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Gord. on Dec. Gordon on the Law of Decedents in Pennsylvania.

Gould on Pl. Gould on the Principles of Pleading in Civil Actions.

Gow. on Part. Gow on Partnership.

Grah. Pr. Graham's Practice. Grah. N. T. Graham on New Trials.

Grand Cout. Grand Coutumier de Nor. niandic, (q. v.)

Grant on New TV. Grant on New Trial*.

Green's B. L. Green's Bankrupt Laws

Green't R. Green's Reports.

Greenl. on Ev. Grcenleaf 'a Treatise on the Law of Evidence.

Greenl. Ov. Cat. Greenleaf's Overruled Cases.

Greenl. R. Greenleaf's Reports. Greenw. on Courts. Greenwood on Courts.

Gret. Eq. Ev. Gretley's Equity Evidence. Griff. Reg. Griffith's Law Register. Grimk. on Ex. Grimke on the duty of Executors and Administrators. Grot. Grotius de Jure Bellum. Gwitl. Gwillim's Tithe Cases. H. Henry; as, 19 H. 7, c. 15. H. Hilary Term. H.ofL. House of Lords

House of Representatives. Hudson and Brooke's Reports. Harris & Gill's Reports. Harris and Johnson's Reports. Henry Blackstone's Reports Reports in Common Pleas and Exchequer from Easter '.!8 Geo. III. 1788, to Hilary 36 Geo. III. 1796. By Henry Blackstone. 2 vols. 8vo.

H. H. C. L. Hale's History of the Common Law.

H. if M. Hearing Sl Munford's Reports.

A if M. H. or Harr. if AT Hen. Harris and McHenry'a Reports.

Halt. fa. teit. Habere facias seisinam.

H. P. C. Hale's Pleas of the Crown.

H. t. usually put in small letters, A. t. hoc titulo.

Hab. fa. pot. Habere faciat possessionem.

Hag. Ad. R. Haggard's Admiralty Reports. Hagg. Eecl. R. Haggard't Ecclesiastical Reports. In E. E. R. Hagg. C. R. Haggard's Reports in the Consistory Court of London.

Hale, P. C. Hale's Pleas of the Crown.

Hile's Sum. Hale's Summary of Pleas

Hale's Jur. H. L. Hale's Jurisdiction of the House of Lords.

Hale's Hut. C. L. Common Law.

//oil/. Civ. Law, the civil law.


Hale's History of the Halifax'* Analysis of

Hall's R. Hall's Reports of Cases de. cided in the Superior Court of the city of New York.

Halk. Dig. Halkerton's Digest of the Law of Scotland relating to marriage.

Haw's Adm. Pr. Hall's Admiralty Practice

Halst. R. Halstead's Reports.

Jhmm. N. P. Hammond's Nisi Prius.

Ham. R. Hammond's (Ohio) Reports

Hamm. on Part. Hammond on Parties to Actions.

Hamm. PI. Hammond's Analysis of the principles of pleading.

Hamm. on F. I. Hammond on Fire Insurance.

Han. Hansard's Entries.

Hand's Ch. Pr. Hand'sChancery Practice.

Hand on Fines. Hand on Fines and Recoveries.

Hand's Cr. Pr. Hand's Crown Practice.

Hand on Pat. Hand on Patents.

Hans. Pari. Deb. Hansard's Parliamentary Debatet.

Hard. Hardress's Reports.

Hardin's R. Hardin's Reports

Hare R. Hare's Reports.

Hare on Disc. Hare on the discovery of evidence by bill and answer in equity.

Harg. Coll. Hargrave's Juridical Arguments. and collection.

Harg. St. Tr. Hargrave's State Trials.

Harg. Ezer. Hargrave's Exercitatiuns.

Harg. Law TV. Hargrave's Law Tracts.

Harp. L. R. Harper's Law Reports

Harp. Eq. R. Harper's Equity Reports.

Harr. Ch. Harrison's Chancery Practice.

Harr. Dig. Harrison's Digest.

Harr. Enl. Harris's Entries.

