo.

Moll, R. Molloy's Chancery Reports.

Monr. R. Monroe's Reports.

Mant. Sf Ayrt. Montagu and Ayrton's Reports.

Mont. B. C. Montagu's Bankrupt Cases.

Mont. Sf Bligh. Montagu and Bhgh's Cases in Bankruptcy.

Mont. Sf Chit. Montagu and Chitty's Reports.

Mont. on Comp. Montagu on the law of Composition. Mont. B. L. Montagu on

the Bankrupt Laws. Mont. on Set-off. Montagu on Set-off.

Mont. Deae. Sf Gex. Montagu, Deacon and Gez's Reports of Cases in Bankruptcy, argued and determined in the Court of .Review, and on appeals to the Lord Chancellor.

Mont. Sf Mar. Montagu and Macarthur's Reports.

Mont. Sp. of Lawt. Montesquieu's Spirit of Laws.

Montetq. Montesquieu, Esprit des Lois. Moo. Sf Malk. Moody and Malkin's Reports.

Moo. Sf Rob. Moody and Robinson's Reports

Moore, R. J. B. Moore's Reports of Cases decided in the Court of Common Pleas. In E. C. L. R.

Moore't A. C. Moore's Appeal Cases.

Moore Sf Payne. Moore and Payne's Reports of Cases in C. P.

Moore Sf Scott. Moore and Scott's Reports of Cases in C. P.

Mot. Moscly's Reports.

Much. D. Sf S. Muchall's Doctor and Student.

Mun. Municipal.

Munf. R. Munford's Reports.

Murph. R. Murphey's Reports.

My. Sf Keen, Mylno and Keen's Chancery Reports.

Myl. Sf Cr. Mylne and Craig's Reports.

A. Number. N. or A'oe. Novella): the novels.

A. A. Non allocatur.

A. R. Nulla bona.

A. Bent. New Bcnloe.

A. C. Cat. North Carolina Cases.

A. C. Law. Rep. North Carolina Law Repository.

A. Chipm. R. N. Chipman's Reports.

A. E. I. Non est inventus.

A. H. Rep. New Hampshire Reports.

A. L. Nelson's edition of Lutwyche's Reports.

A. L. Non liquet. Vide Ampliation. A. Sf M. Neville and Manning's Reports

A. Sf M C. Nott and M'Cord's Reports
A.K Nisi Ptius.

A. Sf P. Neville and Perry's Reports.

A. R. or Aeio R. New Reports; the new series, or 4 & 5 Bos. & Pull. Reports are usually cited N. R.

A. 8. New Series of the Reports of the Supreme Court of Louisiana.

A. Y. R. S. New York Revised Statutes.

Aar. Cone Nares on Convictions.

Ae/t. Ah. Nelson's Abridgment.

Nelt. Lex Maner. Nelson's Lex Maneriorum.


JVeis. Ab. Nelson's Abridgment.

Nel$. R. Nelson's Reports Nem. con. Ne mine contradicente, (q. v.) Newt, dis. Nomine dissentient*. Ne p. Sc Mann. Neville and Manning's Reports.

Nev. if Per. Neville and Perry's Reports.

New Urn!. Benloe's Reports. Reports in the reign of Henry VIII., Edw. VI., Phil, and Mary, and Elizabeth, and other cases in the times of James and Charles. By William Benloe. See Benl.

New Rep. New Reports. A continuation of Bosunquet and Puller's Reports. See B.&. P.

Newl. Contr. Newland's Treatise on Contracts.

Newl.Ck.Pr. Newland's Chancery Practice

Neon. Cons. Newnam on Conveyancing.

Nwh. Adult. Bast. Nicholas on Adulterine Bastardy.

.Went cuU Nicnt culpable, old French, not guilty.

Nat. P. L. Nolan's Poor Laws.

Nd. R. Nolan's Reports of cases relative to the duty and office of justices of the peace.

Non ml. Non culpability, not guilty.

North. Northington's Reports

Note Se M'Cord. Nott and MCord's Reports.

Nn. Novellas, the Novels

Nov. Rec. Novisima Recopilacion de las Leyes de Espana.

Nay's Mix. Noy's Maxims. Noy's R. Noy's Reports.

O. Beat. Old Benloe.

O. Briilg. Orlando Bridgman's Reports.

O C. Old Code; so is denominated the Civil Code of Louisiana of 1808.