Harr. if Gill, Harris and Gill's Reports.

Harr. if John. Harris and Johnson's Reports.

Harr. if M'H. Harris and M'Henry't Reports.

Hnrringt. R. Harrington's Reports. Hast. Med. Jur. Hasiam's Medical Jurisprndence. Hawk. P. C. Hawkins's Pleat of the


Hawk's R. Hawk's Reports.

Hay. on Est. An elementary view of the common law of uses, devises, and trusts, with reference to the creation and conveyance of estates. By William Hayes.

Hay. on Lim. Hayes on Limitations.

Hay. Exeh. R. Hayes's Exchequer Reports.

Hayt on R. P. Hays on Real Property.

Heath's Max. Heath's Maxims.

Hein. Elem. Juris Civ. tieineccii Elcmenta juris Civilis, secundum ordincm InGtitutionem.

Hein. Elem. Juris Nat. Hcinecii, Elementa juris Natures et gentium.

Hen. on For. Law, Henry on Foreign Law.

Hen. J. P. Henning's Virginia Justice of the Peace.

Hen. If Munf. Henning and Munford's Reports.

Here's Ch. Uses. Heme's Law of Charitable Uses.

Heme's Plead. Heme's Pleader.

Het. Hetley's Reports.

Heyw. on El. Hey wood on Elections.

Herpes. (N. C.) R. Heywood's North Carolina Reports.

Heyw. (Tenn.) R. Heywood's Tennessee Reports.

High. Highmore. High. on Bail. Highmore on Bail. High, on Lun. Highmore on Lunacy. High, on Mortm. Highmore on Mortmain.

Hill. V. Hilliard's Abridgment of the Law of Real Property.

Hill's R. Hill's Reports.

Hill's Ch. R. Hill's Chancery Reports.

Hind's Pr. Hindu Practice.

Hob. Hobart's Reports

Hodg. R. Hodge's Reports

Hoffm. Outl. Hoffman's Outlines of Legal Studies. Hoffm. Leg. St. Hoffman's Legal Studies. Hoffm. Ch. Pr. Hoffman's Chancery Practice. Hoffm. Mas. Ch. Hoffman's Master in Chancery. 'Hog. R. Hogan's Reports

Hog. St. Tr. Hogan's State Trials.

Holt on Lib. Holt on the law of Libels.

Holt on dire. Holt on Navigation.

Holt, R. Holt's Reports.

Holt on Sh. Holt on the law of Shipping.

Hopk. R. Hopkins's Chancery Reports.

Hopk. Adm. Dec. Hopkinson's Admiralty Decisions.

Houard's Ang. Sax. Laws. Houard's Anglo Saxon Laws and Ancient laws of the French.

Houard's Diet. Houard's Dictionary of the customs of Normandy.

Hough C. M. Hough on Courts Martial.

Hon. Fr. Hovenden on Frauds.

Hot. Supp. Hovcnden's Supplement to Vesey Junior's Reports.

How. St. Tr. Howell's State Trials.

Howe's Pr. Howe's Practice in civil actions and proceedings at law, in Massachusetts.

Huda. if Bro. Hudson and Brooke's Reports.

Hugh. Entr. Hughes's Entries.
Hugh, on Wills. Huphes on Wills.
Hugh. R. Hughes's Reports

Hugh. Or, Write, Hughes's Comments upon Original Writs.

Hugh. Ins. Hughes on Insurance.

Hull, on Costs. Hullock on the law of costs.

Hull, on Conv. Hulton on Convictions.

Hume's Com. Hume's Commentaries on the criminal law of Scotland.

Hut. Hutton's Reports.

/., The Institutes of Justinian (q. v.) are sometimes cited, I. 1, 3, 4.

I. Infra, beneath or below.

Ib. Ibidem.

Id. Idem.

11 Cons. del Mar. II Consolato del Mare. Sec Consolato del Mare, in the body of the work.

Imp. Pr. C. P. Impey's Practice in the Common Pleas. Imp. Pr. K. B. Impey's Practice in the King's Bench. Imp. PI. Impey's Modern Pleader. Imp.Sh. Impey's office of Sheriff.

in /. In fine, at the end of the title, law, or paragraph quoted.

In pr. In principio, in the beginning and before the first paragraph of a law.

In pi inc. In principium. In the beginning, the preface.

In sum. In summa, in the summary.

Ind. Index.

Inf. Infra, beneath or below. Ing. Dig. Ingersoll's Digest of the Laws of the United States.

Ing. Roc. Ingersoll's Roccus.

lngr. on Insolv. lngraham on Insolvency.

Inj. Injunction.

Ins. Insurance.

Inst. Coke on Littleton, is cited Co. Lit or 1 Inst., for First Institute. Coke's Magna Charta, is cited Co. M. C. or 2d Inst., for Second Institute. Co. P. C. Coke's Pleas of the Crown is cited 3 Inst., for Third Institute. Co. on Courts. Coke on Courts is cited 4 Inst., for Fourth Institute. There is but little reason for calling these books institutes, as they have little of the institutional method to warrant such title. The first is a very extensive comment upon a little excellent treatise of tenures compiled by Judge Littleton, in the reign of Edward the F ourth. This comment is a rich store of common law learning, collected and heaped together from the ancient reports and year-books, but greatly defective in method. The second volume is a comment upon old acts of parliament, without any systematical order; the third, a more methodical treatise of the pleas of the crown; and the fourth, an account of the several species of courts. 1 Bl. Com. 73.

Inst. Institutes. When the Institutes of Justinian are cited, the citation is made thus; Inst. 4, 2, 1; or Inst. lib. 4, tit. 2, 1. 1; to signify Institutes, book 4, tit. 2, law 1. Coke's Institutes are cited, the first, either, Co. Lit, or 1 Inst. and the others 2 Inst, 3 Inst. and 4 Inst.

Intt. CI. or but. Cler. Instructor Clericalis.

Iatrod. Introduction.

It. T. R. Irish Term Reports. Sometimes cited Ridg. Irish T. S. (q. v.)

J., Justice; as Story, J.

J. C. Juris consultus.

J. C. P. Justice of the Common Pleas.

J. Glo. Juncta Glossa, the Gloss joined to the text quoted.

J. J. Marsh. J. J. Marshall's (Kentucky) Reports.

J. K. B. Justice of the king's bench.

J. Q. B. Justice of the queen's bench.

J. U. B. Justice of the upper bench. During the commonwealth, the English court of the king's bench was called Upper Bench.

Jac. Jacobus, James; as, 4 Jac. 1, c. I.

Jac. Introd. Jacob's Introduction to the Common, Civil, and Canon law.

Jac. L. D. Jacob's Law Dictionary.

Joe. L. O. Jacob's Law Grammar.

Jac. Lex Mcr. Jacob's Lex Mcrcatoria, or the Merchant's Companion.

Jac. R. Jacob's Chancery Reports.

Joe. Sf Walk. Jacob and Walker's Chancery Reports.

Jack. PI. Jackson on Pleading.

Jarm. Paw. Deo. Powell on Devises, with notes by Jarman.

Jews Ir. Cr. Cos. Jebb's Irish Criminal Cases.

Jeff. Man. Jefferson's Manual.

Jeff. R. Thomas Jefferson's Reports.

Jen*. Jenkins's Eight Centuries of Reports; or eight hundred cases solemnly adjudged in the Exchequer Chamber, or upon Writs of Error, from K. Henry III. to 21 K. James I.

Jer. Jeremy. Jer. on Carr. Jeremy's Law of Carriers. Jer. Eq. Jur. Jeremy on the Equity Jurisdiction of the High Court of Chancery.

John. Cat. Johnson's Cases,

John. R. Johnson's Reports.

John. Ch. R. Johnson's Chancery Reports.

John. Eccl. Law. Johnson's Ecclesiastical Law.

John. Civ. L. of Sp. Johnson's Civil Law of Spain.

Johns, on Bills. The Law of Bills of Exchange, Promissory notes, Checks, &c. By Cutbbert W. Johnson.