O. N. B. Old Natura Brevium. Vide Vet. N. B., in the abbreviations, and Old Natura Brevium, in the body of the work.

O. Ni. These letters, which are an abbreviation for oturalur nisi habent suffwientent exonerationem, arc according to the practice of the English Exchequer, marked upon each head of a sheriff's account for issues. amerciaments and mean profits. 4 last 116.

Obtig. Obligations.

Ohserv Observations.

Of. Office. of Br. Officina Brevium. Of Ex. Wentworth's Office of Executors.

Otto R. Ohio Reports.

O'da Oldnsll's Welsh Practice.

Oa</. N P. Onslow's Nisi Prius.

Ord. Amtt. Ordinance of Amsterdam.

Ord. Antw. Ordinance of Antwerp.

Ord. Bitb. Ordinance of Bilboa.

Ord. Ch. Orders in Chancery.

Ord. Via. Lord Clarendon's Orders

Vol. I.—4.

Ord, Copenh. Ordinance of Copenhagen. Ord. Ftor. Ordinances of Florence. Ord. Gen. Ordinance of Genoa. Ord. Hamb. Ordinance of Hamburgh. Ord. Konigs. Ordinance of Konigsburg. Ord. Leg. Ordinances of Leghorn. Ord. de la Mar. Ordonnance de la Marine, de Louis XIV. Ord. Port. Ordinances of Portugal. Ord. Prut. Ordinances of Prussia. Ord. Rott. Ordinances of Rotterdam. Ord.Swed. Ordinances of Sweden. Ord on Us. Ord, on the law of Usury. Orfil. Med. Jun OrfUa's Medical Jurisprudence.

Orig. Original.

Ought. Oughton's Ordo Judiciorum. Overt. R. Overton's Reports Out. Owen's Reports Owen, Bankr. Owen on Bankruptcy. P. Page or part. Pp. Pages. P. Paschalis, Easter term. P.C. Pleas of the crown. P. tf D. Perry and Davison's Reports. P. cj JSC. Perry and Knapp's Election Cares

P. Sf M. Philip and Mary; as, 1 S t 2 P. &. M. c. 4. P. N. P. Peake's Nisi Prius. Pa. R. Pennsylvania Reports P. R. or P. R. C. P. Practical Register in the Common Pleas, P. Wms. Peere Williams's Reports. Paige's R. Paige's Chancery Reports. Paine's R. Paine's Reports. Pal. Palmer's Reports. Pal. Ag. Paley on the Law of Principal and Agent.

Pal. Com). Paley on Convictions. Pand. Pandects. Vide Dig. Par. Paragraph; as, 29 Eliz. cap. 5, par. 21.

Par. If Fonb. M. J. Paris and Fonblanque on Medical Jurisprudence.

Pardeas. Pardessus, Cours de Droit Commercial. In this work Pardessus is cited in several ways, namely; Pardes. Dr. Com. part 3, tit. 1, c. 2, s. 3, n. 286, or 2 Pardes. n. 286, which is the same reference. Park on Dow. Park on Dower. Park, Ins. Park on Insurance. Park, R. Sir Thomas Parker's Reports of cases concerning the revenue, in the Exchequer.

Park. on Ship. Parker on Shipping and Insurance.

Park. Pr. in Ch. Parker's Practice in Chancery.

Pari. Hist. Porliamentary History. Patch on Mortg. Patch's Treatise on the law of Mortgages.

PauVs Par. Off. Paul's Parish Officer.

'Pay. Mun. Rights. Payne's Municipal Rights.

Peak. Add. Cat. Peakc's Additional Cases.

Peak. C. N. P. Peake's cases determined at Nisi Prius, in the K. B.

Peake, Ev. Peake on the Law of Evidence.

Peck, R. Peck's Reports. Peck's Tr. Pick's Trial. Peckw. E. C. Peckwcll's Election Cases. Penn. HI. Pennsylvania Blackstone, by John Read, Esq.

'Penn. R. Pennington's Reports. The Pennsylvania Reports are sometimes cited Penn, R., but more properly, for the sake of distinction, Penna. R.

Penna. Pr. Pennsylvania Practice; also cited Tro. & Hal. Pr. Troubatand Haly's Practice.

Pinna. R. Pennsylvania Reports Pennsylv. Pennsylvania Reports. Penult. The last but one. Per. Sf Dav. Perry and Davison's Reports.

Per. Knapp. Perry and Knapp's Election Cases.

Perk. Perkins on Conveyancing.

Perk. Prof. B. Perkin's Profitable Book.

Perpig. on Pat. Pcrpigna on Patents. The full title of this work is, " The French law and practice of patents for inventions, improvements, and importations. By A. Perpiguo, A. M. L. B. Barrister in the Royal court of Paris, member of the Society for the encouragement of arts, etc." The work is well written in the English language. The author is a French lawyer, and has written another work on the same subject in French.

Pet. Ab. Petersdorff's Abridgment

Pet. Adm. Dec. Peters's Admiralty Decisions.

Pet. on Bail, or Petersd. on Bail. Peters. dork on the law of Bail.

Pet. R. Peters's Supreme Court Reports.

Pet. C. C. R. Peters's Circuit Court Re ports.

Phil. Ev. Phillips's Evidence.

Phil. /nt. Phillips on Insurance.

PHI. St. Tr. Phillips's State Trials.

Phitlim. or Phillim. E. R. Phillimore's Ecclesiastical Reports. This forms a part of the Eng. Ecclesiastical Reports.

Pick. R. Pickering's Reports

Pig. Pigot on Recoveries.

Pike's Rep. Reports of Cases argued and determined in the Supreme Court of Law and Equity of the State of Arkansas. By Albert Pike. These Reports are cited Ark. Rep.

PI. Placitum or plea. PI. or Plow, or

PI. Com. Plowden's Commentaries, or Reports.

Plff. Plaintiff.

Plait on Coo. Piatt on the Law of Covenants.

Pol. Pollexfen's Reports

Poph. Popham's Reports. The cases at the end of Popham's Reports are cited 2 Poph.

Port. R. Porter's Reports.

Path. Pothier. The numerous works of Pothier are cited by abbreviating his name Path, and then adding the name of the treatise, the figures generally refer to the number; as Poth. Ob. n. 100; which signifies Pothier's treatise on the law of Obligations, number 100. Poth. du Mar. Pothier du Mariagc; Poth. Vente, Pothier Traite de Ventc, &c. His Pandects in 24 vols. are cited Poth. Pand. with the book, title, law, &c.

Pott's L. D. Pott's Law Dictionary.

Pow. Powell. Poto. Cantr. Powell on Contracts. Pote. Dev. Powell on Devises Pow. Mortg. Powell on Mortgages. Pore. Powers. Powell on Powers.

Poyn. on M. if D. Poynter on the Law of Marriage and Divorce.

Pr. Principium. In pr. In principium; in the beginning.

Pr. Ex. Rep. or Price's E. R. Price's Exchequer Reports.

Pr. Reg. Cha. Practical Register in Chancery.

Pr. St. Private Statute.

Pr. Stat. Private Statute.

Pract. Reg. C. P. Practical Register of the Common Pleas.

Pract. Reg. in Ch. Practical Register in Chancery.

Prat. on H. If W. Prater on the Law of Husband and Wife.

Pref. Preface.

Pre/. Prehminaire.

Prett. Presti n Prest.onEtt. Pre6ton on Estates. Prett. Aim. Tit. Preston's Essay on Abstracts of Title. Prett. on Conv. Preston's Treatise on Conveyancing. Vide 4 Kent Com. 101, note.

Pri. Pr;ec's Reports

Price's Ex. Rep. Price's Exchequer Reports.

Price's Gen. Pr. Price's General Practice.

Prin. Principium, the beginning of a title or law.

Prim Dec. Printed Decisions.

Pi io. Land. Customs or Privileges of London.

J'roct. Pr. Proctor's Practice.

Puff. Pudendoifl's Law of Nature.

Q. Qutestionc, in such a Question.

Q B. Queen's Bench.

Q. (. Qui tain.

Q. Van Weyt. Q. Van Weyden on Average.

Q. Warr. Quo Warranto; (q. v.) The letters (q. v.) quod vide, which see, refer to the article mentioned immediately before the in.

Qu. Quaastione, in s uch a Question. Qu. clout. freg. Quare clausum fregit. (q. v.)

Quest. Qutestione, in such a Question.
Quest. Questions.

Quinti Quinto. Year-book, 5 Henry V.
R. resolved, ruled, or repealed.
R. Richard; as, 2R.2, c. 1.
RC. Rescriptuni.

R. Se M. Russell and Mylne's Reports.

Rlf M. C. C. Ryan and Moody's Crown Cases.

R. 6f M. N. P. Ryan and Moody's Nisi Pritu Cases.

R. Sc R. Russell and Ryan's Crown Cases.

R. M. Charlt. R. M. Charlton's Reports.

RS Responsum.