Jon. Sir Wm. Jones's Reports.

Jon. on Lib. Jones, De Libellis Famous, or the law of Libels.

Jon. Inst. Hind. L. Jones Institute of

Hindoo Laws.

Jon. (1) Sir W. Jones's Reports

Jon. (2) Sir T. Jones's Reports

Jon. T. Thomas Jones's Reports.

Jon. on Bailm. Jones's Law of Bailments.

Jones's Jntr. Jones's Introduction to Legal Science.

Jud. Chr. Judicial Chronicle.

Judg. Judgments, as they were, upon solemn arguments, given in the Upper Bench and Common Pleas, upon the most difficult points, in all manner of actions.

Jur. Eccl. Jura Ecclesiastics, or a treatise of the Ecclesiastical Law and Courts, interspersed with various cases of law and equity.

Jur. Mar. Molloy's Jure Maritime Sometimes cited Molloy.

Jus Nav. Rhod. Jus Navale Rhodiorum.

Just. Inst. Justinian's Institutes.

K. B. King's Bench.

K. C. R. Reports in the time of Chancellor King.

K. if O. Knapp and Omber's Election Cases.

Kames on Eq. Kames's Principles of


Knmes's Ess. Kames's Essays.

Kames's Hist. L. T. Kames's Historical Law Tracts.

Keat. Fam. Settl. Keating on Family Settlements

Feb. Keble's Reports.

Keb. Stat. Keble's English Statutes.

Keen's R. Keen's Reports.

Keil. or Keilut. Keilway's Reports.

Kel. Sir John Kelyng's Reports. Kel. 1, 2, or W. Kel. William Kelyng's Reports, two parts.

Kelh. Norm. L. D. Kelham's Norman French Law Dictionary. Vide Appendix at the end of second volume of this work.

Kent. Com. Kent's Commentaries on American Law.

Keny. Kenyon's Reports of the Court of King's Bench.

Kit, or hitch. Kitchen on Courts.

Kna. if Omb. Knapp and Omber's Election Cases.

Knapp's A. C. Knapp's Appeal Cases.

Knapp's R. Knapp's Privy Council Reports.

Kydon Aw. Kyd on the Law of Awards.

Kyd on Bills. Kyd on the Law relating to Bills of Exchange.

Kyd on Corp. Kyd on the Law of Corporations.

L, in citation means law, as L. 1,33. Furtum, ff de Furtis, i. e. law 1, section or paragraph beginning with the word Furtum, ff, signifies the Digest, and the words dt Furtis denote the title. L signifies also liber, book.

L. St 6. Lloyd and Goold's Reports

L. ty W. Lloyd and Welsby's Mercantile Cases.

LL. Laws, as LL. Gul. 1, c. 42. Laws of William I., chapter 42; LL. of U. S., Laws of the United States.

L. S. Locus sigili.

L. R. Louisiana Reports.

La. Lane's Reports.

Lalaure, des Ser. Traits' des Servitudes reelles, par M. Lalaure.

Lamb, Archai. Lambard's Arnhaionomia.

Lamb.Eircn. Lambard's Eirenarcha.

Lamb, on Dow. Lambert on Dower.

Lat. Latch's Reports.

Lavs. on Eq. Laussat's Essay on Equity Practice in Pennsylvania.

Law, on Chart. Part. Lawes on the law of Charter Parties.

Law Lib. Law Library. (See App. D at the end of the work.)

Law Rep. Law Reporter.

Luis Eccl. Law. Law's Ecclesiastical Law.

Law Intel. Law Intelligencer.

Law Ft. St Latin Diet. Law French and Latin Dictionary.

Law. PL Lawcs's Elementary Treatise on Pleading in Civil Actions.

Law. PI. in Ass. Lawes's Treatise on Pleading in Assumpsit.

Lawy. Mag. Lawyer's Magazine.

Le. Ley's Reports.

Leach. Leach's Cases in Crown Law.

Lee. Elem. Leooa'a Elementairo du Droit Civil Romain.

Lee on Capt. Lee's Treatise of Captures in war.