R. S. L. Reading on Statute Law.

Ram on Judgm. Ram on the Law relating to Legal Judgments.

Rand. Perp. Randall on the Law of Perpetuities.

Rand. R. Randolph's Reports.

Rast. Rastall'a Entries.

RawU's R. Rawle's Reports.

Rawle, Const. Ranle on the Constitution.

Ray's Med. Jur. Ray's Medical Jurisprudence of Insanity.

Raym. or, more usually, Ld. Raym. Lord Raymond's Reports. T. Raym. Sir Thomas Raymond's Reports.

Re. fa. lo. Recordari facias loquelam. Vide Rrfalo in the body of the work.

Ret. Rocopilacion. Rtc. Recorder; as, City Hall Rec.

Redd, on Mar. Com. Rcddic's Historical View of the Law of Maritime Commerce.

Redesd. PL Redesdale's Equity Pleading. This work is also and most usually cited MUf. PI.

Reeves's H. E. L. Reeves's History of the English Law. Reeves On Ship. Reeves on the Law of Shipping and Navigation.

Reeves on Des. Reeves on Descents.

Reg. Regula, rule. Reg. Register.

Reg. Brev. Regiatrum urevium, or Register of Writs.

Reg. Gen. Regulae generalis.

Reg. Jud. Registrum Judiciale.

Reg. Mag. Rcgiam Magestatem.

Reg. PL Regula Placitandi.

Rrnouard, des Brev. (Tlnv. Traite des Brevets d'Invention, de Perfectionement, et

d'Importation, par Augustin Charles Renouard.

Rep. The Reports of Lord Coke are frequently cited 1 Rep., 2 Rep., &c, and sometimes they are cited Co.

Rip. Repertoire.

Rep. Eq. Gilbert's Reports in Equity.

Rep. Q. A. Reports of cases during the time of Queen Anne.

Rep. T. Finch. Reports tempore Finch.

Rep. T. Hard. Reports during the time of Lord Hardwicke.

Rep. t. Holt. Reports tempore Holt.

Rep. T. Talb. Reports of cases decided during the time of Lord Talbot.

Res. Resolution. The cases reported in Coke's Reports, are divided into resolutions on the different points of the case, and are cited 1 Res. &c.

Ret. Brev. Retorna Brevium.

Rev. St. or Rec. Stat. Revised Statutes.

Rey, ties Inst. de I'Anglet. Des Institutions Judiciaries de l'Angleterre comparees avec celles de la France. Par Joseph Rey,

Reyn. Inst. Institutions du Droit des Gens, &c. par Gerard de Rcyneval.

Ric. Richard; as, 12 Ric. 2, c. I5.

Rice's Rep. Reports of cases in Chancery argued and determined in the Court of Appeals and Court of Errors of South Carolina. By William Rice, State reporter.

RtcA. Pr. C. P. Richardson's Practice in the Common Pleas.

RicA. Pr. K. B. Richardson's Practice in the King's Bench.

RicA. on Wills. Richardson on Wills. ,

Ridg. Irish T. R. Ridgeway, Lapp, and Schoales's Term Reports in the K. B., Dublin. Sometimes this is cited Ridg. L. if S.

Ridg. Rep. Ridgcway's Reports of Cases in K. B. and Chancery.

Ridg. St. Tr. Ridgeway's Reports of State Trials in Ireland.

Rob. Adm. Rep. Robinson's Admiralty Reports.

Ro6. Cas. Robertson's cases in Parliament, from Scotland.

Rob. Dig. Roberts's Digest of the English Statutes in force in Pennsylvania.

Rob. Entr. Robinson's Entries.

Rob. on Fr. Roberts on Frauds.

Rob, on Fraud. Conv. Roberts on Fraudulent Conveyances

Rob, Just. Robinson's Justice of the peace.

Rob. Dr. Robinson's Practice in suits at law, in Virginia.

Rob. on Wills. Roberts's Treatise on the Law of Wills and Codicils.

Roc. his. Roccus on Insurance. Vide Ing. Roe.

Rog. Rec. Rogers's City Hall Recorder.

Roll, Rolle's Abridgment. Roll. R. Rolle's Reports.

Rom. Cr. Law. Romilly's Observations on the Criminal Law of England, as it relates to capital punishments.

Rop. on H. if W. A Treatise on the Law of Property, arising from the relation between Husband and Wife. By R. S. Den nison Roper. 2 vols. 8vo.

Rop. Leg. Roper on Legacies.

Rop. on Heme. Roper on Revocations.