Lee's Diet. Lee's Dictionary of Practice, 2 volumes.

Lee's Eccl. R. Lee's Ecclesiastical Reports.

Leg. Legibus.

Ike. Obs. Legal Observer.

Leg. Oler. The Laws of Oleron.

Leg. on Outl. Legge on Outlawry.

Leg. Rhod. The Laws of Rhodes.

Leg. Wisb. Laws of VVisbuy.

Leigh St Dal. on Cons. Leigh and Dalzell on Conversion of Property.

Leigh R. Leigh's Reports

Leigh's N. P. Leigh's Nisi Prius.

Leo. or Leon. Leonard's Reports

Lev. Levinz's Reports.

Lev. Ent. Levinz's Entries.

Lew. C. C. Lewin's Crown Cases.

Lex Man. Lex Maneriorum.

Lex Mer. Lex Mercatoria. Lex Mer. Am. hex Mercatoria Americana.

Lex Pari. Lex Parliamentaria.

Ley. Ley's Reports.

Lib. Liber, book.

Lib. Ass. Liber Assisarum.

Lib. Ent. Old Book of Entries.

Lib. Feud. Liber Feudorum.

Lib. lntr. Liber intrationum; or Old Book of Entries.

Lib. Nig. Liber Niger.

Lib. PI. Liber Placitandi.

Lib. Reg. Register Books.

Lib. Rub. Liber Ruber.

Lib. Ten. Liberum tenementum.

Lid. Jud. Adv. Liddel's Detail of the duties of a deputy Judge Advocate.

IAU. Entr. Lilly's Entries. Lid. Reg. Lilly's Register.

till. Rep. Lilly's Reports

Lill. Conv. Lilly's Conveyancer.

Lind. Lindewoode's Provinciale; or Provincial constitutions of England, with the legantine constitutions of Otho and Othobond.

Litt. s. Littleton, section. Litt. R. Littell's Reports Litt. R. Littleton's Reports.

Litt. Sel. Cas. Littell's Select Cases.
Litt. Ten. Littleton's Tenures.
Liv. Livre, book.

Liv. on Ag. Livermore on the law of Principal and Agent, 2 vols.

Liv. Syst. Livingston's System of Penal Law for the state of Louisiana. This work is sometimes cited Livingston's Report on the Plan of a Penal Code.

Liverm. Diss. Livcrmore's Dissertations on the Contrariety of Laws.

Llo. Sf Oo. Lloyd and Goold's Reports.

Llo. Sf Welsh. Lloyd and Welsby's Reports of cases relating to Commerce, Manufactures, &c. determined in the Courts of Common Law.

Log. Camp. Compendium of the Law of England, Scotland, and Ancient Rome. By James Logan.

Lofft. Lofft's Reports.

Lois des Bdiim. Lois des Batimens. See 3 Kent. Com. 350, n. for the character of this work.

Lom. Dig. Lomax's Digest of the Law of Real Property in the United States, etc.

Lom. Ex. Lomax on Executors.

Long Quint. Year book, part 10. Vide Year Book.

Louis. Code. Civil Code of Louisiana.

Louis. R. Louisiana Reports.

Lovel. on Wills. Lovelass on Wills

loom Leg. Lowndes on the law of Legacies.

Lube', PI. Eq. An Analysis of the Principles of Equity Pleading. By D. G. Lube.

J.uder's Elec. Cat. Luder's Election Cases.

Lund. Ann, Lumlcy on Annuities.

Luml. Part. Pr. Lumley's Parliamentary Practice.

Lamb, on Settl. Lumlcy on Settlements and removal.

Lat. Ent. Lutwyche's Entries.

Lutis. Lutwyche's Reports.

M. Michaelmas Term.

M Maxim, or Maxims.

Af. Mary; as I M. st. 3, c. 1.

M. Sf A. Montagu and Ayrton's Reports of Cases of Bankruptcy.

M. Se B. Montagu and Bligh's Cases in Bankruptcy.

At Se C. Mylnc and Craig's Reports.