Ruse. Roscoc. Rose. on Act. Roscoe on Actions relating to Real Property. Rose. Civ. Ev. Roscoe's Digest of the Law of Evidence on the trial of actions at Nisi Prius. Rose. Cr. Ev. Roscoe on Criminal Evidence. Rose. on Bills. Roscoe's Treatise on the law relating to Bills of Exchange, Promissory Notes, Bankers' Checks, &c.

Rose's R. Ruse's Reports of cases in Bankruptcy.

Ross on V. St P. Roes on the Law of Vendors and Purchasers.

Rot. Pari. Rotulse Parliamentarian.

Kowe's Sci. Jun Rowc's Scintilla Juris.

Rub. or Ruhr. Rubric, (q. v.)

Ruffh. Ruft'head's Statutes at large.

Ruffm's R. Ruffin's Reports.

Runn. Ej. Runnington on Ejectments.

Runn. Stat. Running ton's Statutes at large.

Rus. Se Myl. Russell and Mylnc's Chancery Re|X>rts.

Rush. Rushworth's Collections.

Russ. Cr. Russell on Crimes and Mademeanors.

Russ, if Myl. Russell and Mylno'a Reports of Cases in Chancery.

Russ. R. Russell's Reports of cases in Chancery.

Russ. if Ry. Russell and Ryan's Crown Cases.

Rutherf. Inst. Rutherford's Institutes of Natural Law.

Ry. F. Rymer's Fedora.

Ry. If Mo. Ryan and Moody's Nisi Prius Reports. In E. C. L. R. Ry. if Mo. C. C. Ryan and Moody's Crown Cases.

Ry. Med. Jur. Ryan on Medical Jurisprudence. & I), section. S. H. Upper Bench. S. if B. Smith and Harry's Reports. S. C. Same Case. S. C. C. Select cases in Chancery. & C. Rep. South Carolina Reports. S. S t L. Schoale and Lef'roy's Reports. S. & M. Shaw and Maclean's Reports. S. P. Same Point.

S. <5r R. Sergeant and Rawle's Reports & Sf S. Hasjsss and Scully's Reports.

5. if S. Simon and Stuart's Chancery Reports. In Con. C. R.

Sa. if Scul. Sausse and Scully's Reports.

Sadt. St. Pap. Sadler's State Papers.

Salk. Salkeld's Reports.

Sand. U. if T. Sanders on Uses and Trusts.

Sanf. on Ent. Sanford on Entails.

Sunt. de Assec. Santcrns, de Abbccuration ibus.

Sound. Saunders's Reports.

Sound. PI. if Ev. Saunders's Treatise on the Law of Pleading and Evidence.

Sav. Saville's Reports.

Sav. Hist. Rom. Law. Savigny's History of the Roman Law during the Middle Ages. Translated from the German of Carl Von Savigny, by E. Cathcart.

Soy. Sayer'e Reports. Say. Costs- Sayer's law of Costs.

State, de Cum. Scaccia de Cambiis.

Scam. Rep. Scammon's Reports of Cases argued and determined in the Supreme Court of Illinois.

Sch. if Lef. Schoale and Lefroy's Reports.

Sckeiff. Pr. ScheifTer's Practice.

Schut. Aq. R. Schultes on Aquatic Rights.

Sci. fa. Scire facias.

Sci. fa. ad dis. deb. Scire facias ad disprohandum debitum, (q. v.)

Scil. Scilicet, that is to say.

Sco. N. R. Scott's New Reports.

Scott's R. Scott's Reports.

Scriv. Copyh. Scriven's Copyholds.

Seat. F. Ch. Seaton's Forms in Chan.

eery. By Henry Wilmot!

See. Section.

Sec. Leg. Secundum legem ; according to law.

Sec. Reg. Secundum regulam; according to rule.

Sel. Ca. Chan. Select cases in Chancery. Vide S. C. C.

Seld. Mar. Cla. Seldon's Mare Clausum.

Self. Tr. Selfridge's Trial.

Sell. Pr. Sellon's Practice in K. B. and C.P.

Sclw. JV. P. Selwyn's Nisi Prius. SeZu?. R. Selwyn's Reports. These Reports are usually cited M. & S. Maule and Selwyn's Reports.

Sent. or Semb. Semblc, it seems.
Sen. Senate.
Seq. Sequentia.

Serg. on Att. Sergeant on the law of Attachment.

Serg. Const. Law. Sergeant on Constitutional Law.

Serg on Land L. Sergeant on the Land Laws of Pennsylvania.

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