M. * C. Montagu and Chitty's Reports.

M. if G. Manning and Granger's Reports.

M. Sf G. Maddock and Geldart's Reports .

M. S; K. Mylne and Keen's Chancery Reports.

M. Sf M or Mo. Sf MM. Rep. Moody and Malkin's Nisi Prius Reports. In E. C. L. R.

M. P. Ezck. Modern Practice Exchequer.

Af. Sf P. Moore and Payne's Reports

M. K. Master of the Rolls.

M. R. Martin's Reports of the Supreme Court of the State of Louisiana.

Af. Sf R. Manning and Ryland's Reports. In E. C. L. R.

M. Sf S. Moore and Scott's Reports.

M. Sf S. Maule and Selwyn's Reports.

M. Sf Y. or Mart. Sf Yerg. Martin and Yerger's Reports.

M. Sf W. Meeson and Welsby's Reports.

M. D. Sf G. Montagu, Deacon and Gex's Reports of Cases in Bankruptcy.

Af'^rtA. C. Af. M'Arthur on Courts Martial.

M CI. Sf Yo. M'Clelland and Younge's Exchequer Reports.

M'Kin. Phil. Ev. M'Kinnon's Philosophy of Evidence.

McLean, R. M'Lcan's Reports.

M'Clel. E. R. M'Clleland's Exchequer Reports.

MCoraVt Ch. R. M-Cord's Chancery

Reports. M'Cora

rCord's R. M'Cord'a Reports. MNaght. C. M. M'Naghton on Courts Martial.

Macnal. Ev. Macnally's.Rules of Evidence on Pleas of the Crown.

Mad. Each. Madox's History of the Ex chequer.

Mad. Form. Madox's Formulare Augli

Madd. if Geld. Maddack and Geldart's Reports

Madd. Madd. R. Maddock's Chancery Reports. Madd. Pr. or Madd. Ch. Maddock's Chancery Practice.

Mag. Int. Magens on Insurance.

Mai. Malyne's Lex Mercatoria.

M an. Manuscript

Man. Sf Gra. Manning and Granger's Reports.

Man, Sf Ry. Manning and Ryland's Reports. In E. C. L. R.

Manb. on Fines. Manby on Fines.

Mann. Comm. Manning's Commentaries of the La w of Nations.

Mant. on Dem. Mansel on Demurrers.

Manw. Manwood's Forest Laws.

Afar. Maritime.

Mar.N.C. March's New Cases. Mar. R. March's Reports. Marg. Margin.

Afarr. Adm. Dec. Marriott's Admiralty


Marr. Form. Inst. Marriott's Formulare Instrumentorum; or a formulary of authentic instruments, writs, and standing orders used in the court of admiralty of Great Britain, of Prize and Instance.

Marth. Marshall's Reports in the Court of Common Pleas. In E. C. L. R. A. Marsh. Marshall's (Ky.) Reports. J. J. Marth. J. J. Marshall's Reports. Marsh. Ins. Marshall on the Law of Insurance.

AfarsA. Decit. Brockenbrough's Reports of Chief Justice Marshall's Decisions.

Mart. Law Nat. Marten's Law of Nations.

Mart. (iV. C.) R. Martin's North Carolina Reports.

Mart. (Lo.) R. Martin's Louisiana Reports.

Afurt. Sf Yerg. Martin and Yerger's Reports.

Mason R. Mason's Circuit Court Reports.

Muss. R. Massachusetts Reports.

Math, on Pres. Mathew on the doctrine of Presumption and Presumptive Evidence.

Matth. on Port. Matthews on Portion.

Matth. on Ex. Matthews on Executors.

Maugh. Lit. Pr. Maughan on Literary Property.

Maule Sf Selw. Maule and Selwyn's Reports. Afo*. Maxims.

Maxw. L. D. Maxwell's Dictionary of the Law of Bills of Exchange, &c.

Maxw. on Mar. L. Maxwell's Spirit of the Marine Laws.

Mayn. Maynard's Reports Sec Year Books in the body of the work. The first part of the Y. B. is sometimes so cited.

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